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It is one thing to rail at Mark Murphy and Jack Markell and John Sweeney about the closing down of public schools to keep the Mega-Charter school open in Rodney Square……

It is another thing to do something about it.

One thing that would be brilliant, would be to take Charters off the per-student funding method… Today, if a child leaves a public school over into a charter,  the money follows him.  This of course helps the charter, but makes it more difficult for the public school to educate those left with fewer and fewer and even fewer resources…

If only there was a model for funding specialty schools that did not take away from public…

You mean there is?

Vocational schools do not take money from the district from where its students emigrate. It is funded by a line item in the state budget.  It is extemporaneous from per student funding.  Theoretically, a school could function (for a year at least) even if no child showed up that school year).

(Legislative template is here!)

Why should we not use this same model for charter schools?  Give them each a line item in the state budget, leave the total funding for public schools alone, and both public and charter can then do their jobs and educate students without the interference of each other?

It’s is a win win win.

Simply tax the top one percent to cover it.  After all, if Charlie Copeland is so hot on putting charters into Wilmington’s center city, shouldn’t he and his friends be the ones paying for it, and not upwards of 3000 school children who have no choice in the matter?

The brilliance behind this idea is that everyone (private, public, charter) can get behind it. If we (society) want another charter and can find room in the budget for it, then we get it. If a charter wants to move in but there is no support for it, and no funding, despite the most sinister of intentions, it will never get off the ground… By voting for this piece of legislation, the charter movement gets shuffled to the side, the entire system takes care of itself, and all legislators no longer have to worry about getting bit in the ass every time another charter issue hits the fan….  Like when was the last time we had a huge gigantic fight over vocational schools?