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I’ll let the players talk first.  Kind of silly to comment  on something still on-going….  But, more evidence is needed.  (It would be nice to have an independent expert check to see if the tape was doctored…. )

Did you read the State’s DOE charter report posted on Transparent Christina?

Did you skip this category?

D.  How do per-student costs at charter schools compare to those of other public schools?

“(Although 14 Del. § 514 requires this report to share information comparing the per student expenditures of charter schools, considering all sources of such expenditures, with those of other public schools, the DOE will not have the necessary data to make this calculate and make this comparison until mid-April, well after the February 1 publication deadline. The most recent available data is for the 2011-12 school year, and that information was shared in last year’s State Charter School Report. The DOE will share this information in an updated version of this report when it becomes available.)…..”

Oh come on… Who do you think you are fooling?

Did you not say the law says you must report this by February 1st?  And when did the 2012-2013 year end?  June 30th.  And last year you had no trouble compiling the data by November 1st….   And the 2013 Delaware Checkbook has been closed since June 30th…  So put all together, and we have a negligent or intentional violation of state statute…

Speculation:  Why?  Why would the Delaware’s Markell Administration violate a public statute and withhold this information from the General Assembly?

Most likely it is to pass future charter laws without this information being given beforehand.  For if the public were to find out that Charter Schools did indeed cost the state far more to run, compared to the running of Public Schools, and that despite all that extra expense, they still underperformed Public schools teaching in similar economic strata,… the public would ask the common sense question…  So why are you racing to create MORE charters?

A.  There is no real reason the financials are not in.  This is a digital age. The totals have been accumulating since the year started. As every new expense gets added, the total increases.  All one has to do is open the file similar to Excell, look at the bottom line… One must think the legislators in the General Assembly are really dumb, stupid, idiots, low-enders, and brain dead to believe that today, when we know every student’s parent’s political affiliations, but we can’t compile the expenses already compiled from every public school district, and every charter district, which finalized immediately after June 30th, and do in in 7 months…

B.  Mark Murphy tells us they won’t be done until…. the end of April…

What kind of crap is this?  And this comes from an administration which in its opening Inauguration Address, stated he wanted to be the most open Administration in history?

No. Wool is being pulled over our eyes…   We are being set up for a distraction:    Look over there…    A 10 cent’s gas tax!….  Meanwhile the Charters Growth Bills are going to be slipped right through under the guidance of Sokola in the Senate, and Schwartzkoph and Short, in the House….

Here is why this should concern every parent. Every legislator.  Every Charter School is bad for our students.  Even if it were the best of the best of schools, and excels in every aspect,… , the money it pulls away from the district, leaves those left behind, with a lower level of substandard education.  With incoming Charters, not only does a poor school’s funding not climb to help it meet the problems which that neighborhood may have, but it’s funding actually decreases further as students flock to Charter Schools.   Our worst schools needing the most, receive the deepest cuts. This is why Charters are bad. It’s just numbers.  There are a lot  more district children who suffer when Charters come in, than there are Charter School students who prosper... (That is assuming the theoretical Charter School is the best of the best of the best. Reality shows us Charters are much worse than Public Schools, simply for the very reason that Charter Schools aren’t run by professional school administrators, and therefore don’t know what they are doing… )

So if out of every 100 students, 10 children benefit and 90 children suffer horribly, by the numbers overall, we are worse for having charter schools than we were before hand….  Mathematically, if we were at a zero before, then with the advent of Charters, we drop to a negative 80.  (+10 – 90)…

The biggest part of the Charter School equation is:…. WHAT HAPPENS TO THOSE STUDENTS WHO DON’T GET IN CHARTERS!  Every argument being made so far is about how Charter’s help a handful of children do better if they go to this charter school.  We so far have always allowed these charters in order that a handful of students can and do get that opportunity.  But what up to now has been left out of every charter school discussion, is how that new Charter School affects the 90% of other children who do not get to go to a charter… For one to approve a new Charter School, one has to say that the other 90%…. don’t matter.  Here is what happens to the 90%.

The get less funding per pupil.

They have vital programs cut back and eliminated.

They have physical plants decaying from financial neglect.

They don’t get the attention, since staff is cut to augment cuts in student population.

They must make the same bus runs, but with fewer students climbing aboard, they get less money to pay for it.

Charter Schools are grossly unfair for 90% of our school population.  Sure, some Charter schools are Afro-American.  But that aside, when one looks at who gets into Newark Charter and who gets into Wilmington Charter Schools, the lack of low income and the lack of Afro-Americans is practically bordering illegal.  Furthermore, allowing Charters is a class action lawsuit waiting to happen.  Allowing any Charter, even an Afro-American one, takes money away from the teaching of the 90% of other students, of which over 60% are black.  This is desegregation.  Taking from the poor to give to the rich. and making sure the blacks stay in the inferior schools.

It may take time to make adjustments, but every second that ticks past, puts our Afro-American population at a further disadvantage. … WE, THE PEOPLE, have two options.   We can either let the Charter Schools be absorbed by the district they are in, so that districts funding is unaffected, or…  We can increase through our General Assembly, and by taxing the wealthy who have money burning now in their fireplaces which could be better used to fund public schools, set up a Charter School Account so independent Charters receive their funding from the state as do Vo-Techs on a per-pupil basis and not… steal tax money away from a community ostensibly and originally taken to fund their community school…

Outlaw independent Charters this legislative session.  Say it costs more than do public schools and we have to kill the program.

or fund Charters through state moneys by increasing the state’s revenue stream, and having the state independently pay for each student, and not take money from the districts for that purpose.

One of two answers.  We need to discuss this now….