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There is a reason we call it “Special Education.”

It was simply because “regular education” was not enough for some human beings…  We had to do different things, teach in different ways, and expect different results… Some of these have disabilities that prevent them from being productive in adult life.. That is the cast of fate’s die.  But a super-majority of those who pass through the halls of special education do acquire basic skills that allow them to hold down jobs, and live lives that benefit both them, and society at large…..

So this new idea coming from Arne Duncun that we have to test those in “special education” with the very difficult tests we are giving their peers, a test all adults think if gibberish, is very bizarre.

It would be the equivalent in the world of transportation, of forcing the Amish to feed their horses gasoline, so we can have a better theoretical on how much gas we might someday need in our future.

It is just bizarre.

Special Education has the word “special” for the very reason it is not like main stream education… It requires teachers of “special” talents.  It requires environments that are “special” in that they lack normal distractions.  It requires closer supervision because of great chances that something might go wrong… I mean who would ever think of trying to teach 40 special educational kids of all types in one classroom?

Up until the 20th Century people who were “special” were locked away.  Resources to deal with them were just too costly.  It is only in the most recent blip in human history that we have ever attempted to give them lives of meaning. Most of us would think doing so was a noble cause.

It all comes down to money really…

Our big Phama companies no longer research drugs for diseases that affect small numbers of people  which could actually heal and do some good, focusing only on things affecting the largest amount of people, such as high blood pressure, stomach cramps, and erectile dysfunction. They want 100 million to buy their product, as opposed to 10,000….

Which in business I must say, makes sense…   What doesn’t make sense is that no one else is filling in the gap….

So it is with special education.   Special Education is a problem, a pebble in the cog, of becoming more efficient. You will see larger classes this year for all students… That is because like the Pharma companies, if one product (teacher) is able to address larger numbers, the efficiency rate goes up….  If the efficiency rate goes up, those in administration can say “look, I’m saving you money.”….

…with no regard for the product they produce.

It is a very common ailment in most start up companies btw.  Someone makes a cookie that everyone loves.  They start a business and it grows fast.  But they lack business sense or want to enjoy the financial spoils they have earned, and sell out to a management company to run it… The company starts cutting back.  Benefits, hours, and even substituting sugared sawdust for parts of the original ingredients.  It takes time but eventually people decide other cookies are better, or these don’t taste as they remember them, or there is a bitter aftertaste another new start-up brand does not have, and sales decline.  Of course the drop in sales causes drastic cutbacks at the plant, and soon, no one will buy any of their cookies anymore.

It is far more common than you think and it has a name… corporate philosophy…  for you see during the interim between purchase of the company and its bankruptcy, a lot of money was made… When one focuses only on the temporal results, the money earned outweighed the purchase price and therefore the operation was considered a success….

It wasn’t a success for the original inventor.  He now is the butt of all jokes regarding really bad cookies.  It wasn’t a success for the original employees,  they all got poorer.  It wasn’t a success for the shareholders.  They got left with junk. It wasn’t a success for consumers who having just one bite of that original cookie could pretty much justify their entire day… They moved on, though those memories of those great emotional moments still lingered.

There is a lot of hurt behind “corporate philosophy”….   It has a cost.  but that cost is not counted on those books we deem important…  And in the big picture that has got to change…

It did once…

FDR and the New Deal experimented and changed the world’s way of looking at things… and Reagan started the undoing, like when someone pulls one loop out of your tied shoelace, so with each step things get looser and looser. Eventually you have to stop.

Looking back it is clear… What FDR’s New Deal basically accomplished, was putting the full cost of corporate philosophy on the corporations themselves…  and of course they didn’t make as much money back then.  But they all did ok. In fact they lasted quite a few years longer than most companies last today… (Here in Delaware I’m thinking of the quick successive buyouts of Delaware Trust and Bank of Delaware; how fast they went as we erased New Deal legislation)… When we changed our laws to send more to the wealthy, we became those ones bearing what used be the true cost of corporations…

Why should that be?

Why do we structure the law so that corporations only pay half of the cost they create and get to keep their money in the process… yet we who have less money now, have to bear the costs of all their misdoings?

Simply put… it is in who you elected… You put people in power who thought corporations making money was more important then YOU making money…  it is not partisan, both parties are now guilty although one, the Republican, is far more dependent on corporate funding than the other…

(Btw… only one candidate right now is taking on this grand problem… Pay attention to him.)

This is what is behind the eradication of “Special” Education… This is what is behind the rational of simply putting “Special” education into mainstream classrooms.  This is what is behind cutting back on “Special” Education because per student, it uses more funding than allotted to “mainstream” students…  This is what is behind the assumption that all children are the same….

This is THE big problem..  allowing special privileges to corporations while sticking you with the cost…

It has been going on in societies ever since the beginning of human civilization.. What is a miracle, is that for once, our lifetimes, it was stopped…..

To do so, it took a Great Depression illuminating the complete dysfunction by the corporatists to fix it, that created the massive one-sided election FDR rode the waves on.  We don’t have to have another Great Depression to do it again… We just need to pay attention to who supports real people, and who is a flakey for corporations to know our answer… And then once we know,… we can let nothing get in our way…

Our Special Ed kids are counting on us… Everyone is counting on us.  You and me, are counting on us….

As the clock approached midnight, the last of well wishers who’d slipped in just before the gates closed around 830 pm gave their condolences to the Biden family….

The posted schedule said Friday’s viewing would be between 12-4 and 6-9 pm…

So many people showed up that the family stood non-stop from 12 noon to a little after 11pm greeting everyone of the overwhelming number who showed. Many of which had the long trip down south to our Southern portion when they were done…..

And that is rather amazing.

One person, obviously nervous, was overheard to have said “thank you for all you do”  when meeting Joe… Oddly that encompasses how lucky Delaware is to have it’s Bidens….
One has every right to be selfish when losing one’s son.  I cannot imagine…. Friends who’ve lost theirs, describe the dark hole that swallows you up and takes years to accept… Years.

But many of us have to grieve as well.  And recognizing that fact, and allowing the public to share their grief, shows something we rarely see in today’s political spectrum…. an understanding of people…. And that is what makes the Biden’s special, up and down this state, whether rich or poor, whether liberal or conservative, whether white or brown. Around Joe Biden, none of that matters.   We are all people, just like him…..

That makes Delaware  very lucky……

As one surveyed the entire spectrum of humanity, lined up for hours to spend seconds at the casket and offer condolences, one saw not differences, but similarities… We are 99% all the same… We have dreams that need fulfilled. We have pains that need soothed. We have love that needs to be expressed…. and we have tears.

One cannot see Mitch McConnell opening his doors to his constituents.  Nor can one see tens of thousands whose inner beings told them to go, lining up to offer condolences…  Nor for John Boehner… Ted Cruz….  Scott Walker…..

But for the Bidens to do so seems absolutely natural…. Because of who they are….

So, to join that one stuttering person strung out from hours of waiting…. “Joe, Thank you for all you do…..”