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Thanks to Exceptional Delaware’s exceptional coverage, we have the evidence we need to understand this is now a done deal.  The motions are simply continuing forward as a pretense or smokescreen to cover what is coming…

Whether or not the MOU gets signed by the individual boards by December 31st, the “The Chief of Change”, Mark Murphy currently has no plans to accept it…

6 school leaders will be in place on January 1st regardless of how the MOU comes down….

As Exceptional points out from last Tuesday’s City Council Meeting….

Chukwuocha: Another question, regarding the salary of the school leader, it’s mentioned here there is $75,000 that is paid from January through June but there was a note that $160,000, how is this related to that $160,000?

Schwinn: The $160,000 that you are referencing, in the MOU, is proposed school leader salary through the MOU. The $75,000 would be this January to June. If the school leader was able to and interested in coming on early. So they would actually be able to be funded, not out of district dollars for specifically setting up the school and the new school modeling plan for the year ahead.

The clincher is that the $75,000 is already allocated… If the MOU were to be signed after lengthy debate and delay, the earliest one could get a school leader would be June.  One would assume he would be currently employed, would have to give notice, etc, would have to negotiate contracts with former employers, etc…

One doesn’t put an ad in the News Journal, interview those who walk in, and hire six school leaders.  Which professionally, means this has already been done.  For a leader to take over on January 1st, which Penny Schwinn specifically said is to happen, this being mid October, means the contract has already been signed between those six leaders and the Delaware Department of Education… They are already hired….

So what if Red Clay says no?  They are already hired.

So what if Christina says no?  They are already hired.

To change either would breech the contract and the RTTT money goes to them anyway ($75,000 each) while the districts continue on without them.  Which won’t happen.  Which is why the MOU and the state code specifically give the Secretary sole discretion to accept or reject any plan he wishes…

So the plan is thus, and Exceptional Delaware accurately calls him on this:  Mark Murphy really doesn’t care what concerns any of the following:  parents, teachers, city council, State Senators, State Representatives have about handing these good public schools over to private companies to slaughter.


Therefore us working within the rules is out… It is time to work outside the box, create a gigantic political albatross around the Governor’s neck, make him such a laughingstock even Chuck Todd will lampoon him…. and draw a line, and say,….

  • All of Christina School District and Red Clay schools will go on strike.
  • All teachers will stop working across the entire state until this privatization plan is tabled.
  • All parents (if schools do continue) will hold their children home during the times the Smarter Balanced Tests are given.
  • The County will hold all school taxes assessed in escrow, until the privatization plan is tabled.
  • The City will change its tax assessment and with a county vote, make the mega-Charter building responsible for paying the taxes the Bank of America or MBNA used to pay….

Some say these can never happen.  But look closely.  See just how easily they could happen?  Most people reading this already are planning to withhold their children this spring… Why?  Because of their knowledge… Because they know the sham that the Smarter Balance perpetuates and they know the damage it will do to children.  They also know that it will hurt the implementation of Common Core.

Those that don’t know…. well,  can’t they have their opinions changed as well?  Education of the public and communication to our citizens allowing them to make decisions affecting their children, is where this needs to go…..

What needs to happen is that “this” becomes “THE topic”. and to do that…. we need an actual threat….  Those reading this, know exactly what they have to do… Sometimes fate gives you no other chance then to do what is right……