You can tell she’s a new teacher; she still cares.

But as a child this person had a learning disability. One of those programs about to be cut from our budget.

After all, you can’t spend inordinate amounts on one or two children and take away from teaching all the others…

This person could not read until 5th Grade. By their own admission, they should have been held back each year, but weren’t. Oh, they could get by up to that point. They were smart and knew how to game the system at an early age, but they never understood how letters on a printed page corresponded to the sounds in speech that are heard by us all.

In the fifth grade, they finally got an IEP.. From the testing it was learned that this person suffered from a treatable auditory learning disability. The solution was offered and this person went on through the full 16 years of school and is currently in the process of receiving their masters in education..

This person now teaches in the Red Clay School District. The stories I hear of what goes on in that classroom are pathetic. No ones fault, mind you, but pathetic.
Kids can’t learn because they are starving. Yes, despite all our free lunches, breakfasts, etc, some kids in Red Clay are starving. This teacher through trial and error eventually found that they had to keep candy bars on hand in order to keep the class quiet enough so that others could learn. It is hard to teach when one student is whimpering and just … won’t … stop… Eventually, Child Services were alerted, and upon their investigation, the child was removed from it’s home environment.

The IEP costs may appear to be excessive. But they must be seen as an investment.

Because of their use years ago, today some child who may have otherwise slipped through the cracks …. won’t….