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Mayor Baker’s op-ed piece struck a sour chord… Basically his message was thus…

It’s money, do what you have to take it…..

It is reminiscent of what a client would demand of a whore.  It is reminiscent of what a boss would say to a female employee who had to feed her family and knows he could count on her “not saying no”.

Baker seems to know too little.  I doubt that he knows the value is $5.8 million and not $6 million. I doubt that he knows it covers 6 schools across three years (not counting the planning period according to Penny Schwinn), meaning if split evenly it comes to $322,222 per year if not counting that planning year…

Baker seems to not know that this money will be bitten in two by the hiring of a leader over 5% more than what some principals make in New Castle County. ($152,380) thereby leaving  the remaining $169, 841 per year extra for the running of each school…

Baker seems not to understand after himself running the city of Wilmington, how little $169,842 dollars per school will do to raise test scores of children who go home to no meals, go home to fights and violence inside moldy walls, go home to areas where death walks by their windows nightly, and expects those children to suddenly respond to a test that even successful, professional adults have trouble understanding what question is being asked upon it….

In fact, it looks like Baker just walked off the plank of the stupid boat and fell into the stupid ocean.

Seriously, I’m trying to toggle my mind around this… Why would someone who fought the Civil Rights battles of long ago, even write tripe like this?

A.)  Does he simply not know?

B.)  Did he get paid for it, so it is like Michael Jackson endorsing Pepsi? (Great Balls of Fire said the hair follicles).

C.)  Was he tricked into making a fool of himself?

I would probably guess the first is correct.  (A).  He like many people doesn’t know the details…

He sees it as  “Hey buddy, got a couple of dollars here I’m givin’ out… want some of them?”  The right answer for that is:  “sure”…..

But when it goes this way:  “Hey dude, that’s a nice house you got there…. Look, I’ll give you $30 dollars if you sign it over to me…”   The right answer is “no ‘effin’ way, dude.  It’s worth much more than that….”

I’m surprised that Baker doesn’t know the difference.