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This is Gary’s second time around through the process. The first time he garnered 1% of the vote.  Polls show him higher but that is most likely due to the high negatives of the two main candidates…  People are saying they support him not knowing what he stands for…

Gary Johnson and Bill Weld, the Libertarian Party candidates, say they are running on a platform of fiscal restraint, social freedom and limited involvement overseas.  Sounds good you say?  At least there is no baggage?  But how do they plan to achieve that?   Let’s look at their platform for clues…

Their party platform says they would:

— Eliminate public schools in favor of private education or home schooling.

— Abolish Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.

— Abolish the Internal Revenue Service and repeal the federal income tax, which would be replaced by some sort of regressive national sales tax or value added tax.

— Repeal the current federal minimum wage of $7.25 and let corporations offer even lower wages.

— Eliminate the EPA and virtually all environmental regulations, including those governing air pollution and global warming, and guarding against dangerous chemicals in drinking water.

–Eliminate the Department of Education along with government support for college students.

One only has to look at the first to disqualify them as candidates..

“Eliminate public schools and replace them with private institutions or home schooling… “

Well-thought-out platform there!… What does one do with children of single families who can’t afford private tuitions and whose parents can’t afford to stay home to teach?  A combination of roughly 80% of our nation’s children?

‘Nuff said.  We’re done here… I was planning to go through all ( you can if you wish) to show how they are simply slogans and can’t work in the real world, but right now, it comes down to why waste my time?.  They’ve already disqualified themselves…

A vote for Gary Johnson is a vote for air.

Back to Hillary, the only candidate with a long career of supporting children’s issues and a heart big enough to care about all of them and their future….