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It has only happened once in our history, when segments of our population refused to accept the majority will of their fellow citizens… We call it the Civil War.

We beat down the recalcitrants after destroying everything they had, and once they submitted, America continued forward to its destiny. Other nations have not been as fortunate. They either have long running rebellions or periodic flare ups, both which negatively impacted the economic potential of their nation…

If you truly want a revolution, you really should align yourself behind Hillary.. That is a revolution in the making, borrowing from Bernie Sanders economic policies, it promises more than anything Donald Trump says, to make America great again…

Of course, some of you are deplorables. We know this; you know this. Your idea of making America great again is killing off other people, especially blacks. You deplorables have great hatred for blacks for some reason… It’s always blacks who get beat up in you rallies, never a white non-educated male…

But Hillary is promising that you will be making $10,000 more a year by year 4 of her campaign. And if you give a full democratic Congress to her, it will happen even faster.

Hillary is promising good jobs at high wages; not false promises like your false god gave you.

Hillary is promising a guaranteed cheap health care, Medicare for all ages. That will surely help.

Hillary is promising you more money in your Social Security payments. That too, will surely help.

Plus in 2 years, every American who wants work, will be employed in a job they like. Unlike the false promise made by your orange demon, who put the failed  plan of George W. Bush on steroids, Hillary is pushing the plan of prosperity we had under Bill Clinton, when every income level rose year after year, not just those of the rich.

Hillary is promising to tackle Climate Change. Though that will put coal out of business, it will open the doors for Coal Country to lead the way in renewable energy. Whereas jobs in coal have dwindled since the 60’s and will never come back, renewable energy is just beginning… Can you say $200 a day?

But of course you know none of this…. It had no way to edge its way into your discourse, I mean, between building a wall, making Mexico pay for it, Benghazi, ISIL, insulting Cruz, Kasich, Jeb, Rubio, and then Hillary, how could there be any room for its message to slip through? And all the fighting.. all the fighting… You were witnesses to a WWE ringmaster, not a presidential candidate.. It played out just like a script in Vince McMahon spectacle,… The script was followed all along, though you were kept on the edge of your seat, it was never planned to work out that way………

What did he promise you? Seriously. What would you expect you’d get if you’d vote for him? A wall? At one fifth of a TRILLION dollars? Put it on credit? Deportation of 15 million illegals? At a low ball guess of $20,000 per person…. Another third of a TRILLION dollars?… Put it on credit? What else? Jobs? How? When he himself hires at the lowest possible rate and then, pays half, or a third, or none of what he promises, why would you think now would be any different? Low taxes were all he promised.  As a rich man, he’d gain, but low taxes take jobs away, not bring them back… Look at how jobs left America under Reagan, came back under Clinton, left again under Bush II, came back under Obama? You defy reality when you think low taxes create jobs.

But instead of fighting for your pride,  join the real revolution… Become part of the solution… If she is wrong and lets say you are now at $50,000, and you are not making $60,000 in 4 years… vote her out… But don’t think that grabbing your pitchfork is going to make your case… Because the rest of us, all 83%, want that extra $10,000 more a year… And you are in our way….

You really want a revolution? Join Hillary, and let us all make some serious money… Because YOU know, I know, that each of us making $10,000 more a year…. is how we are going to make “America Great Again”….

Join the REAL revolution… at the minimum, you’ll be $10,000 more a year richer than you are now…