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Did they tell us that open carry laws would make us all safer?

You know who IS safer?


When their Port Arthur shooter targeted and killed 35 random civilians, they banned assault weapons. Collected all of them.

There have been no mass shootings since. Since 1992 there have been fewer police shootings of civilians than there were in March 2016 just in the US alone.

Things seem much calmer in Australia.  Perhaps we should ignore the NRA’s lying and do what they did?

They got results.  We got bullshit.

  1. Guns don’t kill people which is why the government could save a lot of money sending soldiers into battle unarmed. Soldiers will always find ways to kill the enemy with or without guns. Guns are just inanimate objects.
  2. Though firearms are inanimate objects and therefore can’t kill people on their own, they do have magical powers to protect people against political tyranny.
  3. Guns are the sole protection against political tyranny. Private ownership of guns was very common in Iraq while Saddam Hussein was in power. Guns are the reason the Iraqi people have enjoyed so much more freedom than people in England where guns have been banned.
  4. There is always less crime when we make it easier for criminals to obtain guns.
  5. The best way to control misuse of guns is to enforce our current old gun laws already on the books, which why it so important to immediately rush new legislation which restrict and abolish those law enforcement agencies responsible for enforcing them.
  6. Children are always much safer if they have easy access to loaded guns
  7. Cars, like guns, don’t kill people either; people kill people. That’s why the NRA is calling for a gun’s equivalent of stop signs and speed limits, to be abolished.
  8. Gun violence is just the “collateral damage” of having more “freedom”. The “Liberal Media” simply  and steadfastly  refuses to ask families who’ve suffered gun violence to verify this.
  9. After the passage of the 1994 Federal Assault Weapons Ban, all gun crime went down in the all those states that didn’t previously ban assault weapons. That’s why the ban was ineffective.
  10. Protecting the gun industry from lawsuits has been one of the main priorities of the NRA . All know that criminal gun dealers who sell firearms to child killers are have and always will be, model citizens.
  11. Finally,  since criminals never obey laws anyway,  laws are not necessary. Being pointless and restrictive, they just create havoc for all the non-criminals.
  12. =====

For years the gun lobby has used the superior logic of all the above, to make guns easily available in the United States of America; it is pointless to go against the powerful NRA…. As we can see from all of the above, they are the experts of logic.

It’s true…. Toddlers with guns killed 21. Terrorists killed 19.

Now add all those other unnecessary deaths by guns,and still tell me we need easier access to guns to prevent terrorism….

Banning guns is not an answer. The answer IS banning people who will kill other people, from having access to guns…

And that is where the Republicans and NRA’s insistence on deregulating all gun purchases so even deranged criminals can pick up a gun for a couple of dollars, is off its rocker…

When toddlers kill more Americans than terrorists,  we need to stop worrying about terrorists and start worrying about toddlers.  If we aren’t being panicked into fearing our two year olds and under, we should give equal disdainment for any political potty mouth who wants us to spend billions to defend ourselves from the non-threat of terrorists….

Bottom line..

Toddlers in America kill more people with guns and terrorists in America kill period…

That tells you how messed up the NRA is right there….



They were 39 days late… but we got them… The preliminary Smarter Balanced Assessments….

The big takeaway was:  is that all there is to it?

We’ve been arguing over this for 4 years.  (I’ve been doing it for 3). We’ve spent $119 million dollars of Race To The Top Money to bring this to fruition. And we’ve been promised so much good would come from this test that we had no choice BUT to go forward with it…

But looking at the scores, it is the same as it ever was….  Nothing changed.  Kids didn’t learn more. Kids may have learned less. If one takes the word of students and teachers, each student spent 8 hours taking this test spread over an average of 3.25 days…

At 70,000 Delawarean students taking the test, a total of 560,000 learning hours were spent on this actual test… One has to ask if that is worth the cost…

Over half a million hours were spent on this test…  just so we can fire teachers.  Is that the best use of our students time?  Or should every parent be concerned with this, and insist that we return to the DCAS, one which took far less time and unlike this test, gave teachers feedback they could give students immediately afterwards.

Because we all know.

If experts say 8 years olds should be able to jump over a 3 foot high bar and you raise it to 5 feet, you are going to have fewer successful jumps… So anyone who says “see, how terrible education is today?: by looking at these scores, needs to be laughed out, ridiculed, and then ignored….  Because they don’t mean anything… Nothing at all.

The real question that needs to be asked is this…  By raising the bar to 5 feet, did more people jump over the 3 foot bar then before…  That data would tell us if this program was a success or failure…

But we don’t have that data… All we know is that fewer people “passed” because we made “passing” beyond the capabilities of all but our most developed and well trained….

So.. parents… is this truly worth $119 million dollars?  So teachers…. is this truly worth $119 million dollars… So administrators… is this truly worth $119 million dollars?

Money that was taken from reading coaches that the Minner administration placed in every school.  Money that was taken from math coaches that the Minner administration placed in every school.  Money that was taken from having a policeman in every school…  Money that was taken from supplying classrooms.  Money that was taken from extra curricular activities.  Money that was taken from the libraries.  Money that was taken away from field trips. Money that was taken away…  .. from you… After all, it is your money now being spent on this…

Did you get all the worth over what you paid?   Are your kids Smarter?  Do they seem more balanced?

If yes, we can’t knock the program … It appears to have worked… But if no, then as many of us have pointed out, this is a boondoggle of epic proportions….

So, when you looked over the preliminaries… did you too say…. “Is that all there is?

Someone is getting rich… somewhere…

How Does That Song Go

(Today’s event was brought to you by the NRA/ they deserve special thanks for it could never have happened without them)

A.  Guns don’t kill people; people do… this is proof right here…  Because people kill people, one of the things we have to do, is make it more difficult for them to do so.  Again, this is proof right here.  America needs to get its grip on guns.

We could do that by registering and tracking every weapon; hint, we do it with cars’ vin numbers, titles, and inspections.

We could make legal only guns sold in stores/ hint, we do it with pharmaceuticals….

We could make legal gun ownership an adult activity, and require state approved licenses to keep and own one; hint, we do it with driver’s licenses and beer.

We could allow the CDC to track and keep records on the number of deaths, so  we can see how high up the ladder gun deaths are, and death tolls can’t be diminished when it comes time to change gun policy… hint, we do it with influenza.

But in every step towards rationality, the NRA becomes irrational.  “Nuts” is a pretty good adjective.  As nuts do (see above photo for example), they scare and intimidate people into doing nothing to curb the illegal trading of guns.

The NRA alleges it has 3 million members. Yet now there are 315 million Americans, which means there are 312 million Americans who now hate the NRA…  Were these to pressure Congress the same way as does the NRA, there would be no competition… The NRA would crawl back to 1871 with its head between its knees.

The power of the NRA only exists in a vacuum. That is something to remember. For every NRA member there are 100 who can beat him up if he steps out of line… There is no reason to fear a joker who has a NRA sticker on his truck…. Good news, is that if he is a member, he can probably handle his gun safely.

Why killings are the NRA’s fault can be quickly summarized.

The NRA threatens Senators and Congressmen and state reps anytime someone recommends the wise policy of treating guns like vehicles.  (There is a reason we register and track cars; they kill people.)

The NRA threatens Senators and Congressmen and state reps anytime someone recommends the wise policy of closing down open air markets and private sales., whose sole purpose is to avoid tracing from where a gun came. These bizarres are legal and have no record of ownership. The easiest way to control guns is to allow most of them to be only sold at registered retailers, and make them liable so they ensure all checks are properly made, before dispensing the sale of a weapon….

The NRA threatens Senators and Congressmen and state reps anytime someone recommends the wise policy of putting an age limit on gun ownership and making sure everyone is properly able to safely handle a gun, before they can legally use one.

The NRA threatens Senators and Congressmen whenever they find a agency receiving Federal or state dollars which is keeping track of the number of violent gun deaths.  This one is pretty silly really. The reason is because if you knew the truth, you would be calling your representatives and tell them to outlaw all guns… It is horrendous….

Forget all the small stuff… This year there have been 247 mass killings in America… Today is the 239th day of the year….AMERICA IS AVERAGING ONE MASS KILLING A DAY….

Why? Of course it is all because of the NRA….  one one hundredth of the rest of us  (1/100)…..

America. With each new mass killing, have you had enough?  Are you finally ready to do what is necessary to make a change?

Then call, write, or email, but tell Congressman Carney, Senator’s Carper and Coons, to draft and vote for legislation that specifies the NRA is a terrorist organization, and require the seizing of their assets… (It’s in the Constitution; to protect ourselves from our enemies, both foreign and DOMESTIC.)

Then… pass reasonable legislation that keeps all safe…  or at least…. safer.—-


Addendum.   Some have tried to make this partisan. This is not partisan.  Common sense is bi-partisan.. I believe there are as many Democrats who vocally support the NRA as there are Republicans… This is addressed to both of them… American’s safety is a non-partisan issue…  It is not an emotional issue. It is a rational issue. Emotions have steered us in the totally wrong direction… it is past time that our brains take over our emotions and let childish policies become ineffective.

Then, instead of promoting mass mayhem, the NRA should go back to what they invented themselves for……

You’ve heard the myth…  “if every one open carried there would be no crime… ”

We are close to that now in parts of our cities and shootings are going out the roof…   We all know Wilmington’s issue.  Cassandra at Del. Liberal keeps us informed.

But I was not prepared and I was surprised to hear rural people in states totally lacking inner city populaces complaining about the same damn thing. “Everyone who has a gun is going crazy” is how they put it… Families shooting each other; business partners turning on the other; neighbors going to war over disputes about vines on fences;  and of course, rural cops looking for anyone who won’t fight back to hurt them before they summarily get executed.  Read: the mentally infirm, women, and children.

But the point is this.  The NRA’s prime job is to make us safer by educating Americans on how to use guns… 

Their primary function was to make us safer….

They have failed…  and it was not a little failure, like a missed point or two… It is a monstrous catastrophic failure…

One assumes the failure is in their message.  If you say all must have a gun to feel safe, and spend half a billion per year to run that message to your members, to Congress, and to the news media, it is not surprising that many of those who have mental issues centering around paranoia, digest that message and buy guns because they’ve been told it is the only way they can feel safe…

It is duplicitous for the NRA to say: “we are trying to make guns safer through education”, then fight tooth and nail against well meaning legislation which has only one function: to separate the mentally ill from their guns.

So they are for the most part the ones to blame for the senseless killing ongoing today.  Again for the most part they set the message that guns are for settling scores..  “Don’t get yourself sued, Just Kill the Bastard”…. has become their preferred method of handling arguments….  “Got a grief?  Shoot To Kill”..

Today in the days of money, those elected are intimidated by them because they are well funded mostly by gun manufactures… Can’t blame them. The NRA has given gun manufacturers their best business years ever.  Cheap investment if I ever saw one.

But the “ying” for the yang of increased Connecticut employment… is the “yang” of dead bodies… piling up in double digits daily.. Why are there so many dead bodies?  We never had them before?

The NRA needs to be painted with the blame… They failed… They failed…. They failed…. It is time for American Gun owners to realize that since the NRA has failed its utmost duty, Government has to step in to reassert order… NRA is in chaos… Time to remove the boys and replace them with real men… Men who have guns, but…. are educated and know how to use them….

Not like the dolts we have today.

Has the Republican Party truly gone so far out on a limb, that they are truly advocating the right of the insane to keep guns trumps the right of a child to live?

See for yourself….

I simply have to wonder. Why would anyone ever, ever, ever, ever, ever in this lifetime, after living these past 4 years, ever again vote for a Republican? Perhaps because they really don’t know? Your duty is to tell them.


Fed Ex shooting.  A FedEx employee wearing ammunition draped across his chest “like Rambo” opened fire

All legal in Georgia.

In addition to a shotgun, the gunman also had an undisclosed number of molotov cocktails,

All legal in Georgia.

The shooter first shot a security guard at a shack outside the building.. Everything up to the split second the shell impacted the guard, was under Georgia’s new law, completely legal.

He was a white male.

Is anyone really surprised?  Guns are more important than people inside the state lines of Georgia…..

 Shoot Dem Gun Nuts; Shoot Dem Dead

Those in favor of gun control, that is putting responsible limits on who can own weapons,  out raised campaign donations for the first time, far, far more than those nuts who think criminals, mentally insane, and everyone else should wear their guns openly and engage in gun battles at the OK corral….

By a whopping 43% !!!!  Raising$ 21.3 million to the gun lobby’s $16.3 million, 

Three fourths of the NRA’s PAC money was donated by self defense corporations like Smith Wesson, Glock, and Remington, in order to promote brand loyalty inside the cult group often known by its other name:  the National Rifle Association even though it has very little to do these days with rifle safety.  Today. this organization’s primary concern is putting military hardware and concealed handguns into the hands of every possible citizen, and to use television to encourage even minor disputes to be now be settled by open street or in home warfare…..

The Gun Squirrels on the other hand, raised most of their money from moms and pops who were against gun violence.  They donated for their children’s sake. Their average donation was under $53 dollars….  They got more.

Prior to the  Newtown shooting…. the gun lobby had out-raised gun control by as much as 100 to 1….   Politically this new found wealth has stopped the threat of the NRA and has rendered all their current bluster and threats, toothless…..   In special elections since 2012, by a ratio of 5 to 1, Gun Squirrels have beaten the pants off the gun nuts….

This is a good thing….  Even though our politicians are rather spineless, and cow before a rabid foaming bunch of erectile dysfunctionites, even to the point of cheering for a senile Mitch McConnell holding a rifle up over his head (they made sure it was unloaded before giving it to him) as he addresses the CPAC crazies, normal moms and pops have turned the corner and are realizing that if they want their their children to live safe lives… they need to buy back their dirty politicians…

So they raised more….

Please help: Here is Gabby Gifford’s organization:  Americans for Responsible Solutions….  Give a sigh of relief, relax, and give a tiny amount as have millions of other normal Americans intent on ridding ourselves of the gun lobby forever…  It should be a word of encouragement to us all, to remember that MADD, who remained steadfast against what once appeared to be almost unlimited funding of the liquor lobby…

But as more people died from drunk driving incidents, people simply got fed up with those on the right who obviously didn’t have hearts and were pushing for more killing, more heartbreak, and more family destruction….  Like that battle, today our battle has turned and if you join now, you can be part of making it acceptable to regulate both guns and live ammo the same way we regulate drinking and driving……..

They have rights, for sure, but not at OUR expense.



“On my southbound morning commute, I often meet a school bus in the northbound lane. It’s a wide feeder street with broad sidewalks and good visibility. I am an impatient commuter and the degree to which I hate sitting in traffic borders on the irrational. So when the flashers go on and I watch the children board the bus from the far left side of the road, my analytical impatient id grouses and knows that I could drive past that bus and that the probability of encountering a child on my side of the road would be vanishingly small. Yet the law tells me I must stop. So I do. And I remind myself that the law is in place out of an abundance of caution and recognition for the precious cargo that the bus is carrying. So I smile and wave at the bus driver when she lets me pass, and I get to work two minutes later than I would have otherwise. We should work towards gun laws that are similarly configured, out of an abundance of caution and recognition of the preciousness of schoolchildren.

“We should work towards gun laws that are similarly configured, out of an abundance of caution and recongnition of the preciousness of schoolchildren…. “