Since election day 2010 it has been like a two year hype between two Super Bowl teams. You know, that two week interval from the deciding of the league champions and the game itself? If you follow sports channels, every person, every sportscaster has their opinion. After three days they can’t think of anything else to say, so they go out an interview random people to fill up the next eleven days? Then they talk about what those random people said.

They cover the stats on every player. Every cheerleader, Every player’s mother. They show clips of every touchdown those two teams made over the entire season. They show all the great plays; they show all the turnovers.

The talking heads talk about strategy, and the more they talk, the more confusing the outcome appears. There is so much information, nuances, posturing, that for every tort, there is a retort. Nothing else breaks the monotony. It just goes on and on and on…

Supporters of each side just keep throwing stuff out there…. You just wish it would end. Play the damn game and lets move on passed this stalemate….

That… All that… is what our fiscal policy has been like, ever since the Tea Party got voted into the House in 2010…. Two full years of crap… Time to play and let the chips fall… Just play. Damn it….