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The title clues you in on the first…  Delaware has a claim on first spot no other state can match.

Now, for more.

Let’s for a moment assume that Delaware votes to hold their presidential primary on January 2nd, 2016.. Of course it causes an uproar among many and in todays “Trumped up” media world, an uproar is good for politics.

If other states change their dates to match or beat (New Hampshire’s state law requires it to do so), I hope they do; competition is always good, but to beat Delaware, they would have to move to late December. Thereby choosing this day (Jan 2,2016) would call New Hampshire’s bluff.

But for Delawareans we have the week between Christmas and New Years when everyone is off and attendance at political events by the curious, would not have conflicts with things like … Jobs…  There could be lots of campaigning going on…

Of course right now this sounds far fetched… so let me spin it this way…. If you are a national reporter or nations news agency monitoring expenses, living in either New York or Washington, where would you prefer to go to follow candidates, Frozen Iowa? Snowy New Hampshire?   Or a 2 hour drive up or down I95 from home and families, especially around the holidays?

One should expect and even count on boycotts because if one is still locked in on following tradition, one would expect voters in Iowa and New Hampshire to abandon for reasons of state pride, any candidate who came to Delaware first…


If so that would open Delaware to lots of minor candidates who at least here, have a crap-shoot of getting 3 delegates which is a lot better odds than they’d see in either of the other two snow states… We’d get something.

And there is something pridefully important about the first….

Now let me tell you the real reason why I think this year is the year to stab the old primary system in the eye. This will not be the first challenge to the primary system…

The first occurred in 1916 when New Hampshire captured spot one. Being good for the state’s economy, it permanized its first place into state law…. The second occurred in 1949 when New Hampshire changed from being a closed primary, and it’s importance suddenly mushroomed the next year when Dwight Eisenhower beat the party-favorite Robert Taft. And Truman lost. (Remember to whom?) The third big change occurred 1976 when the nobody-cared-about Iowa Caucuses decided to move their their date upwards before the New Hampshire Primary and a smiling religious Southern Governor tapped into Iowa’s religion to shoot into front runner.

Ironically both these two primaries were pushed by and had backers who had lots of money and were conservative.  The way to get in front of of liberal voters they said was to force the front runners to run conservatively by having conservative primaries first…  Today that trend continues….

Here is the current 2016 schedule…

The first normal states vote on Super Tuesday and even they are buried in a wealth of Conservative states.

Now this argument is not about fairness. It is about representation… For in defense of the current status quo one can show that Obama beat Hillary in a conservative state. and Bill Clinton lost in New Hampshire, though he was more conservative than his 1992 opponent.

By our current arrangement, we are putting America’s hopes on who can best satisfy some freaks….

Here is Iowa’s racial profile…92.5% white/ 3.3% African American.
Now: New Hampshire’s: 94.2%/ 1.5% Afro American

These states choose our front runners which which can easily be illustrated by the Santorum (2012) win in Iowa …. or Pat Buchannan’s (1996) winning New Hampshire… To majorities living in California, or New York, such choices are a joke.

If we grabbed the ring for Delaware,
Our stats @ 71.1% white/ 22.9% Afro American is much closer to the national average of 77.7% white and 13.1% Afro-American…

From pure numbers, choosing these states to elect the front runners nothing less than discriminatory. You are attempting to preserve a dying way of life from which most of America has moved on….

Which is why we have very conservative officials when a majority of Americans based on 2012’s elections supports the opposite… Actually, they beg for the opposite.

Every four years the nation goes through the charade of having conservative values which no one wants to hear discussed ad nauseum and the ideas we need to hear get covered up because they might cause one to lose primary votes among potential conservatives…

Bottom line is our nation gets short shifted. We get a government NOT representative of our people…. Which is exactly what we have today.

Big money will not allow someone to upset this applecart they have constructed. Which is why it is pointless to try to make a change by going through political channels, winning friends and influencing people. The only way to change this archaic structure is to accomplish it fait accompli. Just do it. Move Delaware’s date to January 2nd (a Saturday) and dodge the torpedoes as we see them.

If it IS a great idea, it will catch on, just as New Hampshire and the Iowa Caucuses and Super Tuesday all caught on… but it will take a wobbly first step….

Which is why I support Joe’s entrance in the race because he stands a very good chance of capturing the favorite son status of Delaware if we can go first; giving him if current schedule holds, a month of being number one… Which means… that the other candidates can’t leave him alone to do so, and will out of necessity, brush off Iowa (-15 below) and New Hampshire.

Surely Delaware’s General Assembly wouldn’t mind shifting a forgotten primary, the definition of futility where it is now (four days after Earth Day), up to the spot of Number 1?

The reason for doing this is not to make it easier for Joe Biden to win one. It is because this is desperately needed in a democracy… where the candidates who best represent all America, compete in an arena that also represents the best of all America….

We should be talking about how we are going to bring children out of poverty in this nation… Ways of giving people jobs… Not about how much more we can cut their benefits before they croak or who can send Mexican children across the border cheapest….

America needs this; it is something only Delaware can provide…. Our nickname.. first state, should mean something NOW, not passed down only in history books….