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Multiple sources working for current Republican Senator Gerald Hocker have confirmed to Federal authorities that they are working 60-70+ hours and not getting minimum wage. As told by multiple foreign workers, it appears that what G + E and Hocker’s Super Center are doing, is issuing multiple checks based off different classifications…

You work 40 hours in the deli.  You get one check.  You then work as a cashier 40 hours you get one check… The shortage is the overtime pay that second check is supposed to provide….

40  X  $8.25  =  $330.
40  X  $8.25  X  1.5 (time and a half)  =  $495
Essentially a $165 dollar illegal shortage every week

Yes, they’re all “furiners” (Sussex County accent) who signed up without knowing better. Yes they all came from Turkey this summer to work at a beach and meet Americans and make money while experiencing American culture. Yes, they were not contracted to work over 80+ hours a week, but as denizens in a foreign nation, once here as captured labor, have no choice.

They work 8 hours in the deli, then 6 hours as cashier… every day, and get paid $8.25 for every hour they work…

Make no mistake.  This is absolutely, unequivocally, and entirely illegal.

I have always supported Hocker because of his great bill to keep the school year between Labor Day and Memorial Day.  That would be the biggest boost to improving education in Delaware which could ever occur. (It would cut out 3  full school weeks full of nothing but R-rated movie watching).  In fact, I thought hard about not passing this on because this may unfortunately  overshadow that now and keep his fantastic great bill from passing.

In the end, wrong is wrong and I couldn’t sit on it much longer….

Recommended action:

Get one of the 11 Turkish grad students at University of Delaware to interview all these employees in their native language and then, file the necessary charges…

If a voting member of the Delaware State Senate is willing to violate this sacrosanct law which applies downward pressure to the cost of labor for EVERYONE, it behooves us all what else his party, the Republican Party is willing to tolerate…

Perry Mitchell, Democrat, you need to own this….   Delaware Unions, you shouldn’t be sitting on your hands here…  Delaware Department of Labor, we don’t care if he votes money for your department, wrong IS wrong.