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Many of us gave up on the luckluster campaign that Karen Hartly-Nagle ran against incumbent Mike Castle… Only until a recent debate did she appear ready to take on the challenge.

There will be a large crowd of freshmen Congess-persons entering the next Legislative session..

Let’s take a brief moment to see whether Delaware benefits more from years of experience, or with a fresh face that is in the same party as the head of the Executive Branch…

First, let’s face reality.. A Congressional Representative’s first priority, especially when they are the only one…. is to bring Federal Money back to this state… So with a Democratic President,and a state friendly Vice President, with a Democratic House and Senate, which of the two candidates will be in a better position to bring money to Delaware? Keep in mind… We will have a freshmen Senator in office as well?

Do we garner more flow back, get more approval for pet projects, such as the Delaware National Park, if we have someone supporting the current agenda…. or fighting it….? Obviously one would think, someone supporting it would have an easier time….

Second… America understands we will need to do a lot of things differently from what was done over the past 8 years… There is already grumbling that Carper has been in office too long… So who would benefit America more? Someone fresh in or someone burdened with a past? Especially with a past that agreed with Dick Cheney over 90% of the time… Had Mike Castle taken a stand against Dick Cheney, and said…”NO SIR! DEFICITS DO MATTER”… perhaps I would feel comfortable keeping him in… But he did not… In fact, as we see Wall Street, as well as the global economy implode, the person with oversight who was supposed to make sure the implosion never happened,… just happens to be our Congressman Mike Castle… All across America angry voters are punishing the Republican party because they do not have someone specific representing them who was to blame…. We, here in Delaware… Do.. Did your 401K plan take a dive? Blame Mike Castle… Was your state pension included in the 2 billion and some loss that was reported in today’s News Journal? Blame Mike Castle…

Across America hundreds of millions would love to be in your shoes…. and vote out the person who was minding the store the shift that their dreams were stolen…..

Third. America understands we will not be able to splurge as the Bush Administration and Republicans did while they controlled the Treasury… They understand that we will tighten our belts… So who will be able to tell the special interests “No”? Will Mike Castle be able to tell those banks that he cannot consider them keeping their interest rates sky high? Can Mike Castle tell businesses he helped to skirt tariff laws, that they will have to pay like regular people? Can Mike Castle who has cut student loans to pay for tax breaks for 40 billion profit oil companies…. tell those companies that they will have to pay like everyone else? I don’t think we can trust Mike Castle now that the tide has turned… What we can trust him to do, is continue to do what he has always done which is exactly what led us to this point in time…

So here we are…Do we send a tainted sinner back in to represent us one more time as ineffectively as he did the past several years?

Or is it time to make a fresh start… A new voice… building new relationships… bringing new monies to Delaware…

No one makes a fresh pot of coffee and dumps last nights dregs into it… We should not do the same with Congress.

It is time to make the change… Do yourself and Delaware a favor… vote Karen Hartly-Nagle for Congress.

It’s time to get rid of Bush forever.

Those of us with children have all seen those nanny shows where an American family has imploded, and a nanny comes over from Britain and first teaches the father how to behave, then teaches the mother how to behave, and finally teaches the children how to behave…. She doesn’t shoot anyone, nor is physical violence utilized….

Now the point that is clearly seen from the juxtaposing of the before and after scenes, is that had she had not entered the picture, things would have deteriorated rather rapidly and by teenage years, serious issues would occur… There is no way, without the force of her personality, that any changes would ever have been accomplished….

Today our nation is experiencing a crises of its own… And we are voting whether or not to send Mike Castle back as our representative in Washington… Polls taken before the crises show Castle with a lead.. The crises should change that.

Karen Hartly-Nagle has issued several statements on the Bailout. What is clear from her pieces, is that our former Congressman Mike Castle, is ill equipped to move forward in this new environment… His laissez faire attitude is the wrong approach when we need bold decisive action… He is like those parents, letting his children do what they want while doting upon them, without even realizing he is being manipulated…. They know all they have to do to get what they want, is bat their eyes while handing a check made out to Mike Castle’s Campaign committee.

“Washington experience” is the wrong trait to send at this time… Doing what we have always done is the wrong action, when what we’ve always done, has caused our world to crash down around us…

We can’t afford to send a fool to Washington…. If one reads Karen’s statements and compares them to those of Mike Castle’s, it is obvious that the tide has turned… what once was considered foolish, regulating security’s markets, is now common sense… The fool’s hat is now being worn by the Republican….

It is time to forget the past and look forward into the future… Karen Harley-Nagle is no dummy… I can’t say the same of Mike Castle.

As a loyal traditionalist, I almost hate to say it…. but based on the reality of last week, I think it is time our state change its Congressional Representative. And the clincher…. is our 401K plans. If they are ever going to grow again, they will need to do so under new management….

Karen Hartley-Nagle is not bought out by Wall Street brokers.. When they come to her for golden parachutes, she is not beholden to them, as is our current representative. It is time this state’s heavy hitters recognize this fact and endorse Karen Hartley-Nagle for Congress. I do.

Our nation needs dynamic leadership; not the bumbling of mediocre quid pro quo’s…..

A diamond in the rough is still a diamond. A piece of graphite, however polished, crumbles at first pressure. Since we are called upon to be forever known as “The Diamond State”, I call upon those who can change others minds, to do so,… and work to change our voice in Congress. From what I see, our state can ill afford to do otherwise…..

Kilroy Nails it Good   This is exactly what it is all about….

So How Do We Step It Up for the Third Bush Term?

Showing a little fire and brimstone there, are we?

After one month and four days the campaign of Karen Harlley-Nagle is starting to stir…

Yesterday she received the unanimous 100% vote of the Delaware Chapter of the AFL-CIO.   Yes were also behind Mike Miller after he won his two previous primaries as well….  It is a step in the right direction with the honorable Sam Latham leading the charge… With a vulnerable Castle this season ( meaning that Republicans = Bush in most non-politico’s minds)  Sam has a good chance at getting someone in Delaware’s lone Congressional seat who is favorable to the interests of the common worker.

Secondly she also came out swinging against Castle for his snarky new-found beau known as “regulating the financial banking sector..”  He is after all a senior member of the House Financial Services sub-committee.   So who would have been in charge of all such legislation preventing this meltdown from ever happening?

Surely it would not be Delaware’s lone Congressman who accepted contributions from Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers, Morgan Stanley, Countrywide Financial, Bear Stearns and Merrill Lynch. the very firms Delaware’s Mike Castle was personally in charge of regulating?

He regulated them pretty well, didn’t he?

Surely it would not be Delaware’s lone Congressman who has already received as of September 2 of this year $436, 403 in contributions from many of the same contributors?

He will be overly tough on them next term, I’m sure, won’t he?

Karen slams him better than Jason330 ever could….

“Mike Castle has taken in a lot of money and, in return, he has failed in his oversight responsibilities. Despite his position on the Financial Services Committee, Mike Castle has failed to take action to protect the residents of Delaware or the country from this crisis brought on in large part due to the growing abandonment of regulation of the financial sector.”

This election cycle Delawareans need to ask… is Hartley-Nagle any different?

The answer is:

My candidacy asks Delawareans to rethink leadership. Can there be integrity in our politics when our futures are mortgaged to the financial services industry? As we slip into a depression, where is the hope?

It is time for Delaware’s voters to consider who Mike Castle represents and send the message that he no longer belongs in Congress,”

Facts are facts… Sometimes the truth hurts… You look it straight in the face, and there it is, staring back at you….

Delaware's Old Guard Way'in In
Courtesy of State of Delaware

Mike Castle is up for re-election again… Wasn’t he running just this past year? No? It was two years ago?… My how time flies… Who was he running against last year time?  Sorry it’s on top of my head, but I can’t remember… Who is running against him this time?  Sorry it’s on top of my head, but I can’t remember…

Karen Hartley-Nagle has her work cut out for her… Since her win in the Democratic primary a week ago tomorrow, there has been no newsworthy mention of her, nor change to her website… except for the national debt counter which rises $25,000 every second…..One wonders what she is waiting for… the Election is just 50 days away…  She has squandered 7 of the past in silence.

She did get good marks for her comments after her win….But, she will need more than comments to take down Mike Castle… She will be going against the News Journal, against WGMD, against 1/2 of the talk team on WDEL, against the Newark Post, against the Delaware State News, against the downstate chatterbox on Newszap…..  Her views are too liberal for 1/2 of the state… too conservative for the other half…

She has received endorsements. Two of those Senators endorsing her, voted to sustain Minner’s veto over SB 245, the eminent domain law, which would have given property owners some protection against having their land seized for development at bottom dollar.

But fortunately for her the election will not be a referendum on her abilities.  It will be on whether or not voters think that Mike Castle can still speak for them in Congress…

Mike Castle voted with George Bush 93% of the time on the Iraq War….  Will Delawareans on November 4th think that was the right direction to move our nation?

Most voters think that Mike Castle has experience… and feel reluctant to send someone else in to fill his shoes…. Whoever goes, will need platform shoes to stand with his stature…  But sometimes when probed, myths are not the gospel they are often taken as by unsuspecting listeners…

No, Mike Castle is vulnerable, but only if Karen can use her position to exploit and define exactly why a voter would be better off throwing him out, than keeping him in…

Here is how Karen needs to frame it….

“There may be those out there who believe a session in Congress requires an expert to navigate around…  Obviously those out there… do not watch C Span..  It’s available to anyone with cable, and anyone watching Congress in session, can readily deduce that most of those speaking have not clue about what they are saying….

Speaking for myself… I have a clue…  I know what I want to accomplish,… I know to whom to speak in order to get it done….  What do I not know?….. Well, I am less of an expert than my opponent, in how to get foreign chemicals sneaked into this country  without receiving the proper tariffs…  I’m less of an expert in how to use the tax code to send jobs overseas…  I’m less of an expert in how to waste government spending to the tune of erasing a projected surplus of 5 Trillion Dollars, and complicity replacing that bonanza with a 9 Trillion Dollar deficit?  And to spend 14 Trillion Dollars more yet get far less services than we got before Gore Got More…

But in what matters most to you… I think I’m a better expert than Mike Castle… Sorry, I don’t have a Net Worth ranging from $2,161,139 to $6,324,000, which out of 435 members, which ranks 64th among all members of the House.

But what I do have experience in is raising a family through periods of domestic violence.  We need more government oversight and help there.  Unlike my opponent, I do have experience in trying to replace my insurance before it is dropped, and waiting 45 minutes for someone at my insurance company to answer the phone…only to get transferred and cut off.  Matt Denn is right.  We need more government oversight and help there…  Unlike my opponent, I do have experience in owing bills more than I can pay, and robbing Peter to pay Paul, hoping the American Dream does not fail before I can climb out of a hole …. Unlike my opponent, I do know children in public schools, and do know first hand how pathetic the educational process has become… as schools do away with text books, with heat in the classrooms, with the extracurricular activities which we adults grew up with and always took for granted…

I ask Delaware voters, are you better off then you were two years ago?  Four years ago?  Eight years ago?  If not, you don’t decide now, but think on this until election day…. If not, why would you vote to take us in the same direction we have been going in during the last eight years?…  Why?

Would you do it because he is a nice guy?  He is, and I want to make that clear… But does being a nice guy leading us in the wrong direction, make your lives and your children’s lives any better?

Here is what has to happen… We have to stop bleeding money on the Federal Level… Much of that is going into Iraqi contractors hands… But we just can’t go on borrowing $25,000 dollars every second from the Chinese?  We have to get more money into the treasury, and stop spending it faster than we are bringing it in…

Secondly, we have to stop bleeding money to oil rich countries to feed our own addiction to oil…. We have the technology to run our cars with water as fuel… and when not driving, we can plug them into our houses and feed their energy back into the grid, reducing our own home electrical costs as well..  That technology was available years ago.. but no one wanted to take on the power of Big Oil.  We also have the technology to reduce your electric bills to levels 5 years back, down to where they were before Delmarva jacked them 60% back in May 2006….by using wind power (what else?).  We need to build offshore.. and build enough Megawatts fast enough, where we can finally close down those cancer causing establishments, and replace them with alternative sources…

Third, we need to stop bleeding money from out of each of our pockets, into our necessities… our mortgage, our food chain, our insurance, our pharmaceuticals, our medical services….  My opponent has backed deregulation… But “regulation” is what once kept watch over us… We save a little in taxes, but wow, what a cost that little savings has bestowed upon us…

When my opponent cut taxes, he was forced to cut services… Those services that were absolutely necessary,  got made up by another government agent…  Since the Federal Government is not paying for public works, for instance, the state has too…   Or by use of tolls, the consumers have to…  My opponent by stressing the Republican platform of deregulation, is responsible for the mess your lives are in…  if we had had government agencies doing their job properly, watching over financial transactions in a timely fashion, we might not have had today’s drop in stock prices…. whomp… Mike Castle’s complacency is too blame…

I will close by reminding voters that experience is a double edged sword… Where it counts, living the life as a regular citizen, I have tons more experience than does my opponent……..”  The real question is whether you still want the same out=of=touch policies shaping your future, as you got during the past 8 years.…. If, that is what you truly want, then my opponent will be certainly happy to take your vote….?

Delaware's Best Chance for A Clear Voice

Across the state voters are wondering who is Karen Hartley-Nagle?

If they are Republican they are pursuing the angle of how Mike Castle stacks up to her across the board…

If they are Democratic, they are wondering who did I just vote for?

Here is her website: Here is criticism from the other side….

No matter who you are or which party you represent, the “elephant” in the room is this: Has Mike Castle outlived his usefulness?

Now I am loathe to throw an old man out on the street… I mean this is America… We take care of our veterans, and our corporate executives who have lost their jobs… We are not one to turn a blind eye to those in need…

However, for one example, one has to understand why we impose strict testing on our state’s driver’s licenses, as one grows older… It is not out of disrespect, although those old may resent being told what needs done by a “young-un”. Such requirements are necessary to insure the lives of others on the road… Sometimes our rights do need curtailed when we can no longer control our own actions…

As with a driver’s license, age should not be the determining factor… It should be ability… A sharp ninety-two year old who still functions better than a sixty-five year old, should certainly not have their rights taken a way….

So from here on out, whenever the local political conversation turns to Mike Castle’s age, be it understood, by all readers everywhere, that we are discussing his ability… Age is just a typing shortcut to describe whether he has the ability to best lead Delaware during the next term… Two years….

Now age is a relative factor… I saw someone sixty two finish a marathon in relatively good time….. That person is better qualified to run than I am… The proof is there…

So as the campaign heats up it would be foolish for all to ignore the elephant in the room, which is why I am posting this so “it is now out of the bag.” You know, the usual talk about how he was a good governor, how he came to speak to your club, about how nice and polite he was in treating everyone around the room, about the letters someone in his office personally sent, and he of course signed….. Those are distractions… This is not a vote for a “Lifetime Achievement” Award… it is a vote for who will best represent us. That in plain talk, means who will best translate our voices into legislation that get’s done….

Karen Hartley-Nagle has to fill big shoes… She has a powerful voice to do just that…. but there is no doubt, that her diminutive little feet would not fit into Mike Castle’s glass slipper…. She needs to shatter that glass slipper and create a new one… one her size…

Delawareans need to open their eyes and watch the details of this race very closely… They need to make the determination of whether an “old fogey” or an upstart “whippersnapper”, can better represent those citizens who are forgotten as one voice out of 435 others in the House of Representative… 1/435.

It is a vote for a voice that we need to remember… During the lackadaisical past 8 years, just as our state government did much about nothing, so has our lone Congressmen…

Delawareans only have 54 days to make up their mind….

As with Carney, sometimes when you know what you are going to get, you have to take a chance on getting something better… It’s a chance, but you have to take it….

You have to.

Delaware’s primary is over.  The candidates have been decided.  We may not agree with the public’s choice, but there it is….  They, the public, after all are the ones who must suffer if they got it wrong….

There are three races that need our attention to make a difference.. The first is the House of Representatives.  The second is the Joan Deever race in Sussex County, Third is the Atkins race in District 41.  There are other races, of course that could use our attention, but these three, have the greatest bang for the buck….  These three will have the greatest impact of how livable our state will be during the next decade…..

We can pay attention to the Markell-Lee race, the Denn-Copeland race, the Nixon Brady race, all of which have importance…  But most of those are foregone conclusions… They are going progressive… (Tyler is more progressive than Brady).  But those have other media supporting them and really do not need our talents…

Therefore the time we spend discussing them simply adds to the echo’s bouncing off the walls…

But by focusing our aim against Mike Castle, and pulling up alongside Karen Hartley-Nagle with all guns firing at 5.6 second intervals…. we have a chance to make a difference…. Our country needs another democrat on the floor, a good one, no matter who the president eventually becomes…

The Joan Deaver/Mark Baker fight is over how Sussex County will be run for the next term. Whatever is decided in this term, is what will lay the groundwork for the next half a century… If we get it wrong, Sussex County can never go back….  At risk is who will control the future of Sussex County?  The developers? or the house owners?  We will know come November.

Third, all bloggers have a moral duty to propel Hastings again over Delaware’ version of Mayor Barry… No matter how much crack Mayor Barry smoked, he was put right back into office by his slag constituency…  By rumors, tht 41st District is interested in doing the same….  Hastings, a Sunday school teacher is drawing a moral line in the pavement right down Main Street, a line between good and evil……(driving while intoxicated and hitting your wife is still evil these days, isn’t it?)  “Oh, no” Atkins supports say…”down here, everyone does it…”  (“Still don’t make it right….”)

I certainly expect to see Atkins escapades rehashed across all state blogs… (Perhaps Delawonk will return to back a fellow “party man”. )  I expect to see all blogs backing Joan Deaver (Bluewater Wind famous) as she begins the last ditch defense against encroaching development…. And all Democrat blogs, and some Republican, will be looking for a Markell type of change to sweep through our lone Congressmen seat….

In all these cases the proper question to ask ourselves, is not whether these candidates are up to the job… It is far to late for that now…  What we need to ask is how much of ourselves can we afford to give up, to bring the change we so disparately need….?