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“Oh what a great guy… Gee, I’ll think I’ll vote for him…”

Everyone in public office is a great guy… Human beings who wear their assholes on their sleeves, don’t win public contests and therefore, by default, don’t move up to the next step. If a person has been elected to an office, then he obviously can come across as a great guy… not only that, he has to…

Because of this necessary trait, everyone who is running for office this political season…is a great guy…. . the ‘great guy’ characterization on both sides, balances each other and equals each other out… Therefore, it is important to guess what a candidate will do once he is elected into office, based on what they did way back when they weren’t in office…

So when Mike Matthews says Atkins is going to win… and bases it on two reports he received from one meeting that took place near Millsboro… since the subject is none other than Atkins, it gets our attention.

This poster gushes that Atkins is a good ole boy and Hastings seems stiff in comparison…

he *Atkins) seems like a genuinely likable guy. he’s got the personal “magic” that’s critical to campaigning – that ability to joke around and connect with people on an informal level. i don’t know if Hastings has it. seems pretty stiff.

Flashback… where have we heard that before?

Bush and Gore 2000, that’s where… Two weeks of “Which Candidate Would You Rather Have A Beer With?” and a two weeks of discussing why Gore is stiff ( How do you tell Al Gore from the Secret Service agents protecting him… He’s the stiff one…)… and one week talking about his convention smooch (with tongue), mouth to mouth with Tipper…and throughout the first debate: all issues pertinent to our nation, were swept under the rug, in order to discuss the problem with sighing…

I guess then American’s deserve what they got… The lesson which should be learned, is that which candidates stand for and who they profess to support, really does matter…. It impacts what happens to you. It makes a world of difference in your next four years…

So Atkins versus Hastings… Some are already taking a page from Bush/ Gore and trying to frame that contest as about being the friendlier person…?

Here, in that cone of silence, are some of the topics that are not being discussed?

Who of the two, is the more moral person?
Who of the two, is the strongest against the cancer clusterfuck NRG?
Who of the two, is an advocate for Bluewater Wind?
Who of the two, is an advocate for better schools?
Who of the two, is an advocate for smarter, not stupider growth?
Who of the two, makes good decisions when required?
Who of the two, is guided by a moral compass, and not by what is best for him?
Who of the two, even cares that mercury lies on NRG’s property?
Who of the two, even cares whether NRG kills tons of fish, each time it discharges?
Who of the two, even cares whether women have needs of their own?
Who of the two, believes in open government, and who of the two, has Seacrets to hide?

Ladies and Gentlemen of the 41st… Let’s not repeat the same mistake this nation made in 2000 when it elected Bush? We knew what he was going to do… he told us! But we elected him anyway?

Ladies and Gentlemen of the 41st…. Don’t do it twice to yourself? Take a moment to think for once… Take a moment to look closely and remember just what went on before…..

When John Atkins was a legislator, he used his position to oppose statewide recycling.

He used his position on the House Natural Resources & Environmental Management committee to oppose environmental progress.

Atkins helped delay the control of emissions from “lightering” operations in the Delaware Bay (Senate Joint Resolution 6).

Atkins helped block “pollution control strategies” for the Inland Bays (Senate Concurrent Resolution 21).

Atkins helped block limits on unwise rebuilding of beach front houses destroyed in storms (Senate Bill 377).

Atkins presented himself to us as the loyal servant of NRG, owners of the mega-polluting Indian River Power Plant, and he is campaigning in support of another coal-burning power plant at the same location.

Even though Atkins chaired the House Corrections Committee he felt that the Department of Corrections should provide only the most basic health care services to inmates. As the crises within the prison health-care system blew wide open, Atkins wanted to keep it under his rug….“I do not favor federal intervention or investigations.

On October 29, 2006, Atkins was arrested for the “terroristic threatening” of his wife after an argument “became physical.” ( He contends he was drunk)

Atkins chaired a “Delaware Poultry Issues Task Force” that recommended rolling back Delaware’s anti-incineration laws. “Mommy… why does it smell like poop burning outside?”

And one citizen lobbyist, while visiting Legislative Hall, looked into Atkins Office and saw a life size cutout of George W. Bush on display! If there were ever birds of a feather?…..
Will Sussex County go the same way as did the United States in 2008? South?

Not if they elect Greg Hastings, Sunday School teacher and current legislator representing the 41st District, to his second term….

Delaware’s primary is over.  The candidates have been decided.  We may not agree with the public’s choice, but there it is….  They, the public, after all are the ones who must suffer if they got it wrong….

There are three races that need our attention to make a difference.. The first is the House of Representatives.  The second is the Joan Deever race in Sussex County, Third is the Atkins race in District 41.  There are other races, of course that could use our attention, but these three, have the greatest bang for the buck….  These three will have the greatest impact of how livable our state will be during the next decade…..

We can pay attention to the Markell-Lee race, the Denn-Copeland race, the Nixon Brady race, all of which have importance…  But most of those are foregone conclusions… They are going progressive… (Tyler is more progressive than Brady).  But those have other media supporting them and really do not need our talents…

Therefore the time we spend discussing them simply adds to the echo’s bouncing off the walls…

But by focusing our aim against Mike Castle, and pulling up alongside Karen Hartley-Nagle with all guns firing at 5.6 second intervals…. we have a chance to make a difference…. Our country needs another democrat on the floor, a good one, no matter who the president eventually becomes…

The Joan Deaver/Mark Baker fight is over how Sussex County will be run for the next term. Whatever is decided in this term, is what will lay the groundwork for the next half a century… If we get it wrong, Sussex County can never go back….  At risk is who will control the future of Sussex County?  The developers? or the house owners?  We will know come November.

Third, all bloggers have a moral duty to propel Hastings again over Delaware’ version of Mayor Barry… No matter how much crack Mayor Barry smoked, he was put right back into office by his slag constituency…  By rumors, tht 41st District is interested in doing the same….  Hastings, a Sunday school teacher is drawing a moral line in the pavement right down Main Street, a line between good and evil……(driving while intoxicated and hitting your wife is still evil these days, isn’t it?)  “Oh, no” Atkins supports say…”down here, everyone does it…”  (“Still don’t make it right….”)

I certainly expect to see Atkins escapades rehashed across all state blogs… (Perhaps Delawonk will return to back a fellow “party man”. )  I expect to see all blogs backing Joan Deaver (Bluewater Wind famous) as she begins the last ditch defense against encroaching development…. And all Democrat blogs, and some Republican, will be looking for a Markell type of change to sweep through our lone Congressmen seat….

In all these cases the proper question to ask ourselves, is not whether these candidates are up to the job… It is far to late for that now…  What we need to ask is how much of ourselves can we afford to give up, to bring the change we so disparately need….?