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Said no American soldier ever.

This Memorial Day, promise your loved ones that you will fight for people… Not corporations.  Not politicians.  Not lobbyists. ……. but people…..

And it starts with approaching every single item with this question….. “How does this proposed action benefit “We, The People”?

And the second question needs to be…… how do the consequences to this proposed action affect:  “We, The People?”

Those men and women who died in service to this nation only did half the work… and we rightfully should honor them for the sacrifice they made.  However, they willingly made that sacrifice fully expecting us to honor their deaths by making this nation an America worthy of their death.

We have failed up to now… Whether because we were distracted. or pushed out of the control chair.  But now every action, every law, every new item that comes down the pike, has “corporation’ stamped all over it.  Everything offered comes attached with the clause: it is good for American business….

Well, what good is American business when red-blooded Americans are the ones being given the shaft?

These people risked all and died for you…. you… Think about that… they……. died…….. for………  (yeah, you got it) ….. you.

And you are just throwing it all away because you are too lazy to vote; too lazy to pay attention; too lazy to call your representative; too lazy to even care, and besides: “Game of Thrones” is on….

So when they want to make your child think he is nothing but an abject failure, so their company can get rich…. what are you now going to do?

When they want you to inhale toxic cancerous particles  so their company  can get rich….. what are you now going to do?

When they want you to vote “no” and make the Christina school district cut back on even its most necessary assets, that being it’s people whose salaries are what are helping you to keep your job afloat,  …. what are you now going to do?

When they want to destroy the estuaries along our rivers by gutting the Coastal Zone Act, ….. what are you going to do?

Let them?  Hope someone else steps up and stops them?

Just like those brave souls defending our nation all decided to just let those others have their way with them, and to just give up without fighting for the people back home?……

No, they didn’t…. and neither should you…..

Promise your loved ones who died, leaving you to do their other half of the fight here back home, that you are up to the challenge and won’t let them down….   Make this a Memorial Day worth remembering…. by committing to honor them and do your part…. Make America reflect the views of YOU.

This nation is about people… Just people.  Only people. We must be the ones who benefit from everything…. and no one else….

No one.