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In any argument, after enough time goes by, so much dirt gets thrown it becomes hard to realize in real time what the fight was originally over… just as every  marital argument always goes back to the time “that women” bent over to pick something off the sidewalk, and the husband looked at her in a way he’s never been caught looking at his lifelong partner… Who cares if the original argument started over taking out the garbage?….

So it is with opt out… and HB 50….. |

Here is the original argument.

HB 50 allows parents to opt their child out of the state test without having their child being singled out and punished for their action.  ..  That is all.

HB 50 is required because the DOE, the administration, Rodel, News Journal, Earl Jacques, Dave Sokola, Delaware Charter School Network, Vision (whatever year it is), all say children are required  by law to take this test….  (They aren’t; parents can and could have opted them out at any test previously).

Parents need to opt out of this test because it is dangerous for their child.  Never before in the history of American education have we forced 8 year olds to take tests on par with the GRE, LSAT, and MCAT’s, both in their age-level difficulty and the test’s importance to their future…. 100% of child psychologists all say this is extremely harmful for little children whose brains are barely developed.

No previous test has ever been this dangerous, harmful, or damaging.  This is about you as a parent, strictly opting out of the Smarter Balanced Assessment to keep your child from a) either stressing out; or b) having this ridiculous label of FAILURE permanently stamped on his record…. CHILD DID NOT MEET MINIMUM STANDARDS ON SMARTER BALANCED ASSESSMENT 2015 (even though all other tests have labeled him/her as exceptional or proficient.)

Not even professional adults can pass these tests…. The ELA’s have 4 correct answers and each child must decided which of the 4 was deemed to be “the best” answer… (I always get these wrong) This is subjective grading and therefore is unfair and must be disallowed.

These tests do not give feedback to students… No student, no teacher, no administrator ever knows what question each child missed… There is zero credibility here… Any student can be given an undeserved FAIL with no way to challenge it by showing the test to be mistaken.. Recently one Pearson test had Annapolis as the correct capitol of Delaware. Likewise, another student can be given an undeserved EXCEPTIONAL with no way to challenge it (as if someone would)… one possible example: one male student in Wilmington Charter School who shares the same last name with our governor…  These scores are released in the middle of summer, long after a school year has ended….  when the old tests (DCAS) could be graded on the spot…. The reason for the delay, is because this test is not scored based on right or wrong answers.  This test is based on a curve… set by predetermined percentage… Even if every student previously passed the DCAS, it has been fore-ordained that only 30 percent shall survive the Smarter Balanced… Why?  Because the order went out to pass only the top 30 %…..

Bottom line, ITTS… It’s This Test, Stupid.  Children must not take this test, and if our school is intent on “following orders” despite their implications upon children’s lives, it forces parents to become the adults in the room and keep their child home or at minimum, force their school to divert them to a study hall during testing. …

That is what this bill is about…  There is no dollar amount of educational data that is worth the suicidal death of any child. Anyone who votes against HB 50 is, like it or not, voting for the forced continuance of child psychological torture to save their own future financial security, and nothing else.  You are saying, by voting NO on HB 50, that this state can allow whatever any future corporation wants to do to our state’s children and henceforth, all parents are powerless to do anything about it…

In a moral and just world, there would be zero votes against HB 50…  Anything less than its unanimous passage is criminal.  Voting against HB 50 means you a) either hate children… or …b) are so completely ignorant over what this Smarter Balanced Test does to “their” future, that you could never be elected to office again….  Every House of Delegate or Senator who votes NO against this bill will be forever listed along with their photochopped picture, on the kavips Wall of Shame….. It may not seem like much now, but each of you all know how those play out every other November…   You all know.