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This is unprecedented.  $21 million… Remember the casinos who were $12 million in the hole?  Oh, its a tragedy they whined; we’ll lose jobs, we have no choice but to reimburse the profits being lost by the casino owners…. Remember when they asked for $37 million the next year?  Again…. We have to do it…

Well, guess what… Jobs are being lost at Christina too. And it is solely because of Charters….  Minus $21 million!

We pay tax money to fund our public schools.  Privateers bribed our legislature (piloted by Sokola (see Exceptional Delaware) into allowing charter schools steal money from public schools…

If we paid taxes to New Castle County and as an example, one fifth of then were being sent to Sussex County because Sam Wilson was a friend of Charlie Copeland and needed a welfare hand-out… we would have a legal case on hand. Our money is collected for our district.  If we paid the state that same money then such would be legal; it would be in their jurisdiction.. But we don’t pay the state… We pay our district….

From the 2015 Budget conveniently provided by Those In Favor, we see that Current Expense Tax Receipts for the Christina District is pegged at $76,856,000 out of which is immediately stolen by Charters: $20,146,672…. So the Charters take (20,146,672/76,856,000) or 26.21% of every tax dollar you give.

For every $500 you are assessed in Christina…….  $131 IS NOT GOING TO PUBLIC SCHOOLS… It is going to Charters…..

Which means that for every $12,000 required to teach each child in your school…. there is only $8854 dollars going to your child’s education…. 

This is Dave Sokola’s fault (again, see Exceptional Delaware)……

Now, compounded to this dilemma is the fact that with the absence of any Race To The Top money those programs pushing Common Core are still costing the district close to $14 million per year… (which incidentally is close to its shortfall…   Getting rid of both Common Core and the Smarter Balanced Assessment could make the Christina District financially solvent as is…

But adding the Common Core costs upon to the Charter School costs compounds the problem yielding a loss of $35,000,000 dollars or 45.45% of your local tax dollars…

So those who complain that they aren’t getting the bang for their buck are correct… they are getting exactly 55% of the bang for their buck…

If we simply cut charters off of district funding… and if we simply dropped the Smarter Balanced Assessment, this District would instantly have back $35,000,000 of its lost money to plump down into making its school system one of the best in the state….

The problem is not teachers.  The problem is not schools. The  problem is not poverty. …. .The problem is not the district…. The problem with education in Delaware all comes from the Corporate Reform movement which is trying hard to bankrupt public schools so they can put in charters and be paid royally for doing so….

The even bigger problem with that, is that only 17% of charters are better off than the schools they replace.  37% are actually worse!!!!!  And the balance sort of muddle as the same…. Building charters only gives you a one in six shot at improving the education of those children, while guaranteeing the demise of every one of the 79% remaining in public schools because of the local lack of funding which you can plainly see here in Delaware

We need a class action lawsuit that seeks an injunction of continuing any charter school in 2017…  Next it needs to be up to the individual legislators to throw out the lobbyists and listen to real people for a change, and remove all charters from district funding… All the tax base goes to the feeder school’s district   And we need to remove the Smarter Balanced Assessment as our state albatross…. (Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner reference)

We can fix Christina’s problems without more taxes….. if we unite to rid ourselves of all charter schools and the Smarter Balanced Assessments…

But you see… the problem of the shortfall is plainly not that of Christina’s District… it is all Dave Sokola’s (see Exceptional Delaware)

Thanks to Kevin’s sleuthing this morning we now can predict within a degree of accuracy the opt out rates across the state of Delaware…. Simply compare the two charts provided by the DOE.

Smarter Balanced Test FakersStudent Enrollment 2015

(Forgive the format: I’m just figuring out percents as I go…) 😦

Grade 3: 10,529 enrolled…. maximum taking single test 10,253 so 97.37% testing rate…
Grade 4: 10,278 enrolled … Maximum taking single test 9,984 so 97.13%.
Grade 5: 10,304 enrolled…. Maximum taking single test 10,021 so 97.25%.
Grade 6: 10,416 enrolled…. Maximum taking single test 10,095 so 96.91%.
Grade 7: 10,185 enrolled…. Maximum taking single test 9,794 so 96.16%
Grade 8: 10,072 enrolled…. Maximum taking single test 9,574 so 95.06%
Grade 11: 8941 enrolled…. Maximum taking single test 7,668 so 85.75%

Notice how the participation rates differ as parents become wiser as their kids grow older?

So just for giggles what were the percentages on those tests with the minimum takers? The theory being that the first test was a “surprise” for parents and would spurn more and additional parents to instruct their child to refuse to take the test and opt to sit in study hall through all subsequent tests….

Grade 3: 10,529 enrolled…. minimum taking single test 10,166 so 96.55% testing rate…
Grade 4: 10,278 enrolled … minimum taking single test 9,890 so 96.22%.
Grade 5: 10,304 enrolled…. minimum taking single test 9,923 so 96.30%.
Grade 6: 10,416 enrolled…. minimum taking single test 9,959 so 95.61%.
Grade 7: 10,185 enrolled…. minimum taking single test 9,698 so 95.21%
Grade 8: 10,072 enrolled…. minimum taking single test 9,472 so 94.04%
Grade 11: 8941 enrolled…. minimum taking single test 7,446 so 83.27%

Evidence makes it appears Delaware’s educational system has contrary to Markell’s, Murphy’s, Sokola’s, Jacques’ assertions, always been working rather well since as one grows older in our educational system, one becomes less and less likely to always do what one is told by improper authorities… There may be hope for America yet….

A.  It prevents 95% of students from taking the test, meaning all test results  for those who got stuck taking it, are void and null.

B,  It prevents a GIANT blemish on your child’s permanent record; one that should have never been there.

C. It prevents your schools’ takeover based on faulty data.

D. It prevents your good teacher from losing her job, based on faulty data.

E.  It prevents your child from being bussed away from his closed school to another one across town, based off of faulty data.

F.  The tests are set for grades 2 levels above what is being tested.

G. The tests do not show what your child has or has not learned.

H. The tests psychologically profile children into groups who aren’t and who are prone to be favorably cultivated for later sexual abuse.

I.  Your child’s information is advertised for sale on pedophile Internet chat rooms.

J.  Your child is labeled as a FAILURE, despite grades, good homework skills, and a ample knowledge base.

K. Your family’s political affiliation, your religion, and police record are listed on your child’s profile to be looked up by anyone who pays enough for the privilege.

L.  You are never allowed to ever see the test… Maybe your child answered correctly but was given a random score.  No teacher, no principal, no school official, no parent, EVER sees the graded test….  You simply have to trust the most untrustable people we have ever seen in our lifetimes, when told your child’s alleged score.

M. These scores are used by big business, investors, and bribed elected officials (Sokola, Scott, Jacques)  to close schools, pay people less, and fire people for faults not of their own…. They do nothing for your child.

N.  Universities have said they will not use these scores in evaluating students matriculating into their classes… Meaning that there is absolutely no value in your child taking this test simply to get secret information on your family which can then be sold to anyone willing to pay $79.99 for unlimited number of reports for one year.

O.  Your child feels dejected, broken, stupid, and a failure… The joke is if this test never existed, he would see himself as being a good student.

P.  Your child will be ruled out of entering certain careers based on results in 1st and 2nd grade….  Imagine you being ruled out of your current profession because of what you did in  first grade?

Q.  All know that if everyone tells you that college is not in your future, you will never apply hard to make college become part of your future.  This test completely segregates blacks and Hispanics out of all good jobs starting in 2023…

R.   These test questions are illegible to adults… (have you taken the test?)  Adults can’t even figure out what is being asked.  Kids just guess.  And live by those guesses for the entire rest of their life….

S.  Once taken, these test scores can never be erased… except by a mandate ordered by each state’s General Assemblies.  However once information has been “leaked out”… it is out there forever…..

T.  Killing this test; kills Common Core… Common Core is a whitewash and dulling down of education so all students do poorly in life afterward…  Common Core is like a fake religion… All hoopla and promises, but with no God underlying it who can enforce its edits… Common Core is very dangerous to your child.

T.  The Smarter Balances Assessment was put in place without parental involvement or concern for children.  It is as Communist as anything ever found in Soviet Russia.   Children are the wards of the state;  parents are simply studs and mares.

U. Common Core and these tests violate parent’s First and Fourth Amendments of the Constitution.  It never would have happened if parents had been part of its creation, and not an object to be run around in the dark.

V. Common Core is about getting rid of local control and instilling Federal control over your schools’ curriculum.

W. These tests destroy your child’s future….


Opting out is now a parent’s only option… The Federal Government failed them.  The State Government failed them. The local school boards failed them.  The Charter School Network failed them. The corporate structure of America, failed them…  It is open season on your child…

You can stop it by not letting him take this test… If you don’t opt out, and if you do let them go through with the Smarter Balanced Assessment, your child is now a second class student, behind all those who DID opt out…..

Opting out is supported by all teachers.

Opting out is supported by all principals.

Opting out is supported by all school boards.

Opting out is supported by all childhood psychologists.

Opting out is supported by a majority of our legislators.

Opting out is supported by members of both political parties.

There are bills in every legislature regarding opting out.

Opting out is necessary…

You need to opt out your child if you have not already.

It has recently come to my attention that shenanigans are taking place inside the DOE to counteract the massive numbers of parents opting out.

I’ve gotten feedback now from parents in two separate unrelated districts who have said their children were made to take the same ELA test 4 times.

Will three of those tests be used for someone else?  Someone who opted out and who didn’t take it?  If so, why are we going forward with this sham, since these scores do not represent real people?… Obviously even more now than before, this punishment upon our kids is only about getting a certain number of respondents… It has nothing to do bettering with kids.

If elected officials appreciated our kids as children, we would stop the test now….  Since that won’t happen it is up to parents to stop the process…. Pull your kids off the railroad tracks before the train bearing down on them runs over them!

Why would kids take the same test 4 times?  Except to push the totals up to 95% if more than 5% opt out!  We need everyone to opt out, thereby making this political test a one-year debacle only…..

With what we currently know about the Smarter Balanced Assessments, it puts the rule of law in danger.  IF we take the Smarter Balanced Assessment, here is what the current law says will happen to our children……

(d) The assessments required in subsections (b) and (c) of this section shall measure:

(1) Student performance as required by any federal mandate; and

(2) For grades 3 through 8, the academic progress of individual students.

Pay particular attention to (2).  Then tell me how the lower score of the Smarter Balanced Assessment fits the tenor of the law above, since it rates children on this test with a completely different one last year… How can you determine the academic progress of students who scored well on the DCAS in 2014 and completely fail the poorly executed Smarter Balanced Assessment this year(2015)?

Obviously… there is zero accountability on progress made by any of these children this year.,…  Which, ironically, breaks the law above….  Some lawyer should have caught this long ago… but I guess the assumption was that test would be so similar passing one would be like passing the other….  Not so.  70% passed the old test… 70% will fail the new test.  We will at the end of this summer, have no clue how well any of these children learned over the 2014-2015 year….. (based on these tests; hopefully the classrooms still functioned regularly).

This shows exactly how Common Core damages education… How much time was wasted preparing precisely for these tests that will be meaningless; time which could have been better spent teaching older curriculums that even parents could understand?


(1) A 3rd, 5th or 8th grade student whose performance on the reading portion of the assessments administered pursuant to § 151(b) and (c) of this title is Below the Standard, Level II on the statewide assessment, shall not advance to the next grade….

An estimated  number of up to 70% of Delaware’s students will show up in the fall and be told they have to repeat the last grade they thought they just finished…. 70%….

How can that be?  How can we promote only 30% of our students, hold back 70% and still take in a new crop of student at the bottom… Where do we put all of them?

Since this is impossible.  we are going to break the law… We really have no choice… The law says they shall not advance, but we have no choice but otherwise, and the law is thereby broken…

(3) An 8th grade student whose performance on the math portion of the assessments administered pursuant to § 151(b) and (c) of this title is Below the Standard, Level II on the statewide assessment, shall not advance to the next grade

Same argument holds here as well.  The law will be broken.

Now… here is the joke:

(5) With respect to a student whose performance continues to be deficient after completion of the retention year, the Department may not require that the student’s district retain the student at grade level for another year, but shall require that the district develop an individual improvement plan.

So we are going to hold them back one year for failing the test, but then promote them anyway the second year if they still have not passed the test…. Meaning that classes will still have people who can’t grasp the subject now but who are just one year older than they would be otherwise.  So…. what’s the point of taking the test?

So what happens to all these failing kids?  Glad you asked.

For every failure there is the option to enroll in a private individual improvement plan, paid for by the parents of the student…. It is all about money….  $$$…

How much is it worth to you to have your child keep up with his class and not be held back?  $100?  $200?  $500? $1000? If you are indigent, you can even get a government secured loans to cover all education expenses.  The quasi- governmental institution pays the vendor, and over time you pay back the institution…  All loans secured by your tax refund if you ever renege.

Free public school is free no more…

That is why your child is taking  this horrible test and as all smart people have been saying, will fail  and you the parent, will still pay lots for them to graduate on time.

Thereby, for the quick fix, we need this following bill put on the table….

This act removes Subchapter Three of Chapter One of Title 14, in it’s entirety.   (The numbers for all subsequent ones shall be move up by one)

We can add a new bill later… But this piece is so huge, so corrupt, so full of holes, it is better to remove it completely and continue forward with something brand new next year…..

We can find out due to his past cozy relationship with POLITICO,  (Remember it was “his” getting Greg Lavelle on Chuck Todd’s Friday morning show, which made Greg Lavelle become the ONLY republican to switch his vote from “nay” to “yay”…

Here is the horror yet to visit Delaware if our General Assembly does not immediately stand up for parents, students, teachers and every taxpayer in this state.

“Delaware Gov. Jack Markell said Monday that the National Governors Association had a “very constructive conversation” on Common Core challenges and opportunities at its meetings over the weekend — at least behind closed doors. But “there might be a couple [governors] who are feeling real pressure” to scrap, or scale back on, the standards, he said during a visit to POLITICO. He declined to name anyone specifically, but he did say that he wouldn’t be surprised if Common Core votes come up in more states.”  Let’s make one of them Delaware…

Let’s get a bill laid on the table responsibly removing Common Core and the Smarter Balanced Assessments… so the consortium of parents, teachers and taxpayers, can get it out across Social Media and have it in every parent’s hand by tomorrow.

From Politico:

“For all of the furor about the Common Core tests, one development has gone largely unnoticed: The federal funds that have sustained both the PARCC and Smarter Balanced consortia are running out. Smarter Balanced’s budget [] shows its $175 million Race to the Top grant will carry it through the end of September. PARCC aims to stretch its funding through the fall of 2015 []. But both consortia expect to stay in business for many years to come. They will develop assessments and tools for teachers; set cut scores and monitor student performance; and serve as a conduit for collaboration among states. So how will they stay in business?”

The federal funds have run out… For Common Core to continue, state funds must now be used….

It is cheaper now to forgo the tiny bit of federal Dollars which will be lost, and pay for those services ourselves, than it is to go forward with these fake tests…..  which actually cost us almost double what we will get from the Feds…

The Feds provide roughly 6.6%.

Of that, lots can’t be touched because it includes things like money from the Department of Agriculture for free and reduced lunches, or money for special needs students. What they really mean is that we could (not necessarily “will”) take a hit to Title I funding which is a mainstay to many schools in with high poverty populations. But–and it is a really big BUT–that still only represents about a 1-1.5% funding cut even if the Feds take away ALL the Title I funding. That deficit could easily be made up at the State and local levels by (a) trimming out the bureaucratic support for that funding; and (b) money saved from eliminating large parts of the testing regime. But, in reality, the Feds aren’t going to take away anything but a percentage of that money if they even do that.”

One percent of the state educational budget is a measly $13 million….  The Smarter Balanced Tests at the very minimum, (governor’s estimate) cost $20 million a year to operate.

In this scenario, the image originally pervaded upon Greg Lavelle, (who is at fault for the SBA by switching his vote from “nay” to “yay”),, that the DOE had no other option other then the Smarter Balanced Assessment, is actually a better plan than going forward with the SBA.

When you have something that is a negative number… just reaching 0 is an improvement…..

So kill all funding for the SBA… We don’t need or want to spend state tax dollars on that worthless piece of junk…  It has done nothing positive… It’s results are flawed; it’s creates huge unnecessary animosity among the state’s parents, and it will ruin some local and state political careers…

We don’t need it; especially if it is no longer free.

When they say it is time for your Smarter Balanced test and they release you from regular class to go to the lab to take it… Just keep going…  Go outside and protest the Smarter Balanced Assessments….

Call your news coverage.  Hold up signs….   But don’t take the test… Enjoy your free day……

OR simply Facebook 




Using a protected news organization legally protects you from retaliation… Testing corporations may try to retaliate against you anyway, but in the end, it will make you very rich beyond your wildest dreams if they do.

The recent flap over Pearson monitoring tweets and Facebook pages of all students across an entire state, raises flags.  It also provides a weapon.

If you see a really stupid question… preserve it… and tweet it…

The world needs to know what you are going through… Seriously.. I know because for my kids sake, I took the test… The entire world of lazy people who will not take the test (Sokola, Jacques, Schwartzkoph) and their constituents need to know exactly why this test must be eradicated…

The simplest and best way is to publish your stupid question for all to see… and you know exactly what I mean…

Just take the picture, and tweet it…

Get all your friends to do it as well…. There is safety in numbers… Are they going to discipline the whole school? Trust me, lol, your moms and dads will make sure they won’t do that…

Seriously the world needs to know… It may take some courage, but you have a golden moment to do something really good for yourself, your friends, and every child coming up through the grades behind you…..

60 people showed up at the PTA meeting yesterday to get information on all sides of opting out ones child….

For a detailed look go here….

But to summarize…. out of all those very concerned with educational issues, who are very knowledgeable about children and parents, 58 plan to opt out their child.

If 58 out of 60 educational specialists or parents knowledgeable about the issue,  believe that opting out is in the best interest for their child… shouldn’t that be telling you something?

It now appears the only ones who take the test will be children of those parents who did not get word, who do not know any better. Get the word out to them, beginning now…

No child should take this test….. 

ITTS… IT’s This Test, Stupid.  The problem is THIS test….

  • Tell them to call their principal and find out what day their child is scheduled to take the test.
  • Keep him/her home on those days.
  • If they try to trick him into taking the tests, tell him to get sick, go to the nurse, have her call you, and you go pick him/her up. Then give the principal an earful for making you miss work!