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An Amazing View Of American Corporate Profits

Focus on the Green… Notice that during the worst Recession since the Great Depression, not once did after tax corporate profits dip below to where they were in the late ’90’s, when we were at our most successful economic expansion ever. Only one report even came close.

At one glance one can see what it wrong with the economy. Money that once kept the economy going, so well it ate our national debt, is now sucked out of our economy in the form of corporate profits.

Raising taxes on corporations back up to the levels of the nineties, when we had the greatest economic expansion in the history of the modern world, is how we create those missing jobs.

If one looks at the chart, all that money above the year 2002, should going back into the economy, not getting pulled out of it. If the amount of profit made everyone wealthy in the nineties, making the same amount, and making us all wealthier in the process, should be the direction we need to take….

Raising the tax rates on corporations, will not make them pay anymore in taxes. They are smart enough to know where to bury it and create jobs, to keep it untaxed.

As long as the growth begins… that would be fine with me…

Bottom line is in one glance, one can see exactly why our economy has been sick since the Bush Tax Cut went in effect in 2002.