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This kind…

Doesn’t he have an election coming up soon?  If so, how can anyone expect to make a credible run for Attorney General IN THIS STATE, AFTER BEAU BIDEN’S TERM,  and be guilty of keeping a tiny little bill, which has no harm but opens all board meetings to being recorded and accessible on line?

Only Simon Barsinister could be against something so inane… Or…. Hmmmmm…. Somebody … With… Something…. To …. Hide….

Three lines of simple code: All boards of education of public school districts, vocational-technical high school districts, and all boards of directors of charter schools shall digitally record all of their public meetings and shall make the recordings available to the public on the districts’ or charter schools’ websites within seven (7) business days of each meeting.  These recordings are not official board minutes, but are a means to enhance communication to the public and to State legislators.…….

Hmmm.  Now… Why would the surprise future attorney general, be sooooo adamant, even to the point of losing an election over blocking legislation so inane, that all it does is open school boards of all things, open to the public as a service… Anyone can walk into a school board and hear exactly the same thing they’d hear on tape… But sometimes… a diaper needs changed.  But sometimes, a family meal needs prepared.   Sometimes extra work for the office must be done for deadline the next day…. Darn we say now….I guess we won’t get to know what happened…

So why?  Why is HB 23 being put on ice as my compatriot Kilroy is found of saying.  Who is soooooo scared someone will find out what is really going on in school board meetings?  Is it Charlie Copeland?   Is it Mark Murphy?  Is it… Darryl Scott?   Is it Pete Schwartzkoph?

Hmmm.  I wonder if it has any sponsors in the General Assembly right now?

HOLY MOLY!!!!!!  LOOK AT THIS!!!   Sponsors:  Hudson, Sen. Peterson, Reps. Dukes, D. Short, Miro, Peterman, Wilson, Baumbach, Bennett, Mitchell, K. Williams; Sens. Hocker, Lavelle, Simpson, Townsend….

Is Pete Schwartzkoph there?….. No…… Is Bryon Short there?  ….. No……  Is Melanie George Smith there?….. No……  Is Valarie Longhurst there?……. No…… Is Darryl Scott there?  … No….Is Earl Jacques there?…… No  Is Patty Blevins there? …… No……  Is Quentin Johnson there? …. No….   is John Viola there?…… No….  Is Ernie Lopez there?….. No?

Hmmmmmm…   What do those all have in common…… 🙂   Hmmmmmmmmmmmm….  Do they all drink their coconut milk imbibed with lime?  …. No…..   Do they all call each other up and wear the same color of underwear each daily session?…… No……  Ummm.   Do they all have the same Delaware extension tatoo’d to their buttocks?….. Ummmm…..M a y… b e…….

It is someone with a lot to hide; that is for sure…  And it is nobody from here:

Red Clay, Christina, Capital, Delmar, Brandywine and Colonial currently already voluntarily record their board meetings! As well as the Delaware State Board of Education records their meetings!

So why is this something that has to be kept secret, and never brought to pass?….. Because we are not talking about individuals  VOTING on a bill…They could vote YEA or NEA and it wouldn’t matter!  What concerns us and you, is the pure morality of  KEEPING A BILL FROM BEING VOTED FOR YOU BECAUSE IT WILL PASS….

So according to its sponsor, Deborah Hudson,  Matt Denn is sitting on this bill….  He is doing it to protect someone else, to whom perhaps he is loyal….  How seriously then, were a procedural crime to be committed requiring a judicial investigation, can he be trusted to dig and search for the truth instead of whitewashing the whole affair to protect this same someone, when he can’t even be trusted to get a vote for heaven’s sakes….on  a voice recording of  school board meetings,  out on to the floor for a vote?   Let that sink in for a second….  Really?

Put all else aside…..  Really?

IS that really the kind of attorney general we want after Beau Biden….  a crony?

Really?  He’s going to throw his whole career away …. on that?

Really?  Why would he do that?   But it is definite a campaign issue, like blocking the GW bridge, one that resonates and will stick, because EVERY parent has a child in school….Whether they would ever listen themselves or not, this concerns them now… They too will question:  why is Matt Denn, who is running for Attorney General, trying so hard to keep information regarding my kid and his friends, from ever being made public??? Hmmmmm….

Seriously, this blemishes his entire pro-family  image he developed while serving as our insurance commissioner.  This makes him one of the snakes…..  with those evil eyes…..

Thanks to Nancy for pulling this out of the News Journal.

Matt Denn, the outgoing commissioner who’s running for lieutenant governor, raised the profile of the office, changed regulations and got laws passed that affect ordinary voters.

This was not an endorsement but was offered as “background” for its piece on the Insurance Commissioners office.. Anyone who remembers Donna Lee Williams, must understand what an improvement these last four years have been…

But back to the point… One candidate who is running for Lieutenant Governor RAISED THE PROFILE OF THE OFFICE, CHANGED REGULATIONS AND GOT LAWS PASSED THAT AFFECT ORDINARY VOTERS…

The other, wasted his time trying to play politics to stop offshore wind from dropping yours and my utility costs…. The other wasted his time by blaming the teachers union for all our educational problems, even after Kilroy told him directly that was a very tiny piece of the problem.. The other wasted his time promoting Open Government Bills, knowing full well they would never get past the desk drawer of the man HE put in as the Senate President Pro Tempore…

So who is better? The one the News Journal calls out for exemplary behavior… or the one who twiddled his thumbs…..

There is absolutely no rational reason why anyone would vote for Charlie Copeland.

As everyone should know by now, Charlie Copeland supported Delmarva power, over he preferred choice of 90% of Delaware’s citizens… Even to the point that the hearing was done openly, and that Bluewater Wind was proven to be the best choice available at that time, Charlie Copeland still tried to use parliamentary moves to kill it.  As Dave Burris, himself, wisely points out, Charlie may not have played the role of Hitler in Bluewater’s attempted extermination, but he certainly could be realistically cast as the role of Himmler…..

Even voting for an unknown entity would be preferable than letting ” that one”  (lol) become Lieutenant Governor…  But fortunately for all of Delaware, an unknown entity is NOT what we have….

So then, what do we have?


WE have someone who was a very early supporter of Bluewater Wind’s proposal to lower Delaware’s energy costs by building an offshore wind farm near Rehoboth.

WE have, because of this someone, a bill signed into law that bans insurance companies from ending homeowner insurance policies just because that homeowner has made a few weather-related claims, or even just inquired about a making such a claim. The new law makes Delaware one of the strictest states in the country when it comes to preventing policy cancellations. SB 191

WE have, because of this someone,  a bill signed into law that allows retired doctors to work at the VA hospital without affecting their former medical malpractice coverage, thereby alleviating a shortage of surgeons, and subsequently cutting down on the number of surgeries being shipped to other states. SB 269

WE have, because of this someone,  a bill signed into law that eliminates barriers that were preventing teens in foster care from obtaining driver’s licenses, including allowing state child agency workers to sponsor foster care teens for a license in lieu of parents. SB 262

WE have, because of this someone, a bill signed into law which bans insurance companies from raising the auto insurance rates of policyholders or dropping their policies solely because they are volunteer firefighters and ambulance company members.  SB 239

WE have, because of this someone, businesses across this state, (just in time by the way) receiving a 11.6% cut in workers compensation premiums, thereby giving the business community statewide, a 12-14 million cushion before economic hardship forces them to go under because of the Bush mismanaged economy.

WHEN Aetna dropped their coverage of colonoscopy surgery, this someone was worried that Aetna’s actions, if left unchecked, would harm the state’s efforts to reduce cancer mortality, because Aetna’s policy may discourage people from getting colonoscopies.  He called on all self insured entities using Aetna, to demand the reinstatement of that right.  (Incidentally Charlie Copeland backed Aetna, saying that it had the right to do whatever it wished).

WHEN Bush vetoed the SCHIP law passed last year, this someone lead a bipartisan group of state insurance commissioners to appeal to Congress to override that veto.. ( Incidentally Copeland supported the veto of giving health care to children who could not afford it otherwise…)

BECAUSE of this man, your auto or home insurance is not currently soaring based on today’s credit scoring… Without that important change, insurances companies could charge you another arm and leg, just because something showed up on your credit rating… Most of you got a discount. His opponent opposed doing so; according to him insurance companies were not taking enough of your money….)

ON the smaller front, of one child at a time, this person has used this position of power to help people, not corporations, as this story attests: No family deserves the burden of a five-month-old baby needing a heart transplant, but it became even worse when Lesley and Tim’s health insurance company refused to pay for what was needed to make the transplant a success.

I AM quite sure that insurance companies everywhere are rejoicing now that Matt Denn is stepping out of the Insurance chair and into the Lieutenant Governor’s spot…. I’ll even bet they’ve already cut the check for the champagne…. But this someone who has taken our side against those with billions, has earned our vote…. Especially when Matt Denn’s opponent has always fought on the sides with the billions.


There is absolutely no rational reason why anyone would vote for Charlie Copeland.

Don’t look at the candidates. Look at who’s behind them…

Matt Denn took on all insurance companies to stop them from charging higher rates than we deserved to pay….

Charlie Copeland took on 90% of Delawareans, because Bluewater would prevent Delmarva Power from charging us rates 60% higher than we deserved to pay.

Matt Denn supports Delaware’s citizens. Charlie Copeland supports any Delaware business person who wishes to gouge a Delaware citizen.

Don’t look at the candidates. Look at who’s behind them…

Matt Denn supports raising the minimum wage for servers up from $2.38 per hour, a wage rate that is way below the Federal level…

Charlie believes that slave wage should remain the same as it was in 1987. No change…

Don’t look at the candidates. Look at who’s behind them…

Matt Denn believes the education of our state’s children is our state’s highest long term priority.

Charlie Copeland believes that we need to cut educational expenses even more… Who cares whether there is soap in any school bathroom?

Don’t look at the candidates. Look at who’s behind them…

Matt Denn has new ideas on how we can make government work for the people.

Charlie Copeland has old ideas that today’s crises have shown will not work for the people, just big businesses.

Don’t look at the candidates. Look at who’s behind them…

Matt Denn, along with Jack Markell, was one of the first public officials to favor the building of a windfarm off Delaware’s coast.

Charlie Copeland, along with Harris McDowell, and Thurman “Desk Drawer” Adams,was one of the last public officials to go along with Bluewater’s proposal, voting for it so they would not automatically preclude themselves, from ever seeking public office again.

Don’t look at the candidates. Look at who’s behind them…

Matt Denn believes in open government.  He made the Insurance Commissioners office available to the public.

Charlie Copeland says he believes in open government, but then he and his fellow Republicans, backed the opposite of open government, Senator “Desk Drawer” Adams, to run the Senate as president pro tempore, thereby insuring all open government bills would never be heard in the Senate, (unless of course you could fit all the senators inside of a desk drawer….)

We can’t afford Charlie Copeland… Look at who’s behind him…..