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I was lately informed, and for that reason, assumed many of you may have been as well…..  I would like to refer you to two prime sources…..

Tragedy hit our family

Condolences to Parents of Christina

It sucks the wind right out of my sails…..   I would like, strictly in his honor, to reblog the post he did barely just hours before he left us…..

Jack, Get Any New Orders?

It’s been a while since I (Harry) last posted. I’ve spent the time looking into a May4th through the 6th of this year, at a retreat known as Camp Philos which took place in New York State. It was organized and directed by Education Reform Now, a group with strong ties to the corporate raiders seeking to turn public education into a cash cow. This is evident when you look at the leadership of the group, they are almost entirely investment bankers and finance people.


The moving force behind this group are such people as noted anti-public education activist Bill Gates followed by business thugs such as Rupert Murdoch, Michael Dell and a host of for profit charter school backers eager to drain money from public schools. I could go on but a visit to YOUTUBE will provide you with several excellent videos about the goals and participants of Camp Philos.


According to Joe Williams, head of Education Reform Now, the meeting was simply “a bunch of folks we work with (meaning corporate finance hunchos and political deal makers) from around the country…..” seeking to “get way from the policy and political fighting and spend some time thinking, talking, and planning about the future.” In plain words the purpose of the meeting was to map out further strategy for attacking public education through such scams as the Common Core Standards and the Smarter Balance Assessment program and data collection for corporate profit.


Attendence at Camp Philos wasn’t cheap. Basic registration cost $1000. with VIP access set at $2500. I was unable to confirm if our own Jack Markell was there. His office refuses to answer that question. Initially I thought they were embarrassed to admit his participation in the event. Then I realized the truth – our governor isn’t high enough on the food chain of the anti-school reformers to be welcome, at least not officially.


Camp Philos was for Jack’s Education bosses. The people who tell him what to do, think, and say when it comes to education. For our Governor the truth is whatever Bill Gates et’ al. says it is at any point in time. Jack Markell may be a solid blue Democrat but from where I sit he appears to have a large yellow streak going down his back when it comes to fighting for kids in Delaware.

Posted by Harry Curriden at 5:56 PM……

It is my sincere hope that all of us engage and now fight 10 times harder for what he solidly believed in………