In an exchange that took place in front of C-Span cameras, Republicans who held the hearings to embarrass Obama, gave away that the compound housed a CIA base.

“Get that picture down, get that picture down. You can’t show that! It is classified. I was told when I was in Libya, that couldn’t be shown.””

“I can assure you, it is completely de-classified.”

“I was told not to show it.. Take it down.”

Issa interrupts. “I order it to be taken down,” …. and it was.

But not until the entire world had 2 minutes to stare at it. And go…… ooohhhh…. So that is why it was the length of three football fields and a hundred feet wide.

So now we know that 40 men attacked a CIA base in Benghazi and Stevens who wasn’t supposed to be there, got killed.

Now, when when the Republican Congressmen gets called into testify, and doesn’t, will Issa swear out a warrent for his arrest?