What if?

You couldn’t stand Obama,  and Democrats made you sick.

You threw up at the sight of Romney, and Ryan made you fart.

What if you hated both parties equally?  What would you do?

For one, you could make an emotional decision.  and not vote… But often when we make long term decisions using emotion as a guide, it doesn’t turn out well.  ” Like whoa…. this person I picked up last night is awesome….  I’ll think I’ll marry them….”

Emotional decisions… Don’t work…..

Better to analyze what will happen and make your decision.  Because consequence do occur.  Sitting out is a vote too.

So lets look at the future to see what will happen if the hated Democrats win, or the hated Republicans win.

if Republicans win, then when Bernecke’s term expires, Romney will not renew.  Instead someone who believes in collapsing the economy, and who is against printing money will assume the position.    Interest rates will climb one point.  That will be enough to demolish the profit margins being made by the big banks.   As the stock market collapses, interest rates will rise, and money supply will shrink.   Banks will be short and need bailed out.  This time, the Republicans who believed in letting Detroit go bank-rupt, will do nothing.   The banks will collapse.

This collapses Europe, and a Great Depression begins.   Much worse than last.   We see unemployment climb above 25%.  The Republicans government slashes food stamps, Medicare, and unemployment.  Bread lines form.   The poor are left to die.  The rich lose half their assets.  America becomes a poorer country.


Now, if Obama gets elected and has not Republicans to stop his policy from going forward.  Bernecke stays.  The tax cuts expire, and more taxes are levied against the rich.  The rich hide their money by investing it into growing their business, and jobs begin to become available.   Unemployment finally dips beneath 8% and the economy roars and unemployment never looks back.


The Fed interest rate stays at zero, allowing banks to borrow and make money at 1% interest.  The deficit finally starts shrinking.  Wages go up.  Inflation stays level.


Obamacare kicks in.  As insurance rates rise per person to cover the new insured, total output per family decreases,  so even though insurance is an additional cost, it is counteracted by not having to pay for hospital care, because unlike before, it is now covered by Obamacare.  This saves every household thousands of dollars a year.


America enters another Golden Age…


So hateful voter.  If you want to collapse the nation, vote Republican.  They have no clue how to run a country.  We can see that in Congress.  If you want the United States of America to regain it’s status as the best country in the world, then Democrats are the only path to take.


Voting for a Republican; is like voting for a Royalist in the late 18th Century.   Sure, they are serious, and mean well, … but they want the nation to go in a totally different direction than you do.

They want to protect the wealth they have.  Not give any back.  Democrats want America to invest in America.

If I were you, voting for Democrats simply to eliminate the Republican party from ever running again, would be what I recommend.