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And urges every black legislator to jump on and fully support the removal of the SBAC from all schools….

The problem in Delaware as other bloggers currently heap heat on those black legislators who just Uncle Tom’d their race , … is that those people were lied to and wantonly accepted those lies like a big Largemouth Bass willingly accepts a twisting worm twirled around a hook with a line running straight up to the water’s surface.

The Smarter Balanced Assessment is the absolute worst thing that has ever happened to black people.  It is worse than cops killing black youth.  It is worse than the high conviction rates piled on blacks instead of the light sentences doled out to whites.  It is worse then the number of blacks in prison…

The Smarter Balanced Assessment is a tool ….. One designed to label black children as failures, and affirm white children as successes….

Black schools are disproportionately funded, and their students will be disproportionately labeled as failures.  Using standardized tests to label black people and immigrants as failures while systematically underfunding their schools, has a long and ugly history in our nation’s history…..

Those blacks who voted against the opt out movement, are rushing separate but unequal segregation forward faster….

The Smarter Balanced Assessment is simply unfair… We once had a very fair test, the DCAS, but Greg Lavelle’s vote last year caused the Smarter Balanced to become law of the land….

All blacks need to opt out… All immigrants need to opt out… All economically disadvantage children need to opt out.  All special education children need to opt out…  Everyone needs to opt out…. We need a different test.

Your children are not failures… it is the test which is…   Get rid of the test.. Tell your legislator to get rid of the test….  If you can possibly do it in public to put him on the spot… more power to you.

Delaware’s NAACP needs to fire its leadership and get itself in line with the national movement of Black Lives Matter… Our leader is a flat-out Uncle Tom. No ifs. No ands. No buts.  Until you vote in change, we  Delawareans continue to have the Samuel Jackson character in Django running the blacks in the household dominated by the rich investors of the Delaware Way.

Who left out there has guts?

We need a NAACP leader who fights to rid Delaware of all Charter Schools.  Fights to rid Delaware of all corporate tests and return to tests written by teachers (DCAS).  We need a NAACP  leader who calls on all schools to strike, hell with the law.  We need a NAACP leader who calls on every black, every minority, every free lunch child, and ever special ed student to opt out of the test right now…. We need a NAACP leader who stands up for Black people… Not one who goes running into the governor’s chamber for a photo-op anytime someone calls them out for what they truly are….


lavelleHenry_Margaret_AMG_3466Bushweller1/13/09-Dover Del.-leg.start-Delaware Senators and representatives . The News Journal/Bob Herbert .

They are Senator Dave Sokola, Senator Gary Simpson, Senator Greg Lavelle, Senator Henry, Senator Bushweiller, and Senator McDowell…  Three of these Senators have predominantly Afro-American districts.  Two others, Sokola and Lavalle are sycophants of almost all white and wealthy, who will do anything to garner corporate monies’ attention.  And to this day, Simpson is an anomaly.

These 6 voted to re segregate Delaware’s schools into all white with exemplary teachers and financing…. and all black with the worst possible teachers and almost zero financing….  About as segregated as one can get.  Here is what 170 civil rights groups had to say about what these Senators just did………( more on Exceptional Delaware)

“We respectfully disagree that the proliferation of high stakes assessments and top-down interventions are needed in order to improve our schools.  We live in the communities where these schools exist.  What, from our vantage point, happens because of these tests is not improvement.  It’s destruction.”

What Margaret Rose Henry just voted for; what Harris McDowell just voted for; what Brian Bushweller just voted for:  was destruction of that which had been previously fought and won: to get rid of a two tiered school system where rich whites get one level of education; impoverished blacks get another.  In their defense, the reason they voted such is that they were lied to by certain groups, formed, financed, and supported solely by corporations with ties to the educational field, who told them that allowing opting-out as a right, would be detrimental to black children… 3 of these had hearts in the right places, but where their heads were, smh, who can tell…..

They should have listened to responsible sources.  Not corporate shills.  The responsible sources spoke clearly and loudly.

“High stakes standardized tests have been proven to harm Black and Brown children, adults, schools and communities. Curriculum is narrowed. Their results purport to show that our children are failures. They also claim to show that our schools are failures, leading to closures or wholesale dismissal of staff.  Children in low-income communities lose important relationships with caring adults when this happens. Other good schools are destabilized as they receive hundreds of children from closed schools. Large proportions of Black teachers lose their jobs in this process, because it is Black teachers who are often drawn to commit their skills and energies to Black children.  Standardized testing, whether intentionally or not, has negatively impacted the Black middle class, because they are the teachers, lunchroom workers, teacher aides, counselors, security staff and custodians who are fired when schools close.”

According to 170 Civil Rights organizations, these six voted to:

  • Harm black and brown chidren
  • To narrow curriculum
  • To label black and brown children as FAILURES
  • To close schools teaching the poor and black
  • To dismiss large scale Afro-American staff in these schools
  • To force children to lose important relationships with caring and competent adults
  • To fire LARGE NUMBERS OF BLACK TEACHERS so they can replace them with white college kids still green behind their ears.
  • To continue putting the squeeze on the black Middle Class, pushing opportunities further and further over to better educated whites..
  • To care nothing for black teachers,  black lunchroom workers, black teacher aides, black counselors, black security staff and black custodians who are fired when schools get closed because of the Smarter Balanced Assessment.

Whereas 3 of these six are benigh, two of these six are evil.. I’m sure you already recognize Dave Sokola and Greg Lavelle… Both of these are financial beneficiaries of charter schools which sweep in, destroy the public school system, then abandon all the children and bug-out, counting fist-fulls of dollars in the process… We know this from Philadelphia. Cleveland, Milwaukee, Washington, DC and Chicago… Citizens’ groups there are fighting back and winning but they are only regaining scorched earth.  Which is why charter investors are now moving down here into new territory, where their lies have more power because the truth is still unknown…..

Well, … worked against Margaret Rose Henry, Brian Bushweller, and Harris McDowell…… normally always passing pro-black legislation.

You, the people, have got to set them straight……  Tony Allen?  That is not the voice of the Afro American Wilmington community… What does he know of Hilltop?  What does he know of Northeast? What does he know of South Bridge?

Just listen to families first, from those areas above, who have already lived through what you are proposing …. before you go chopping heads off of little black children to save your own…..