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Not so breaking news anymore…

But Governor Wolf just made an executive move in the school reform commission…  kicking off their charter advocate chairman Bill Green who stupidly just approved 5 new Charters against the Governor’s wishes, and replaced that moronic stupid jerk with Marjorie Neff.  Marjorie did not cast any vote to approve any charters….

There may yet be some legal maneuvering.  But for all intents and purposes, if you approve of charters in Pennsylvania, you are dead meat… Your career is over!

IF only Delaware could be as enlightened.

After all, everyone knows charters ruin children.  They may lie about it to your face…. but everyone knows.

Pennsylvania last Monday (Sept. 8) announced further statewide review of the current PA Core Standards. This is a start to eradicate the Common Core from PA education…. Amidst all the local hoopla, this got missed here and elsewhere.

The governor’s words:

“Common Core has become nothing more than a top-down takeover of the education.”

His state board of education will travel statewide holding hearing across the state regarding the implementation of Common Core….

He is getting public feedback…

The question I have for you, is which of these states is undergoing the better approach?   Pennsylvania or Delaware?

  • On one hand we have a state of 12 million people, on the other a state of 1 million.
  • On one hand we have public input; on the other top down enforcement.
  • On one hand we have discussions over its merit; on the other we have dictations.
  • One one side we have two sided arguments and debate; on the other we mandate, and stifle all debate.
  • On one hand we have a governor doing what is best for his constituents; on the other hand we have one who isn’t.
  • On one hand we have a governor working with his Assembly; on the other we an assembly that just rubber stamps.
  • On one hand we have a Secretary of Education meeting with top national experts, top tier universities, parents, teachers to ensure that future needs are being met in today’s classrooms, and on the other, we have a Secretary that dismisses all of the above; not even showing up to explain his MOU now thrust upon 2 of 3 districts that don’t cow and fight him back…

This is the way it simply is.. People are different. Governors are different… It really is a waste of time to debate which is better for them, our state, or for principles… Instead, what is more, and I mean far more important, is which is better for you…..

  • To rush into a plan that we have no idea of its consequences?   Or….
  • Take it slow and listen to all sides and create something all sides are happy with and therefore we won’t have to change and disrupt everything then the next change at the top occurs…

That is what is at question here.  Not the big picture, but the little one… Which of these two options is the best for you and YOUR child?

When you figure that out first for yourself, you have, you have, you HAVE to make sure your legislator knows your views… whichever way they fall…. Don’t leave them hanging out there in a vacuum.

If new here, I’ll again point out that I carry  two links near the left top of this page so anyone in Delaware can find their two representatives…. Once they discover who they are, near those links I have contact numbers and emails so you can leave either a voice mail, or an email simply stating how you feel… rush is good, or rush is bad… The point is that just because our governor is only giving us one option, as we can see from other nearby states, that is not the only option available to us.  We can use our legislature to take steps preventing children from being hurt and abused by what the overwhelming number of educators now think is a damaging curriculum for our future national security.

That is all.