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Today the Republicans will get up for their first show..  I well remember the last one in 2012’s race, actually held in 2011. What a joke…  As was mentioned on Allan Loudell’s noon hour show, the only thing anyone, even those of us who are political aficionado’s from any of those debates was then Governor Perry’s “oops” moment… 13 seconds out of 48 individual 2 hour debates…

89% of America can’t even remember the “oops” moment…  So for the most part it is a waste of time…

However, listening for the party’s messaging makes it all worthwhile… If the message is consistent between all the debaters  and if they quibble among themselves over only how much they are allowed to quibble, you get an idea down which track the election will run regardless of how wins the nomination….

My guess is they will be groveling to the one percent.  Their problems will be rich people’s problems; their solutions will be rich people’s solutions… Make workers take less; make workers pay more for their benefits; increase competition among low rates and drive down wages; rule out unions so employees can be intimidated with firing if they request more money…

Sadly the same will hold true in the upcoming Democratic debates:  groveling to the one percent. It’s required since the legality of Citizen’s United.  

So unless something surprises us all, nothing will change; the one percent has everything sewed up…   Just look at our problems where their is trouble… it’s the one percent creating the issue.

Anti- Global Warming… funded by the 1%

Anti-Planned Parenthood… funded by the 1%

Anti Tax…. funded by the 1%

Keystone II…. funded by the 1%.

TDC…… funded by the 1%

Common Core…. funded by the 1%

Smarter Balanced Assessment…. funded by the 1%

Charter Schools …. funded by the 1%

School Vouchers….. funded by the 1%

Blatant re segregation (Don’t want those blacks mixing with OUR kids) … funded by the 1%

Pro Israel lobby…. funded by the 1%

ISIS… funded by the 1%

Anti Iran…. funded  by the 1%

50 Year Cuban Embargo… funded by the 1%

Priority Schools Closing…. funded by the 1%

SB 51…. funded by the 1%

HB 165… funded by the 1%

Rampant gun violence…. funded by the 1%

Shoot to kill laws… funded by the 1%

Police Brutality… funded by the 1%

Unarmed Black Men and Women Gunned Down… funded by the 1%

NRA… funded by the 1%

Abortion Repeal… funded by the 1%

Anti Obamacare movement… funded by the 1%

Global Depression of 2008… funded by the 1%

TPP…. funded by the 1%

Government Shutdowns…. funded by the 1%

Banghazi… funded by the 1%

Fake IRS Crises… funded by the 1%

Death to Women Movement… funde by the 1%….

If you haven’t figured out, just about every single one of your problems comes from the money being funded to change policy against what the majority wants.   The 1% is to blame…

Trust no one richer than the 99% of the rest of us….

If you want politics to mirror your lives and not the 1%, you need to vote for candidates who appeal to the 99% and not those employed to funnel more of your money into the pockets of the 1%….

Vote for the poorest candidate…. whoever that may be….