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Those following the educational debate in Delaware by this point in the sentence, know exactly where this is going… But for the rest of you…

In Delaware there are two camps.  One led by Jack Markell, is for the implementation of Common Core.  The other which is people driven, has their most outspoken person in the form of Christina’s school board member John Young….. His blog is here.

Common Core is federally mandated; everyone knows it, everyone sees it, everyone understands it…. even those who are proposing it, who know very well they can not admit it because doing so would make their position untenable and possibly illegal. (By its own charter the Federal Department of Education is forbidden to interfere with local schools…)

So on one hand you have a carefully scripted talking point in the form of Jack Markell, saying Common Core is “state led”; and you have the other side, sitting on school boards themselves, calling out the bull sh/t….


Well, events have a way of clearing up the air... If you go to Common Core’s website, here plainly is the talking point for all to see…

“Fact: The Common Core is a state‐led effort that is not part of No Child Left Behind or any other federal initiative. … State adoption of the standards is in no way mandatory. …This work is being driven by the needs of the states, not the federal government. [Emphasis added.]”

Now…. here is the reality…..

Arne Duncan Revokes Washington State’s NCLB Waiver  Washington state loses $40 million in Federal funding over not tying teachers evaluations solely to test scores.

Duncan Threatens California With Loss of Funds if Testing is Suspended    because California would not use the scores obtained this year – whether from the old testing system or the new – in the high-stakes decisions like teacher tenure and school rankings.

U.S. Dept. Of Education: Indiana At Risk Of Losing Its NCLB Waiver  despite the fact that Indiana’s own state standards were rated higher than that of the national Common Core.


So it is really a play on words… It is like the bully holding you down on the ground commanding:  “Say Uncle or I’ll ram my fist right through your face…”   You do officially have the choice as the bully proclaims of using your free will to say “uncle” and live, or to adamantly refuse, and die….

But that is not much of a choice is it?  99.9% of the rest of us, would agree you were coerced into saying “Uncle”…That you were not doing it willingly and  not of your own free accord…..


Seriously.  But we all knew this!  But now seeing it take place beyond the vagueness of hidden subtle threats, makes it clear to even those still mouthing the obviously false statements, that this IS a federally mandated curriculum designed to place “federally mandated” values in our children, and take all control away from parents, taxpayers, and those who exercise their right to vote in what once was, this great nation known as the United States of America…..