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Billy Kristol says so.

When intereviewed by the BBC on Hardtalk, this occurred.

Interviewer:  “Would you say the Conservatism as a movement, has failed?

Billy Kristol:  “In what way?”

Interviewer:  “The economy being in shambles is worse off than 8 years ago;  you took a budget surplus and turned it into a massive debt;  your nation’s security and safety are worse off than 8 years ago;  your stature around the world, has taken a hit, wouldn’t you say, and is much worse than it was 8 years ago…  Most people I know, would say that based on those results, that conservatism as a philosophy, has failed…?”

Billy Kristol:  “Well, yes, if you use those criteria, its failed….”

In an truly amazing event, the last bastion of conservatism accepted the inevitable…. thereby making a prophet out of our current president’s father, George H.W. Bush…… who predicted this ultimate outcome with these wise words…..” That’s voodoo economics….”

Other minor revelations made by Billy Kristol:

McCain has less than a one in four chance of winning this year…

There will be two full terms, sixteen years of Democrats, before any conservative will have the ghost of an opportunity to retake the White House..

The Conservative Movement will have to hide somewhere and retool its philosophy.

None of the policies that neoconservatives rammed through, accomplished their goals… None..

Bush failed at building a larger ground army after 9/11.

Finally this redeeming factor of the neoconservative movement:

Billy Kristol:  “At least liberals aren’t as liberal anymore….”

Obviously Billy has yet to realize that it was the liberals who absorbed all those who came to their senses and jumped off the neoconservative’s ship before it pulled out the dock……  Those philosophies he’s been fighting aren’t liberal; they are mainstream.