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Tonight’s State of the Union, unfortunately not seen by many Americans, but don’t worry if you missed it; your grandchildren in the future will be able to tell you all about it…

I really didn’t know that much about them.  So I looked them up.

Did you know that one has to go back as far as James Garfield to find a Commander in Chief who has used less vetoes? (And he was in office only 6 and half months).

Did you know that Barack Obama, our commander in chief, has to veto up to 633 vetoes these next two years before he ties the record of the most by any one president (FDR: 3 and a half terms)?  Does that not put a damper on any argument of over-reaching his authority?

Can you name all the presidents who have the same or fewer vetoes than our current commander in chief?  I’ll try.

  • James Garfield (6 months as President)
  • Milliard Fillmore (2.8 years as President)
  • Zachery Taylor (1.3 years as President)
  • William Harrison (32 days as President)
  • Thomas Jefferson (2 terms)
  • John Adams (1 terms)

All with zero.  He is tied with George Washington, at two.

Now can you name the top ten presidential veto-ers?  Again, I’ll try.

  • Franklin D Roosevelt  635
  • Grover Cleveland 584
  • Harry Truman 250
  • Dwight Eisenhower 181
  • Ulysses Grant 93
  • Theodore Roosevelt 82
  • Ronald Reagan 78
  • Gerald Ford 66
  • Calvin Coolidge 50
  • Woodrow Wilson 44 (tie)
  • Benjamin Harrison 44 (tie)
  • George H.W. Bush 44 (tie)

And just out of curiosity.  Know who had the most vetoes overridden?  The first guy who got impeached:  Andrew Johnson with 15.

It is quite clear that a veto is just another tool put at the president’s disposal.. If the president is provided the opportunity to weld it, one must, both out of Constitutional necessity and a considerable amount of precedence. And if today’s Republicans are thinking of black-balling our president with excessive vetoes, they should think again.  It also appears that vetoing insane pieces of legislation will provide zero negative fall-out, either politically or against ones legacy.

“I am disturbed anyone could be against a president willing to take action.  Imagine if FDR did nothing about Pearl Harbor… The American system of government is designed to have laws created by the legislative branch, and have those very same laws faithfully executed by the chief executive. On this, Congress has flat out failed in their obligation. An Immigration bill did clear the Senate’s hurdle, but was never brought onto the floor of the House, where all knew there were enough moderate Republicans and Democrats willing to pass it.. All Americans, regardless of their political affiliation, should be dangerously concerned about each Conservative’s blatant disregard of his oath of office. They swore to support and defend the Constitution of the United States and to do so, by voting up or down upon our most necessary laws inside both halls of our Congress. Our broken immigration system compromises our national security and hampers our economy. This issue, like Pearl Harbor, must be addressed. If the Republicans in Congress are incapable of addressing it, and by law, the President most certainly is allowed to do some things to alleviate the problem, than not doing so would be a dereliction of that President’s duty.  As an American citizen, I am proud the president’s action tonight has moved us forward in a direction first proposed by Ronald Reagan in 1984.  This President acted as would a Ronald Reagan. Congress did not act!  Their inaction puts America in danger, and  gave the president no prudent choice other than doing what he did.  If anyone deserves to be impeached, it should be Conservative Republicans… “

This is a reoccurring nightmare.  There is a club of senior scientists who regularly meet in Delaware, often at the second official governor’s residence and share ideas about how to rule the world in the future.  Though acknowledgeably some neurons have dimmed, the collective age of scientific knowledge sitting around that table, covers two millennium.

There are many disagreements based on personal perspective.  However, there is one unifying theme on which all members agree, whether liberal, conservative, or libertarian.

That is that mass-hysteria trumps science in today’s world…  Facts don’t matter. Knowledge is immaterial… Propaganda rules and against that, facts are simply shut out…

It used to be when facing a crises the leadership would call in the experts and ask what the best solution would be, and what fallout to expect.  The experts dutifully told them.

Today that has been substituted by marketing… One calls the pollsters. Which idea do people think will work? How will the fallout affect this group of people;  how will it affect the others?

Politics is certainly important, especially when you are the first black president and 47% of the nation is out to get you because of the color of your skin…

But the people who have no idea of the facts, and are given this enormous power to decide policy, will lead us to some really bad decisions… That is the trouble with our world today.

Dumb media spokespeople, fire up a dumb electorate, who then elect dumb officials, to enact dumb policy…  That is how Europe found itself embroiled in WWI.  Mostly because a bored population wanted war, and war is what they got….

Europeans changed their mind, of course after several months… War wasn’t pretty or glamorous at all. Things never are when you fail to listen to experts…. those people who know facts and face those fact’s reality every day… who know every in and out… Compare that to an “opinionator” who calls himself an expert because he watched one slanted newscast on TV.

So today we have people who won’t vaccinate their kids; and want all airlines and all hospitals to shut down to prevent Ebola.  Today we have people who smoke 3 packs a day, and think Obamacare for others should be abolished because medical care should only be for those who can pay dearly for it. Today we have a Congress that won’t extend wind credits, meanwhile the sea levels are rising, wildfires are raging, and reservoirs are drying up. Today we have truly a deadly flu, largely ignored because it cannot be blamed on the Black president since it didn’t originate in… darkest Africa… Today we have people who want to send children back to their death in Central America, yet not allow safe abortions here in the US because of the of chance it could kill human cells.  Today we have the core of human knowledge, accumulated over millenniums, thrown out for one certified nut’s personal creation, called “Common Core”.

It is all just stupid…

There have always been really stupid people… But they have never been the ones running things.  Today they are… and not to sound partisan or anything, but they are all extremely conservative.  The middle-of-the-roaders, often called RINO’s, or Liberals, or Socialists, or Communists, or Pinko’s by these uneducated louts, are as sane as they ever were.

They are shut out.  To get on national TV, one has to first meet the high standard set, and be a kook…

Wayne LaPierre; Sean Hannity; Rush Limbaugh; Ted Cruz;  Sarah Palin; Rick Scott; Scott Walker; Paul Ryan; Rand Paul; John McCain; Lindsey Graham; Jeff Christopher; St. Louis police force spokespeople.. just to name a few.

All are given ample time and platforms to discuss any topic whose intimate details are such that they have no clue…

So where are the experts?  Where are the scientists?  Where are the academics?   They used to be there.  Anyone over 50 who remembers watching the nightly news before think-tanks were invented, can remember when experts regularly appeared on news shows to discuss their expertise…

Why is our media dominated by dummies?  Why do people who once had clout, now echo the dummies instead of ridiculing them?

I think it is because they believe Americans don’t care about substance anymore but just want entertainment.  Ebola comes from Africa, and so did Obama… The media has to make that connection and the first one to do so, can charge higher rates to its advertisers……

After 6 years… it is still all about putting a black president in his place…  The answer that changes things: is to vote. You must vote this November to have this president’s back.  After all,  he listens to experts and not dummies… We definitely need more of that…..

one Russia

Dear fellow members of the Human Race.

I speak to you now from the heart.  People are people.  Some have good souls and some do not.  You know as well as do I that no nation is composed of all of one type or all of the other… Each of our nations have both good and bad people in them.  With every choice of direction taken, we must analyze if either of our nations are making a correct or incorrect step…. In fact across every life, each person must daily battle over whether what they are doing, the course of action they are pursuing, is indeed the correct one they should be upon….

This is coming to you from the heart.  Your nation’s course of action is puzzling to me, to my nation, and to your fellow members of the human race now scattered across the planet.  Your nation has come so far since the 1992,  You are a highly respected member of the international community.  You recently awed us by your mastery in hosting the entire world at your Olympics in Sochi.

With all that behind you today it is puzzling that your nation is embarking on a course of action that negates all that.  One that makes you appear to be less of a great power in this world.  Instead of greatness one would expect from  the pageantry of Sochi, the very nation that beget Tchaikovsky and Tolstoy,  we are getting the behavior of a warlord existing in a land in which there is no law and there is no order.

Among our species, there will always be disputes.  There will always be disagreements between nations for as long as there will be disagreements between individual people. But civilized people have forged a means that deal with such.  We have institutions that we respect and that we trust will not side with either one or another solely because of personal favoritism, but decide what they do, because they honestly think their decision will make the world a better place.  For one to take a course of action because one has a superiority of force, is not conducive to a better future for anyone.

For it will cause my side to react.  It will cause your government to  react to our reaction.  It will cause us to react to that new threat imposed on us by your reaction to what we did…. in all regards, further continence on the current path will be a step backwards for the world community, and for the entire species of man… It will be a return to the Cold War Days, where as one of your diplomats stated, “our tanks are again on your front lawn.”   I hope you can see that if your nation’s current threat of force is continued, and that if this old retired idea that taking sovereignty from other nations were again to become the norm of Russia’s international behavior, then our nation and allies will have no recourse but to implant ourselves on the soil of those nations bordering next to your great country, for only the sole purpose to keep each of them from becoming the next Crimea.

This will of course intensify an arms race for both our nations.  A race of resources that will have great negative economic consequences for your country, as well as ours.  We are prepared and capable of undergoing it again, and you the Russian people should not doubt, that based on a comparison of our two economies, all global experts predict our side will win, again.

I hereby ask you to challenge your ruler, who seems bent on pursuing this destructive action.  And one can make no mistake that it parallels a course our nation chose a decade ago when we wrongly under the guise of protecting our national interests, did something similar. However there are vast differences between our past, and this present.  We tried diplomacy first; we used the UN weapons’ inspectors; we took our case before our own people, then to the United Nations, and from both we got a consensus of support.  Unlike us, your nation just moved in.

To your nation’s credit, there has not yet been violence. You have acted far more civilized than did ours.  There is still time for your nation to chose to return to the previous status quo of two weeks ago, then make your case to the UN, the US, and the EU.  As is all diplomacy among civilized human beings, nothing will be dismissed out of hand.

You are a great nation. one that has come far.  I ask the Russian people to consider whether going backwards in time, returning again to a Cold War, is truly the best option available to your nation… Isn’t cooperation, as was seen in the Olympic games held on Russian soil, a far more productive, a far more fruitful enterprise of action, than exerting one’s will through military occupation?

The stakes are not high.  Yet your leaders hold them much higher and stress them far more important than most others think they seem to be.  We simply ask that your nation returns to your rightful bases; that the referendum is postponed and allowed to be done properly with adequate international observation solely to provide credibility to its results.  Our intelligence tells us the outcome is not in question; the numbers seem to be in your favor.  However by rushing the referendum and having it take place in occupied territory, certainly will cast a shadow over many decades to come, of whether or not those results were indeed legitimate.  As Russian people you should have no fear of legitimacy..  You have spawned many new nations since 1992, because those people chose through elections to be independent from Russia.  It would certainly be fair in the eyes of the international community, if a nation or part of one, wanted to come back in…

But there needs to be legitimacy.  It needs to be done in a certain way, under certain guiding principles, with the approval of the global community…   Being wrong in the international community’s eyes is a costly endeavor; one of wasted investment.  Again, many in the world community likewise disapproved of my nation, the United States’ military intervention into the Mideast now over a decade ago. Many Russian people were among them…   I ask you now, speaking from the heart, if it was wrong for us, and it was, why would it not be wrong for Russia to do exactly the same thing?

There are many commonalities between the Russian people and those of the United States of America.  We both have children, and grandchildren.  We both want what is best for them probably more than we care about ourselves…  The collision course our two nations are headed towards now, is not good for either of our progeny, no matter where they call home….

We have no quarrel with where Crimea itself wishes to end up.  My only concern is how that gets determined, and whether I have to expend expensive resources to make sure that no other nation with a border touching Russia, ever has to worry about the same thing happening to them…  Western Europe is thriving and prosperous today, because of actions that the US took 70 years ago.  Indeed our investment back then has paid off handsomely.  We are prepared to do it again if we must.  However our doing so, does not help your children or our children, have the better future which they could have, if our two nations were to always work within the structure and framework provided by, for and to the global community, in order to achieve our interests and build to better future…

I ask all Russian people to make their will known, that they as we suspect, would also prefer a peaceful world, a civilized world, a world whose future is based on the best intentions of mankind, to one day hand over to both our children…

There is still time for Russia to act magnanimously; if there is the Will. …By the grace of the God present in us all on either continent, we pray for the sake of the civilized future of both our nations, that deep within every Russian, that Will is still there….

TARP Was A Brave, Noble, and Foresighfful Act

Like him or not, the TARP plan was an amazing success. At a cost of $422 billion, it paid taxpayers back $433 billion… It made money!

Remember the other side…. The one that said “let everyone fail”? Yeah… They are pretty quite now, aren’t they?  Cockroaches under a log.

At times, government needs to intervene…. anyone who says otherwise needs voted out of office….

Courtesy of Recession History Info

We are a representative government.. We elect officials to represent us… It is unfortunate that others have more access to our representative than do us…

Our representatives live in a bubble.. It’s one we put them in… They oversee the welfare of millions yet it is impossible to talk to a million people… At one second a piece, answering the phone calls 24/7 of a million people would still take eleven and a half days…. Therefore they rely on polls.. They rely on visitors, often K street, organizing their priorities for them.. They rely on their staffers to offer advice.. Anyone who has staffed a delegate’s office knows the work load and research those guys do which are required to keep their bosses informed… And when they return to their districts, they rely on the emotional one-on-one with constituents to either affirm, or deny all that they have been told….

When was the last time you went to a meeting to make your voice heard?


So don’t be harsh on blaming your Congressional or Senate liaison for making a bad decision…. Of course you are angry… who wouldn’t be after having their houses, jobs, and savings stolen from them by bandits who had legal protection and sweet heart deals and were protected by the previous Republican’s administration….

We know they are bad, which is why America voted them out… and voted in someone who, probably the only one who, can turn things around…

He needs your help.

He, unlike those in Congress, has just returned from the people…. He has campaigned hard and fast and won… He won because he convinced the majority of Americans that he was the better candidate… And to that segment that switched their allegiance from Republicans to his side, he owes them results….

Stop for a minute and reminisce… Democrats vote democratic (2000-2004). Republicans vote republican (2000-2004)… They are relatively even…. But this year, massive numbers of Republicans defected from their party because it was wrong… Get it? Their party was wrong and they left….

All Americans must realize that they are the real runners of this country.. If you have ever stood by awaiting election figures to pour in, you understand exactly who it is that runs this country. Until all results are in, we just don’t know who won… Americans have the right to change their minds at the last minute, and it gets rather scary even though the polls and our people are telling us we already have it in the bag. Trust me, every person earning his income solely by the grace of the voters of his district is always trying to gather intelligence on what we think… Trust me…

They know, that one wrong decision, can cause an emotional shift that stigmatizes them for life…… That is why the recalcitrant ones, the ones who sell themselves out for interests other than the people… are ones who are in districts all sewn up…. That fact is true on the state, local, and federal scale… Society’s problems always come from politicians who never have competition…

One can still make inroads however… For they have the most to lose should public opinion ever shift away from their dutiful reappointment…. Therefore, a phone call either in favor or against a proposition is really one’s duty…

The opposition is made up of cranky old white men…. despite their election of Michael Steele.. Cranky old white men have nothing better to do than bitch.. The rest of us are scrambling to live.. to keep a job, to afford food, to make a mortgage, to drop the kids off at school, to teach our kids what schools forgot… We usually expect someone else out of the millions who voted for change to pick up their phone and call our side in….

But guess what? They are all too busy too… Just… like…. you….

Looking at the letters to the editor, one sees total unbalance in the views offered.. Publications by the same 75 people over and over and over again, reiterating tax cuts and caps on spending…Our side is not there to offer the overwhelming counter argument that tax cuts failed… spending cuts failed…. our economy failed…. our employers failed…. our banks failed….. Wall Street failed…. our regulators failed… our Republican government philosophy failed…. Republicans in Congress failed…

We all voted to express our nation’s frustration… but that has now faded from importance as all eyes turn to positioning themselves for 2010….. Because of that political reality, now is the time we need to make that call…. Now is the time we need to act…. Now is the time we need to make sure our representatives do not make a gross miscalculation of voter’s future anger…

Waste is waste and food is food…. Imagine someone in a soup kitchen refusing to allow a bowl to pass to a starving worker because of a couple of wasteful drops had fallen on the napkin underneath?

That is what Republicans and Tom Carper are pursuing…… We are at a point where only you can affect the outcome… If you don’t call…. it’s your job on the line… if you don’t call…it’s your house that will next month be on the line…. if you don’t call…. it’s your American dream that disappears from right in front of your eyes….

WE, the people , have but one chance…to make America better…. We have fallen and skinned our knee and are asking only for a band aid… To not give us the medicine that goes with it will leave us with a trace of a deadly infection that will complicate things to come…

There is no fat in this bill.. It is money… Money solves a lot of problems…. Republicans know that!… They spent the last 8 years throwing your money away when we had a surplus…. Now that we are broke, they are the ones interfering with the our bank to force it not to give us a loan which we can afford, a loan which we desperately need, a loan which can only benefit us… by keeping our nation from living hand to mouth on its streets…

You, hold all power to make the difference… Your call as a citizen of this great nation, is our only hope to insure that your voice blows out of the water, that insipid minority who destroyed everything you worked for….



Say: Hi, I’m calling from (your neighborhood ) and I just heard that Tom Carper, wants to strip 78 billion from health, education, and state unemployment benefits?… That is the wrong area… If you are going to cut the plan, it should be cut by cutting off the tax breaks for those making over one million a year… They caused this depression. They should pay for it… not our children in schools…. or those unfortunate who were thrown out of work

Or something to that effect..

This is one time that you run your country… If you don’t call, you will not be able to look the rest of us in the eye and say that you as a man or women, did everything in your power to make this country a better place for your children…

You will go to your grave knowing there was one thing you could have done, that just might have tipped the balance, and you chose to walk away…

America needs you to step it up.

Delaware's Tom Carper

Remember, he’s a human being too, just like you and me. Just talk to him.

Reuters reports that President-elect Barack Obama has begun laying the groundwork for overhauling the troubled U.S. healthcare system, reaching out to interest groups and building grass-roots support for the huge undertaking.

Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle, will participate in a healthcare reform debate in Colorado on Friday that is expected to begin detailing the plans for change.

Obama’s internet site asks people to submit ideas for changing the costly and inefficient system that leaves tens of millions uninsured.

Here is my idea:

Service Contracts: a business practice often used in equipment repairs.

This is when a business pays a monthly fee to be covered by a service, and is not charged for each occurrence.

In other words it is like you pay $30 dollars a month to have all you house repairs taken care of… water heater, oven, refrigerator, furnace, central air, at no charge to you. Something breaks, just pick up the phone…you have already paid for it. Of course, most service contracts do not cover parts, just the labor… Which is still a savings at prices as high as $90 an hour. Something breaks, you pay just for the part…

The alternative is to pay nothing until something goes wrong, and then, your out of pocket expense is not affordable. Time to sell the house.

The nice part of having a service contract is that you can better budget the cost … The nice part of being a vendor involved in service contract, is that you have a financial incentive to insure that nothing breaks . Since no additional money will come in for labor, one’s time is better spent on accounts not having service contracts… where one can charge labors, while still having the $30 dollars a month entering the cash stream from everyone on the contract….

Whereas if you are not on a service plan, each time you come in, there is an overwhelming incentive to find something to keep you coming back… “Grandma, your thiggilywatt on your dashometer is not working (really?). Can we schedule an appointment next Thursday so we get it fixed for you? It could be dangerous, you know….”

So Healthcare Service Contracts?

Idea is this.. The doctor of your choice gets paid $2000 to keep you well… If you get sick, he treats you at his cost. Daughter has the flue, in and out. Measles or Chicken Pox? in and out.. Problems with the bowels? Early colonoscopy and early removal of polyps.

As with insurance, the healthy pay the cost of the sick. If the doctor ever wants a date with the golf course, he has an incentive to keep you from getting sick…

That test he prescribes, if truly needed, is cost effective for him. It would cost him more not to test and pay for your operation much later… Likewise, to test someone for Gary Bauer syndrome, just to get some extra cash, winds up costing him money … The very rare chance that you might catch that disease, makes testing for it, rather silly .. especially if the doctor has to pay for it….

So paying $2000 per patient, and the doctor covers everything else, minus parts and pharmaceuticals, gives us a start towards changing our medical system…

At 300 million people in our country, the total cost would at $2000 each would be $600 billion a year.

U.S. healthcare costs now account for about 16 percent of U.S. gross domestic product — or $2.3 trillion — a proportion projected to grow to 20 percent or $4 trillion by 2015.

Someone asked me to weigh in on the Secretary of State controversy…

Ok, I’ll oblige, briefly.

I do not think it should be Hillary Clinton. Not at least in the first term… My personal favorite is Colin Powell, again, but after doing it once, he would be a fool to take another stab of going at it again…

Therefore I do not think it will be Hillary Clinton… The one thing I have noticed watching Obama react is that he is pensive; he thinks through things before acting… If one thinks through the Hillary episode, it becomes rather apparent that her place in history would be better served, at least in the first term, as head of the U. S. Senate…

Here is why… Perhaps I was the only one, but I noticed that Hillary garnered a lot of support from the other side through out her primary fight… Comments from Republicans as far back as Iowa assumed Hillary was the foregone conclusion to become our next President, and were ready to accept it.

Shows what Republicans know…

Being just the emissary of the chief executive, is rather limiting to a women of Hillary’s talents. Those talents can be better served for instance, by redesigning the Senate into a non partisan body, where individual Senators can again focus on the will of their local constituents, and not have to follow lockstep party politics… After all, that philosophy worked rather well through out the thirties, forties, fifties, sixties, seventies, and eighties…. It will take a strong willed leader to undo the hardened partisan boundaries that were built up over the last two chief executives terms…

But that loosening of rigid partisanship, is exactly what is needed in order to get things done… Hillary, as a Senate leader who reaches out to Republicans even when she doesn’t have to, is just the quintessential person to enable this important change to evolve… As the former wife of a chief executive, she is well aware of the benefits of triangulating power between both parties…and that capacity can make her a powerful ally to President Obama in the Senate….

Whoever takes over the reins of the next Senate, will become one of the greatest Senators of all time…. As I write, considerable challenges are queuing up, ready for the new Congress to open its doors.. Upon only a quick perusal of those Senators entering next January, one readily sees that the only one with sufficient clout is Hillary. Our nation needs Hillary there. The uniqueness of which is Hillary’s life story, is both hers and our nation’s greatest asset, to insure for us all, that a better future is forthcoming…

Fortunately Obama is sharp enough to know that.

The best bet is John Kerry; the former presidential candidate who almost beat Bush, could carry enough clout and representative power in his meetings with world leaders, whereas his removal from the Senate, would not create an unfillable black hole into which all good intentions would collapse…

I see both of these candidates growing in stature over the next four years. Each of these two positions fit them well, and likewise, they also fit the positions well… Over time, I believe that the scenario which I have laid out, will in future years become like King Arthur’s round table….. the stuff of legend…..

I didn’t read if anyone else was following this theme I’m about to expound on, but both candidate mentioned in the title, are facing considerable controversy over their picks to their own cabinets…

I so much want to revive the old joke here, of how much easier a time Bill Lee would have had, since we already know prominent positions in his cabinet would be held by Jack Daniels, Jim Beam and Johnny Walker…. but such old jokes belong in state daily newspapers….. New and exciting jokes belong on blogs, so I will refrain at this time from even mentioning it….

But the blogs are screaming about both chief of staff picks…. Rahm Emanuel and Dennis Rochford….

We all need to calm down…

There are a couple of things to remember…

A. We elected these executives to lead.
B. We elected these executives to lead by doing something different.
C. We elected these executives to lead by doing something different so change would occur….

Both candidates are doing just that… Now I don’t know how many of you have ever put together a staff… But putting a staff together is ….. let’s stretch here… sort of like trying to get through a Thanksgiving Dinner among family that likes to argue with each other a lot….. It’s gathering a lot of individuals, each with their personal individual agenda, and getting them to subjugate their personal self aggrandizement, so that the team can accomplish its goal… Therefore above all,….one needs to be inspiring….

Second, just keeping the team together and focused on the daily running of the executive branch…requires someone with immaculate attention to detail…. The President or Governor HAS NO TIME FOR DEALING WITH DETAIL…. He needs to leave that to someone he can trust to carry it out…. And usually people who are that anal to the core…. aren’t very socially inclined, and often have legitimately over the course of their lifetimes… earned their real names of asshole, dickhead, bastard, and son of a bitch…… Duh? It’s a fact of life… The real question is whether or not these office comptrollers can hire and fire, cultivate and motivate, organize and efficiently direct members of their staff, so that the team works to make “change” happen…

Third.. The chief of staff needs to be loyal to the Executive… His job is to protect the executive at all times, so that executive has time to think, solicit advice, and make important decisions.. It requires a large amount of trust between these two people…. Direct communication, especially when it is negative, needs to flow back and forth between the two partners….There can be no breakdown in communication.

So bottom line…. if the executive himself feels most comfortable with that person he chooses…. who are we to even dare think our opinion matters? That comfort level is of prime importance.

So Executives: Pick your staffs to the best of your ability and listen not to the rumors milling around those politico’s who are bored silly now that the election is over…. If you truly want to silence them, interview some of them for a position… They will soon realize that their complaints were made in error after they understand the scope and responsibilities of the new position….

Remember, it’s change we want….As long as your staff, whoever they may be, will provide that commodity…. it will all work out….

One must remember… whether listening to WDEL, reading the News Journal, or even scrolling through blogs, that without an election, all these sources scrutinizing the picks….are scrambling for any type of controversial subject to keep and hold those patrons who swelled their ranks during the campaigns….. So in the end they will wail; it will be to no avail….

Bottom line: whether the reader lives twenty-five, fifty-five, or even seventy-five more years…. looking back they will never remember who was in the cabinet and worked to make it happen… The only thing that matters when one looks back from that perspective…is whether things got better….or worse. That…. we will remember…..

Bottom line, these controversies are just like the yearly NFL draft…. a lot of hot air over nothing……. No one is talking about it by September, and it is completely forgotten by the first Sunday in February……

Just pick good people who will win for us, and forget about what ANYONE else is saying….

Just do it.