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The Jews in Germany who didn’t opt out of their German citizenry and escape to the US, regretted it..  Did you ever wonder why they chose not to go along?

Look at yourself if you haven’t opted out yet.  You are just like them. What was the difference between those who escaped and those who stayed in the early days? They all read the same paper. All saw the same happenings. All experienced the darkening of their homeland skies.  Some opted out of Germany. But most stayed…

Those who opted out became wealthy in the American land of opportunity. Those who stayed had all their wealth taken, ….then, their lives.

As today we see with Donald Trump, everyone knew how bad Hitler was… Have we ever had any other presidential contender running his campaign as a WWF pre-press conference?

So you see, we know.  We know. Just like they did back in Germany 1935.

So just as we know that the Smarter Balanced Assessment is pointless, bizarre, damaging to children and has zero redeeming social value what-so-ever.  today,…. cooperating with the Smarter Balanced Assessment by NOT opting out, is the equivalent of being Jewish and cooperating with the Gestapo thinking that you are somehow helping all Jews by getting rid of the Jewish troublemakers and then the Nazi’s will leave you alone….

Till YOU get told to take a shower….

You can see it with Trump.  You see how irrational, defiant, and single minded his supporters have become…

So it is with those in power forcing the Smarter Balanced Assessment on your child.  They are irrational. Defiant. And single minded when it comes to forcing children to take this test by destroying the option to opt out.

Here is what the test does:

It makes children who can’t jump a 3 foot bar, now be forced to jump a 5 foot one. Why?

It makes children who have no arms to bench press 100 pounds, now bench press 300 pounds…

It makes children whose legs were amputated after an accident, now forced to climb Mt. Everest.

And yet most Jews as they saw certain people pulled out of their houses and taken off in trucks.. did nothing…

Most parents as they see more and more of the damage this test is doing to their children, do nothing….

There is a eerie similarity…. The question in both these cases is:  Why?  Why when something that is so easy to do, so readily put in our grasp, so necessary to save our future as we now see it, ignored?

Opting out is your weapon against having what you love about your children sucked out, against having their shells sent of to a concentration camp.  One giant protest early on in Hitler’s career that was so big it looked like a revolution, (think Arab Spring) could have changed history forever…

It didn’t happen. Why?

Same reason why haven’t you opted your child out?

Ask any holocaust survivor if they now wished they’d opted out of Germany before things got really bad?

Then opt your child out… because it only gets worse after this year… At some future point (like Hitler one day being toppled) it is inevitable that all children’s scores on the Smarter Balanced will be dismissed as being unreliable.  There will be a big blank across the record of all children in this state as those scores get erased.. This test is that bad and calmer heads always prevail.

So why would you give your child up as a sacrificial lamb, as a experimental vessel for a mad scientist to perform a wacky scheme?  Would you just as easily allow your children to be sexually exploited by an authoritarian adult?  Why then are you letting them be psychologically exploited by these same people? How did you let yourself be lulled into letting thieves enter with your permission through the front door of your house, when everywhere warnings were broadcast on your televisions, phones and radios, telling you to beware of them?

The answer is simply this.. You are the Jews in Hitler’s Germany. You are the parents taking your alter boys to be alone with the priest at church.. You are the selected chosen designated to put your son or daughter on the alter to have their life ended and blood drained, so a shaman can continue justifying his role of power over his people…


All those are you.  You could, as easily as flipping a coin, change your child’s future to the better… Like Germans appalled at where their homeland was going, you choose to stay silent and try not to rock the boat so they don’t throw you out as the next troublemaker  OR… you can scream at the top of your lungs to stop everyone from getting in the boat in the first place, convincing everyone to just go home…

Your choice…  as it should be… IT  IS  YOUR   CHILD…  And one other thing. Would Hitler have signed legislation overwhelmingly approved by the Reichstag to allow Jews to opt out of going into Concentration Camps….


Now perhaps, you are beginning to see the parallel….

Line Up To Take Smarter Balanced Assessment In 2016




You can too…

Go here, find your child’s grade, choose ELA or math, and plan on spending the next 4 and half hours in hell….

Then if you haven’t already… opt your child out…  You only understand the opt-out movement once you take the test…

Why would anyone do that to a kid???

They are evil.  You will see it.


One cannot be an informed Christian, informed Muslim, informed Jew, and not opt-out ones child… Your religions do not allow you to do this to children. Being one of the three Abrahamic religions and letting your child take this test does not compute.  It’s a 401 Error . It is a non-sequitur.


If you hold your religion dear yet still allow your child to take the test, it has to be because YOU are ignorant; YOU never took the test… What kind of parent does that to their child?


On the other hand, if you are a Satanist… I can see you allowing your child to take this test.  That’s what you guys are all about….


The release of 2015 NAEP scores showed national achievement stalling out or falling in reading and mathematics..

Critics of Common Core tended to blame the standards for the disappointing scores.  Its defenders said it was too early to assess CCSS’s impact and that implementation would take many years to unfold….

In the rush to argue whether CCSS has positively or negatively affected American education, these speculations are vague as to how the standards boosted or depressed learning.

One telling example is this:

Something significant happened in 2011. It is probably safe to say that Common Core shifted text materials more to nonfiction than any event having occurred any time in the past.

There is no evidence however that shifting to non-fiction creates better students.  In fact, evidence points to the exact opposite.

Prior to WWII our English curriculum was heavily based on British Classical writings covering drama, prose, poetry, and novels. Only after the 60’s with the informalization of education and the original ESEA of 1965, did problems of not being college ready after 12 public school years of education, begin. Until that time, a literature heavy English curriculum was understood as precisely the kind of precollege training students needed.

The very gaps Common Core was addressed to alleviate, will worsen.

“High achieving students in academically oriented private and suburban schools may receive rich literary historical instruction, students in the bottom two thirds of our student population with respect to achievement, especially those in low performing schools, will receive noncumulative, watery training in mere reading comprehension.”

Does College and Career readiness depend on non-informational texts being taught over 50% of the time?  It appears no.

For one, the purveyors of Common Core offer no support or evidence showing how non fiction promotes higher proficiency in reading when compared to students who read almost entirely all classical fiction.  For two, there is compelling evidence that the opposite is true.

Literary study in 1900 shifted from studying the classics to studying British Literature primarily at the insistence of the Committee of Ten, a group who convened in the 1890’s to standardize uniform entry requirements for college.  Their work developed syllabi which listed required readings at each grade level. These syllabi influenced students up until after WWII. At no time did colleges cry out that a rich English literature background would impede college progress, In fact, it was seen as a necessary requirement.

Then in the latter 60’s as massive funding from ESEA began pouring into schools to alleviate “gaps”, academic levels began to become disappointing. In ELA efforts to improve achievement were undermined by inferior, lazy reading texts on lower levels of difficulty.  As a result, remedial course-work in college has exploded, aided and abetted by lower admission’s requirements..

One of the best publicly educated states this past decade as consistently been Massachusetts. In  1997 Massachusetts developed a literature rich ELA curriculum.  The results were impressive. Massachusetts led the nation in reading scores from 2005 onward. It’s numbers of Advance Placement successes, are also highest in the nation. Simply because they reintroduced classical British literature into all classrooms.

A diminished emphasis on literary study will prevent students from acquiring a rich understanding and use of the English language, a development which demands the exposure to the thinking of the most talented writers of English. Increasing informational reading in English class will tend to lead to a decreased capacity for analytical thinking in all students.

The choice of curriculum is not given a literary historical basis but instead is chosen by how well it supports the language construct being taught. In other words,”How” the test are supportive, takes precedence over what is being taught.

Common Core lays out what students should be able to do… not what they should know. In other words, the skilled naive worker…..

One can’t help but wonder if the case for more informational texts and increased complexity (though not necessarily text difficulty) is a camouflage for lowering academic challenge so more high school graduates now appear ready for college upon or before graduation.

The recent collapse of NAEP scores show that dissipation of knowledge, is  exactly what is beginning to happen…..

Graphs are nice for a glance. But they are difficult to flip between when finding comparative data… And if you saw the graphs in the post below this, congratulations.  And if you haven’t yet, flip here and accept my congratulations .  These numbers come from those graphs….

Here are Excel spreadsheets to augment other comparisons.

Excel ELA levels for SBA

Excel MATH levels for SBA

And here are the visuals.

img sba ela

img sba math

A couple of trends stand out. One is that obviously that 11 Graders did not take this test as serious as their counterparts. For them there was no reason to take it and they obviously did not invest any effort.

Second is that those Delaware students in first and second grades whose curriculum WAS Common Core in 2012-2013 and 2013-2014, received enough training and skills to do well on this test in 3rd and 4th and 5th grades. Expect this trend to continue and as each year graduates and marches across the columns… In 5 years the third graders will be in 8th Grade and the entire row will be near the top. (Congratulations to the Governor in office during 2020 under whose term amazing progress will be claimed to have been made in education….)

This simply means that if you were trained in Spanish two years before your Spanish test, you did better than those who weren’t trained in Spanish who had to convert everything from the original language learned, into the language now being tested.. I hope everyone gets the analogy so I don’t have to explain it.

We tested in a brand new way. Those trained in the new way did better than those trained in the old way whose brains had to translate what they once learned, over to what they now were being tested….

But caution should still be made when comparing our state to other states. No one can be held accountable for these scores because they are so many variables still in play.

One example: Delaware is well wired for the internet and all of its tests were done electronically.

That creates test taking problems in the higher grades. The student may do the complicated problem correctly but err in its input. Other states, particularly those outside the compact East, took their most of their upper level tests with pencil and paper, not having sufficient internet in place to test every student electronically. This pencil and paper testing familiarity could play in having the Midwest states score surprisingly higher in the upper grades, despite their scores being below Delaware’s in the early grades…

But quite strikingly…. whereas other states range of scores were consistent across their grades, Delaware’s change occurred because our state’s grades tumbled between 5th and 6th to then hold at that level, not the level of the first three grades. That precise pinpoint in time was the year we began teaching Common Core.  What this test proves is that if taught a new method you can be tested on the new method;  but if taught the old method, you are lost. Whereas other states (not as forwardly prepared for the Smarter Balances as Delaware) were lost across the board,  we were only lost 6th Grade on.

Each state sets their own cut scores.  So although Missouri may have taken the same test as Delaware students, it deemed a lower score as proficient in comparison to us.  All this graph shows us is the percentage of proficients.

All which support one developing conclusion. The idea that these tests would allow cross comparison across all boundaries is now defunct. Meaning that these tests if further developed to improve student development, may have some future merit, but to have them used for any accountability or ranking indicator, is shameful.

This test bears false witness as to whether a child is proficient or career or college ready.  We need to return to the old method. At least then, we knew….

For a broader picture, here is a interactive map which compares all Common Core states.  Running through the guantlet it becomes apparant rather quickly that one can only compare states taking the same test.

Not even the PAARC and Smarter Balanced are  on the same page. and a majority of states opted and got waivers to use their own test… So stacking those up against tests of another state simply can’t be done.

So below are the scores of our fellow consortium partners… The Smarter Balanced Assessment squad….  Click on each state to enlarge……..

One sees how closely aligned they are from state to state. Portend that factors and shades of differences are due to outside influences and not to brand new educational disruptions that have been inconsistent from state to state…

Although the Smarter Balanced results are consistent, it was very curious looking at the state tests prior, and comparing their scores prior with each other.  Obviously some state tests were much easier than others.



How would the growth trajectory for African-American students be different, and I’m in the same class as these whites, and Asians, and everyone else.  I’m doing the same thing but I grow more, at a higher growth rate than everyone else. ? Coverdale

I think that would get into some of the differentiation and instruction that teachers have to do and I think that teachers are, their job gets harder more and more every year, and things are being asked of our educators and they are doing a tremendous job in meeting the needs of individual students, but you’re right, there’s gonna be different growth expectations for different students in your same class..  Schwinn


My mommy says you’re not as good as us white people and thats why you have to stay in school longer… I’m glad I’m not black like you……………… We’re better.




“Yeah, so you’re going to have a steeper slope for those students who are currently lower performing, specifically, our students with disabilities, low-income, African-American, Hispanic-Latino, are starting at a much lower baseline so they are gonna be required to jump by 5,6, or 7 points each year as opposed to our Asian and white students who are gonna be required to jump 1 to 2 points each year.” Penny Schwinn….


Yo, Asian boy… You gotta practice basketball 7-8 hours after school, because you ain’t good at it at all. You blacks who are already good at it, you can practice 30 minutes if you want to.. but you Asian boys are so far behind, you gotta stay on the court from immediately after school to 10 pm every day… Remember you have to shoot 1550 points from the floor in your games against the blacks, otherwise you aren’t proficient….

But I don’t want to be a basketball player. I want to be a mechanical engineer……

Fvck you, Asian boy; you have to play; no opt outs….

Moral is… if you are going to do it to blacks, you have to do it to Asians in basketball as well.  Otherwise you are defined as a racist by treating one race far better than others….


“So is there someone in the classroom saying “Hey, African-American student, this is what you’re gonna have to deal with?”  Is there like an African-American student group?  Do you know what I mean? (wink-wink)” Coverdale

(See the amazing full transcript here…)

A Cure for Carlotta
by Bart King

A boy stood on deck and sniffed the salty sea air as the ship pitched back and forth. The smell of the sea was familiar and comforting. The boy’s earliest memories were of being at sea with his father. They would fish for hours, just the two of them, surrounded by the blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

Now Enzio and his family were on a giant ship crossing the Atlantic. Also on board were hundreds of other people, mostly Italians like Enzio’s family. There were more people on board than lived in his entire village back home in Trevilla.

Enzio clattered down the iron steps to the steerage deck and dove into his bunk. He rested his head against his pillow. Trevilla wasn’t his home anymore. Gone was the fishing boat. Gone was the Mediterranean blue that he’d always taken for granted. Who knew what kind of home America would be?

One of the passengers was a girl named Carlotta. Her family was from Rome. Carlotta had been quick to tell him this on the first day of the voyage. “New York will not be so different from Rome,” Carlotta had said. “They are both great cities, but of course Rome is better. My father has already been to America twice. He is going to open a big department store downtown. My father had a successful business in Rome; all the wealthy ladies would buy from him.”

Carlotta loved to talk about herself, her family, and the rich and powerful people they knew. With so many hours to fill, Enzio did not mind. He noticed—but didn’t really mind—that she never asked about him or his family. Enzio was especially hungry for any details about America. He loved hearing Carlotta’s tales about life in a big city. It sounded exciting and a little scary.

Today, Carlotta was unusually quiet. Her face was pale, and she clutched her stomach with one hand and the ship’s rail with the other. “Up and down, up and down, will it never stop?” she groaned.

Enzio took Carlotta’s hand from the rail. He pressed his fingers on the inside of her wrist, an inch or so from the palm of her hand. “Press this place here, on your wrist,” Enzio said.

Carlotta looked at him miserably. Enzio could tell that only her illness kept her from arguing with him. How well he knew that look on her face. He’d seen it on the faces of many fishermen. He smiled encouragingly. “That’s right. Keep pressing.”

An hour later, Carlotta found Enzio. She was still holding her fingers to her wrist. “I do feel better,” she admitted. “How did you know it would work? Is your father a doctor?” she asked.

Enzio explained that his father had come from a long line of fishermen who had passed down the remedy for seasickness. One of Enzio’s uncles always wore a braided wristband with a bead that pressed into his wrist.

Interested, Carlotta asked to hear more about Enzio’s family. He explained that they were sailing to meet his mother’s brothers. One was a successful stonemason in upstate New York. Another had helped construct the Brooklyn Bridge. Still another worked as a welder, joining the steel frames of the city’s rising skyscrapers.
Carlotta looked at Enzio with new respect. “Why didn’t you tell me any of this?” Enzio shrugged. “You didn’t ask.”

Suddenly the blast of the ship’s horn startled them. Looking out the porthole, Carlotta shouted, “Look! The Statue of Liberty!”

They could hear the commotion of all the passengers talking at once. Soon the ship would dock at Ellis Island. Gazing out at the mighty but silent statue, Enzio wondered what marvelous things the statue might teach if only someone asked the right question.


question 1question 2


To receive the full-credit score of 1 point, the student must correctly select both paragraphs. The correct paragraphs are paragraph 1 and paragraph 3.

question 3

question 4

question 5

And that concludes your Smarter Balanced test for your child…

He would need to answer all of these correctly to deemed proficient.  How proficient were you?

The idiocy of using this one single event to rate teachers’ performance, to rate schools’ performance, to rate district [performance, by now should be apparent….

The questions are aimed not to determine what each child knows, but how well they can guess what the test takers were thinking….

Remember, none of these questions came from anyone who actually spends time teaching kids… or has children of their own…

Every parent who does know children, needs to opt out today…. It would be different if the test was a good test…. by good, we mean objective… “What is the capital of Delaware?”..  this test does not test knowledge. It tests whether you choose the same things I would choose… nothing more…

I was particularly struck by the last question asking the main idea….  Only B and D could be opted out…..

For picking A, C, E all of which have very good grounds… you child will be deemed a failure who is not college or career ready by the 5th Grade…..

We now know the reason for all the mass exoduses of “educational professionals”,. That includes Mark Murphy; Lillian Lower, Arne Duncun….

We have major backpedaling going on currently by the Thomas B Fordham Institute… Michael Petrilli is now blaming, guess what?  Poverty.

Common Core has failed… For the first time since we began testing…. our children have gotten dumber, not smarter….

This is a crime… People need to go to jail for this

In Delaware Dave Sokola, Earl Jacques, and Pete Schwartzkoph need to be the first arrested……  Can we get our Attorney General to issue the warrants?

At the very least, we should recognize its failure and over ride the Governor’s veto on HB 50…   There is now zero argument for letting that veto stay in place…. Zero… Get it done, now!  We know this particular testing is bad. We know it is harmful. Not allowing parents immunity to make the best choice for their children is just shy of unconstitutionality.