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if you are a Republican, and distraught at how the Republican Party has dissipated over the past 10 years here in Delaware, and wish it would revive, you need to take control of your party from the henchmen, and vote Simpler over Sher….

Simpler was running this race, and Sher came in at literally the last half hour forcing a primary.  The News journal quotes that she had conversations with Charlie Copeland and he convinced her to run.  From her campaign, and her spread in today’s News Journal, it is obvious what transpired…

Simpler was not a rabid Republican.  The party’s ideologues felt he could not become the state’s only Republican winner which he had a chance to become, and now with Chip Flower’s being out of the race, he is running against someone even Democrats don’t like:…. Tom Carper’s little buddy….  So by adding all the Republicans, and half the Democrats who don’t appreciate Tom Carper, you get 60% of the vote… Looks like a Republican can finally take one office….

But in comes Charlie Copeland with assurances of support for Sher, and convinces her to jump in….

It would be wise for Republicans to reflect, that ever since Charlie Copeland emerged into making the upper judgments of the Republican Party, they have literally slid into a hole with slippery mud walls….  From being a strong contender to a joke, that entire party structure has become… And now, finally when a good candidate emerges, he scrambles to scuttle him.

If Republicans don’t want to completely toss in the towel, they need to get off their ass this September 9th, and vote for the most qualified treasurer candidate we have ever seen.  And then, after these elections, begin to change their party from the top down….