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With what we currently know about the Smarter Balanced Assessments, it puts the rule of law in danger.  IF we take the Smarter Balanced Assessment, here is what the current law says will happen to our children……

(d) The assessments required in subsections (b) and (c) of this section shall measure:

(1) Student performance as required by any federal mandate; and

(2) For grades 3 through 8, the academic progress of individual students.

Pay particular attention to (2).  Then tell me how the lower score of the Smarter Balanced Assessment fits the tenor of the law above, since it rates children on this test with a completely different one last year… How can you determine the academic progress of students who scored well on the DCAS in 2014 and completely fail the poorly executed Smarter Balanced Assessment this year(2015)?

Obviously… there is zero accountability on progress made by any of these children this year.,…  Which, ironically, breaks the law above….  Some lawyer should have caught this long ago… but I guess the assumption was that test would be so similar passing one would be like passing the other….  Not so.  70% passed the old test… 70% will fail the new test.  We will at the end of this summer, have no clue how well any of these children learned over the 2014-2015 year….. (based on these tests; hopefully the classrooms still functioned regularly).

This shows exactly how Common Core damages education… How much time was wasted preparing precisely for these tests that will be meaningless; time which could have been better spent teaching older curriculums that even parents could understand?


(1) A 3rd, 5th or 8th grade student whose performance on the reading portion of the assessments administered pursuant to § 151(b) and (c) of this title is Below the Standard, Level II on the statewide assessment, shall not advance to the next grade….

An estimated  number of up to 70% of Delaware’s students will show up in the fall and be told they have to repeat the last grade they thought they just finished…. 70%….

How can that be?  How can we promote only 30% of our students, hold back 70% and still take in a new crop of student at the bottom… Where do we put all of them?

Since this is impossible.  we are going to break the law… We really have no choice… The law says they shall not advance, but we have no choice but otherwise, and the law is thereby broken…

(3) An 8th grade student whose performance on the math portion of the assessments administered pursuant to § 151(b) and (c) of this title is Below the Standard, Level II on the statewide assessment, shall not advance to the next grade

Same argument holds here as well.  The law will be broken.

Now… here is the joke:

(5) With respect to a student whose performance continues to be deficient after completion of the retention year, the Department may not require that the student’s district retain the student at grade level for another year, but shall require that the district develop an individual improvement plan.

So we are going to hold them back one year for failing the test, but then promote them anyway the second year if they still have not passed the test…. Meaning that classes will still have people who can’t grasp the subject now but who are just one year older than they would be otherwise.  So…. what’s the point of taking the test?

So what happens to all these failing kids?  Glad you asked.

For every failure there is the option to enroll in a private individual improvement plan, paid for by the parents of the student…. It is all about money….  $$$…

How much is it worth to you to have your child keep up with his class and not be held back?  $100?  $200?  $500? $1000? If you are indigent, you can even get a government secured loans to cover all education expenses.  The quasi- governmental institution pays the vendor, and over time you pay back the institution…  All loans secured by your tax refund if you ever renege.

Free public school is free no more…

That is why your child is taking  this horrible test and as all smart people have been saying, will fail  and you the parent, will still pay lots for them to graduate on time.

Thereby, for the quick fix, we need this following bill put on the table….

This act removes Subchapter Three of Chapter One of Title 14, in it’s entirety.   (The numbers for all subsequent ones shall be move up by one)

We can add a new bill later… But this piece is so huge, so corrupt, so full of holes, it is better to remove it completely and continue forward with something brand new next year…..

Yesterday, Lamont Brown, designated puppet heading up East Side Charter School was put on display for all of Delaware..  The officials pulled no stops in bragging upon his accomplishments…..

Lamont Brown can divide by zero; Lamont Brown doesn’t climb trees. He just pulls them down and walks on top of them;  Lamont Brown can kill two stones with one bird; Lamont Brown ordered a Big Mac at Burger King and got one; Newton’s Third Law is wrong: Although it states that for each action, there is an equal and opposite reaction, there is no reaction after a Lamont Brown’s roundhouse kick; Lamont Brown counted to infinity – three times; Lamont Brown can slam a revolving door; Lamont Brown is suing My-Space for taking the name of what he calls everything around you; there is no theory of evolution. Just a list of creatures Lamont Brown has allowed to live; Lamont Brown didn’t actually write books. The words assemble themselves out of fear; Lamont Brown is so fast, he can run around the world and punch himself in the back of the head; Lamont Brown sleeps with a night light. Not because Lamont Brown is afraid of the dark, but the dark is afraid of Lamont Brown; Lamont Brown once visited the Virgin Islands. They are now “The Islands”; Lamont Brown  doesn’t read books. He stares them down until he gets the information he wants; If you have five dollars and Lamont Brown has five dollars, Lamont Brown has more money than you; If you Google search “Lamont Brown getting his ass kicked” you will generate zero results. Go ahead, try it; Lamont Brown doesn’t wear a watch. He decides what time it is;  For some, the left testicle is larger than the right one. For Lamont Brown, each testicle is larger than the other one; When Lamont Brown does a push up, he isn’t lifting himself up, he’s pushing the Earth down; ok…. one more….. When the Boogeyman goes to sleep every night, he checks his closet for Lamont Brown.

Such were the praises thrown around the guilded hall yesterday…..

But, in that class of his so remarkably hailed…. 33 of the original 62…. were kicked out…  Meaning, that those who would pull down the scores were eradicated and only those who would excel were allowed to continue… You know, its what Dave Sokola calls: the Shanghai experiment…. where you only test your brightest then parade those results.

Well for S & G’s, I wondered how it would work to do the same policy to all  6 priority schools. What would it do to their scores?  It’s not hard; anyone other than a News Journal editor could figure it out in seconds.  What I did was basically factor out the bottom 53% of their student body, made them just disappear, and then apply the number who scored proficient, just to see what the proficiency percentages of these “improved” schools would be….   Only then, would we have an accurate comparison Between East Side Charter and the 6 Priority Schools?

The good folks at Delaware DOE provided the data. 

Bancroft Elementary  Originally at 401 students; with Draconian cuts now reduced to 188. (rounded all fractions downward; you can’t really have 0.7 of a person)  But we are concerned with only grades 3-5 who take the test… That would  be 177 students, and after cuts, (representing the 47% of those left at East Side)….. the number still left in those three grades would total 81.  So when you apply the actual number who scored proficient, (46) to those actually left (81), Bancroft would have scored a proficiency rate of 55.4.

The other five will be calculated according to the same formula.

Bayard Middle School  Originally at 463; now cut down by East Side Charter standards to 217.  117 originally scored proficient and would represent 54% of the remaining 217…. So Bayard would rest at the 54% proficiency level, if it were somehow allowed to follow the East Side Charter annihilation policy.

Stubbs Elementary  Originally grades 3-5 at stood at 156, now down to 73 students.  Those proficient (52) would turn in a 71.2% rate of proficiency, enough to pass the 70% bar set by No Child Left Behind.

Highlands Elementary  Originally grades 3-5 had 192 children but would be now cut down to 90.  Those original 65 proficient would now create a proficiency score of 72%… Again passing the super high bar set by No Child Left Behind.  A bar so high, every state is crying for a waiver because it is allegedly unobtainable!

Shortlidge Elementary  In 2014 grades 3-5 mustered at 163 students would be decimated down to 76 and those original 63 who were proficient, would then give Shortlidge a proficiency rating of 82.9%,,,,  Pretty darn good.

Warner Elementary   Again, 249 students in 2014;  cut down to 117, Those who were proficient (74) would give Warner it’s new and improve proficiency rate of 63.2%…. (A lot of that lowness has to do with the yet unexplained anomaly found in Grade 4’s math test; (20 mysterious unexplained missing percentage points) !!!!  )

So against these new and improved results, how does the fearsome Lamont Brown compare?

His proficiency in the elementary grades stacks up to…. (drumroll please)….. (bring on the accolades)….. (did anyone remember the bouquet of roses)…… (how about a fanfare from the house band?)  ……………

The great and wonderful Lamont Brown’s proficiency rating for the year 2014,  first in elementary grades…. and second in middle school grades……




72.5 %   and … a 46.5%

Equal to Stubbs, Equal to Highlands. Below that of Shortlidge.  Below that of Bayard.  Just a few point ahead of Warner….  Yet those priority schools did nothing different from the low scores they allegedly earned… In fact those are exactly the very same low scores they earned, just minus the dead weight kicked off in the exact same way as Lamont Brown is known for.

Meaning that the real star… the real person “the Boogeyman should be checking his closet for”….. is  none other than the fearsome, the stupendous, the omnipotent, the amazing, the superlative, the one who all others must tremble in her shadow…. yes….. “her”……  :  Maribeth Courtney. principal of Shortlidge.  But wait!  Isn’t that a priority school???

Now doesn’t that just throw a big juicy turd into the big pot of stew cooked up at the Riverfront yesterday?  Doesn’t it seem odd that so much hoopla was put upon one man, whose net result to society was that last year, 2014, , he graduated 10 proficient scholars out of his clutches to go on into the real world of 9th grade…. a number far inferior to those graduating with proficiency out of any of those schools the DOE was trying to close and turn into charters?….. His grand total requiring such accolades was Just 10 proficient students out of Delaware’s total of 133,369….

Gone is the promised inflatable hammer of Lillian sidekick Dan Cruz.  Replaced by a gym-shoe-throwing Coach who’s not above the same bullying behavior of the accused Tamika Louis (Del State BBall Coach.)

I just love it. 🙂

To achieve the interactiveness, go here….

This charts over time the gradual tightening of the graduation rates for America’s students… Once can travel from 2006 to 2012 and across those six years, watch the world change before their eyes…

All which will be reversed from 2013 onward, as Common Core becomes entrenched and student face the gauntlet of guessing and hoping for a great future.

This is important because it shows that the educational reformers claims that education to be failing our students is simply a combination of  mis-truth,  lies, or unreliable marketing statements.

For without charters, for without curriculum changes, for without component 5, for without secret star chamber changing legislative acts, …. our children were improving. We were making great gains until we decided to mess things up; until we decided to destroy what is working and replace it with something so new, no one knows if it will work or not.

Today’s American children are being educated better than ever in our American history…  (By today, I meant  UP  TO  when Common Core began its advent… Since there is a 2 year delay on figures getting to the public, that may not be true anymore).

So take a few moments, slide the cursor over the years and watch with your own eyes how education has improved without the reformers, but was accomplished through the public system and bureaucratic inertia.  And pray there is still time to to revert, if everyone opts out this year and the program falls flat from lack of public support….


graduation rates 2006


graduation rates 2012

On Thursday Delaware’s Governor Jack Markell will force charter-ship on these 6 schools.  Never mind that the only charters not serving a student body of almost all white students, are, have, or will be slated to be shut down as failures: Pencaderand Moyer 

Here are the words of Kendall Massett

“Charter schools have gotten a lot of bad press over the last year. School closings. Teacher videos. Investigations about school leader qualifications. Financial crises. Governance issues.

It hasn’t been good….

Charter schools always under-perform public schools.  Furthermore, charter schools depress an entire district’s scores even further, as was shown last year by a study of Philadelphia’s school system, which showed a 50% reduction in the proficiency of all of Philadelphia’s students from before and after charters were allowed in. 

These schools will be told they failed….  “you failed the students” will be the News Journal quote in the early Friday morning hours… If you don’t know these schools, let me introduce you to them…..

Warner:  Is a Red Clay school and is located on 8 and 18th in Wilmington. It has 559 students. 73% Afro American, 18% Hispanic. of which 85.1% are low income. 15% are special ed. 60% of its budget is spent on instructional services. Warner continues to receive Instructional Support with a Literacy Coach, and IST facilitator, and family Interventionist. This federally funded reform provides for a reading coach, extensive teacher training in reading instruction, and the purchase of reading materials for kindergarten through third grade. During the 2008/2009 school year Warner celebrated the fact that they were above the state percentages at each grade level (K-3) and 82% of our students remained at Benchmark Status… Warner has 14 students per teacher. It has 186 students per administrator. 67%of its teachers have over 5 years of experience. 79% of its budget goes to instructional and 21% goes to support. 48% of third graders, 32% of 4th graders, and 57% of 5th graders are proficient in reading. 38%, 19%, 34% respectively were proficient in math.

Stubbs:  Is a Christina school and is located on 11 and North Pine in Wilmington. It has 325 students. 87% Afro American, 9% Hispanic. of which 89.2 are low income. 9.5% are special ed. 57% of its budget is spent on instructional services.  As Delaware’s first STEM model school, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics are integrated across content areas. In addition, Stubbs has dynamic partnerships that include, but are not limited to NorthBay STEM Adventure Connection, Big Brother’s and Big Sister’s of America and EastSide Community School… Stubbs has 13 students per teacher. It has 163 students per administrator. 36% of its teachers have over 5 years of experience. 78% of its budget goes to instructional and 22% goes to support. 40% of third graders, 37% of 4th graders, and 31% of 5th graders are proficient in reading. 28%, 38%, 39% respectively were proficient in math.

Highlands:  Is a Red Clay school and is located on 21 and Gilpin Ave. in Wilmington. It has 383 students. 54,3% Afro American, 30.3% Hispanic. of which 68.1% are low income. 11.5% are special ed. 60% of its budget is spent on instructional services.  During the school day, students can participate in TAG (Talented and Gifted), be a part of the Creative Mentoring Program, work in the school Safety Patrol program, play in the band or strings, sing in the school show, and attend a variety of field trips and assemblies. After school, students may participate in extracurricular activities, such as the coed RBA (Reading Basketball Association), cheerleading, Girls on the Run, ASAP (After School Academic Program), Saturday School, Chess Club, and karate. All students must maintain behavior and academic standards to participate. The Boys and Girls Club of Delaware offers a before and after school program on-site at Highlands. Finally, the PTA is actively involved in the school, offering parents a chance to be active participants in their child’s education.. Highland has 16 students per teacher. It has 192 students per administrator. 58% of its teachers have over 5 years of experience. 83% of its budget goes to instructional and 17% goes to support. 38% of third graders, 43% of 4th graders, and 58% of 5th graders are proficient in reading. 34%, 35%, 35% respectively were proficient in math.

Bancroft:  Is a Christina school and is located on 7 and N Lombard in Wilmington. It has 415 students. 78.6% Afro American, 7.5% Hispanic. of which 79.0% are low income. 14.7% are special ed. 57% of its budget is spent on instructional services.  In addition to the exemplary academic programs, Bancroft has established a variety of community partnerships. J. P. Morgan Chase and Children and Families First, our lead partners, have joined together to establish the East Side Community School Partnership. With this partnership, Bancroft has been able to strengthen the community ties resulting in postive community relations that have a direct effect on student achievement. In addition they have sought resources and support from many other businesses and community organizations. Bancroft has also gained much support in obtaining mentors from the community resulting in close to 100 mentors volunteering their time to and for the students of the school.. Bancroft has 10 students per teacher. It has 208 students per administrator. 42% of its teachers have over 5 years of experience. 80% of its budget goes to instructional and 20% goes to support. 28% of third graders, 26% of 4th graders, and 34% of 5th graders are proficient in reading. 29%, 24%, 28% respectively were proficient in math.

Shortlidge:  Is a Red Clay school and is located at 100 W. 18th Street in Wilmington. It has 329 students. 93.3% Afro American, 4.9% Hispanic. of which 85.4% are low income. 14.0% are special ed. 60% of its budget is spent on instructional services. There are many exceptional programs that enhance and support student learning at Evan G. Shortlidge Academy. Project CHANCE; Mentor Me; Early Intervention K-3 Unit; Safety Patrol Squad. Partnerships with the following businesses, institutions, and organizations have helped to provide these programs: Delaware Division of Social Services; Wilmington Trust; Blue Cross/Blue Shield. Project CHANCE offers one hour of before and two hours of after school care support. In addition to providing students with homework assistance, the program offers a balanced program of enrichment activities beneficial to both parents and students. The Mentor Me Program and the Early Intervention K-3 Unit are programs that meet regularly with selected students who demonstrate need for additional social, emotional, and/or academic support in order to help them improve their academic performance at school. The AAA Mid-Atlantic Safety Patrol Squad is a peer leadership program for 4th and 5th grades students… Shortlidge has 13 students per teacher. It has 165 students per administrator. 81% of its teachers have over 5 years of experience. 82% of its budget goes to instructional and 18% goes to support. 28% of third graders, 42% of 4th graders, and 53% of 5th graders are proficient in reading. 29%, 36%, 54% respectively were proficient in math.

Bayard:  Is a Christina school and is located at 200 S Dupont Street in Wilmington. It has 463 students. 71.1% Afro American, 23.8% Hispanic. of which 79.0% are low income. 19.0% are special ed. 57% of its budget is spent on instructional services. Bayard Middle School has an excellent array of daytime and evening programs that showcased their students’ talents and academic skills. Their evening programs focused on highlighting their students’ academic successes and bringing the school and community together. Their students demonstrated their Bulldog Pride while putting together Bayard’s Annual Talent and Fashion shows. The efforts of their students, staff, community partners and parents were applauded in their daytime Awards and Move-up Ceremonies where they celebrated over 125 individuals for their academic achievements and commitments to Bayard. They also commended over 90 students in our growing A.V.I.D program which allows our students to get the tools necessary to be successful in rigorous course loads as they prepare for college. Bayard has an excellent PBS (Positive Behavior Support) program that gives our students and staff incentives for positive behavior in and out of school. Programs include BPA, AVID.. Bayard has 13 students per teacher. It has 232 students per administrator. 75% of its teachers have over 5 years of experience. 79% of its budget goes to instructional and 21% goes to support. 35% of sixth graders, 41% of 7th graders, and 44% of 8th graders are proficient in reading. 31%, 26%, 20% respectively were proficient in math.

Now that you’ve been introduced to these schools, you probably saw that they were well run, all the numbers are good, quality of teachers is superior, low student teacher ratios, not too much being spent on administration, in fact, everything looks good on paper, except for the scores… 

Children in poverty are environmentally behind. At age 3, a child of welfare parents only knows 500 words.  A suburban child of affluent parents knows 1100.  IQ’s closely correlate with vocabulary. averages in the 70 IQ’s for poverty raised children; averages of 117 for affluent children, By age 3, the average child of a professional heard about 500,000 encouragements and 80,000 discouragements. For the welfare children, the situation was reversed: they heard, on average, about 75,000 encouragements and 200,000 discouragements.  It is not rocket science that these two will not test the same. A child of affluent parents comes home to a family that provides its basic needs. 70 -80% of Inner-city poverty children don’t have that luxury. Often their only meals are at school, breakfast and lunch. This corresponds to 80-90% of these school’s student population. At these schools only 50% have one or more parents. The other half is kept entirely by relatives.  As early as 2010, we knew that inner city children do not learn the same as affluent suburban ones. This is some basic background required to push back when jack Markell tries to blame these failures on the staff and teachers… Just say ain’t no way.

Another question:  Low scores do not only dwell in Wilminton.

Take N. Laural Elementary.  53% White. 59% Low Income. 18 students per teacher of which 82% have over 5 years experience.  Math in fourth grade at a 56%., Shortledge was at a 54% in one grade….

Woodbridge Middle has a 45 reading in 7th Grade. Bayard had a 41% in 7th Grade.

East Dover:  32 and 50 (3-4th) in reading.  40 and 64 in math.

And replace them with what, Charters?  Charter schools?  Charters which cannot compete with public schools when weighted equally based on poverty, special education, and minorities?  

Majority of U.S. charter schools perform equal or worse than traditional schools….

Nationwide, just 25 percent of charter schools show significantly stronger learning gains in reading than their traditional school counterparts. The remaining 75 percent of charter schools showed either no significant difference or were significantly weaker than traditional schools.  There remain worrying numbers of charter schools whose learning gains are either substantially worse than the local alternative or are insufficient to give their students the academic preparation they need to continue their education or be successful in the workforce,” the study’s executive summary states.

Scores in Delaware…

Moyer:  Is a Charter school and is located at 610 East 17th Street in Wilmington. It has 227 students. 88.5% Afro American, 7.5% Hispanic. of which 78.4% are low income. 31.3% are special ed. 40% of its budget is spent on instructional services. Moyer Academy continues to grow its academic and extracurricular programs. We have our National Honor Society (HS/MS), College Opportunities (college assistance programs) Student Assistant Program and Success Program (for older students). Moyer Academy has partnered with Del-Tech College, where students who qualify will be able to take college courses during their 11th and 12th grade years with financial assistance from Moyer Academy. We direct students to Del-State University’s Early Bird Program. We are partnering with local medical service provider for career pathway opportunities..  Moyer has 16 students per teacher. It has 57 students per administrator. 36% of its teachers have over 5 years of experience. 74% of its budget goes to instructional and 26% goes to support. 22% of sixth graders, 22% of 7th graders, and 33% of 8th graders are proficient in reading. 6%, 3%, 15% respectively were proficient in math.

This is the problem with Charter’s taking over public schools…  The students are the same, yet they perform worse than do public schools.  It’s not about effort.  It is about design.  Notice the 20% fewer resources allotted to instructional use, and more towards administration. Notice the fewer teachers who have experience. and finally notice the scores… These are the same type of students who are in the schools being closed or switched to charters by Markell..  Charters don’t have the resources that public schools do and it is impossible for them to do as good a job, as do public schools.  Replacing a public school with a charter, is like replacing scores of 30% proficient, with scores of 5% proficient. 

Reach has the same problems.  Less money than public schools is spent on instructional.  Only 36% of teachers with more than 5 years.  Higher student teacher ratios, and math scores in the 20’s and 30’s.  It is the structure of charter schools that cause them to be weaker; not the people running it.  When you siphon off 20% of expenses for profit, you have less to teach.

So how can someone with less money, teach better than public schools?

They can’t. 

These public schools did not fail. They held ground in the most extraordinary of situations.  Those who failed are the ones who flinched at raising taxes on the wealthy which would have brought prosperity to all, and by reducing poverty by finally putting people back to work, it would do a lot to alleviate the underlying problems that poverty forces on education…..

They failed. not the schools.  What this is really about, is trying to get people who don’t want to sign up for Copeland’s Charter World, to finally sign up…  

A new study published by Stanford University’s Center for Education Policy Analysis shows that doubling up on math courses in one year, has negative impact… Rigor causes people to forget what they would have retained otherwise…

In other words when it comes to learning. Rigor actually MAKES us stupid….

The test was ingenious… Two groups of students in the same school; all with math scores within 5 points apart… Half were above the arbitrarial line of cut off; half were below… Those below were required to take a remedial class along with the next level of math. Those above, just took the one math class their grade required…

The difference between the two could be classified as rigor… Those below got a hearty dose of RIGOR… Those above didn’t, and yet except for an arbitrarily drawn line in the sand, all were of equal intelligence…

Here is what he found…..

At the end of the year, students with double math scored substantially higher than their peers who took just one math class. However, a year after returning to the traditional schedule with one math class, those gains were about half as large. Two years into a regular schedule, that difference was down to about one-third of the original gain. 

And when those students reached high school, the gains all but diminished completely. 

But during that wasted time, they could have learned something in another discipline and changed their life forever….


This is common sense and is the natural way of the world.  How many of you played high school sports?… How many of you who did, are in great shape now?  How many of you did not play high school sports… How many of you are in great shape now?

We are all a mess….  RIGOR has no shape on our future… Immediate gains, perhaps.  Longterm… zero.

The only good that RIGOR gains:…. are higher arbitrarily set scores on arbitrarily created  tests that arbitrarily cover what was taught across the school year…  In other words, the roll of the dice.  One can win at Yatzee if one knows where the secret weight was placed changing all the odds of how a dice may roll.  But that is specialized knowledge only good for that one game and one set of dice…

To expend RIGOR on how dice will roll, is insane… RIGOR itself is insane…. Just imagine studying history instead?…  To lose all history classes in order to take another math class just to make the Governor and Rodel look good to their peers?

Madness…  RIGOR doesn’t work….  Look at your own lives.. Are you more productive when your boss is huffing and puffing, standing over you? Or when he is somewhere else?  If you are more productive in his presence, you SHOULD  be fired… because that would mean you weren’t doing work when he was somewhere else… No one is more productive under pressure.

RIGOR  is a punishment, It comes from prisons, slave ships, and impressed militaries.  It does not work for learning..




This is how parents in Delaware and surrounding states can undo the damage being done by these corporate giants who as with any monopoly, don’t give a damn…. “Suck it” they all seem to say….

This is our (parents) way of saying…. “ok, then suck this..” My prediction is that this will be huge and it will hang on Greg Lavelles neck… and when done, he will lay like a shattered gargoyle smashed across the stones under Notre Dame from whence he fell….

(And that makes Dave Sokola the luckiest man alive.)

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Ira Shor is a professor at the City University of New York, where he teaches composition and rhetoric. Shor understands that standardized testing is the foundation on which the entire “reform” project rests. Take away the test scores, and the data-driven teacher evaluation collapses, along with the ambitious plans for privatization.

Shor writes:

“Opt-Out: The REAL Parent Revolution”

We parents can stop the destruction of our public schools. We can stop the looting of school budgets by private charters and testing vendors. We can stop the abuse of our children by the relentless hours of testing. We can stop the closings, the co-locations, the mass firings, the replacement of veteran teachers with short-term Teach for America newbies, the shameful indignity of public schools told they have 24 hours to clear out so a charter can seize their classrooms. To do this, we have to opt-out our kids from the new…

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Pure Shit

The plans were already in place; the required legislative vote was window dressing… But the people spoke.

Able to get to their representatives, they got enough votes to shut down the Smarter Balanced Assessments… Till they got this news, and an order to go back, redo the vote, and make this outcome happen…. Scared like little girls, that is exactly what they did….

Obviously Common Core is dead.  This administration doesn’t know it yet…..

Nicole Poore’s Bill 229 will exempt certain children from the state’s standardized tests.   It has the support of the following:

  • Sen. Hall-Long
  • Rep. Longhurst
  • Rep. Q. Johnson
  • Rep. Ramone
  • Rep. M. Smith
  • Sens. Blevins,
  • Bonini,
  • Bushweller,
  • Ennis,
  • Henry,
  • Marshall,
  • McBride,
  • McDowell,
  • Peterson,
  • Lopez,
  • Pettyjohn,
  • Sokola,
  • Townsend,
  • Venables;
  • Reps. K. Williams,
  • Jaques

This bill rectifies the current Murph’s law that Delaware students with severe cognitive disabilities must currently be forced to take statewide standardized assessments over the objections of their own parents and teachers…..

As well as, that students with severe cognitive disabilities who are clinically incapable of producing valid results on standardized assessments must be forced to take those steps even against a doctor’s note stating it can be harmful to those students…

As well as, that any students in Delaware diagnosed to have dyslexia or other learning disabilities that severely limit or prevent them from decoding text, cannot be held exempt from taking the tests…. and must be forced to take them.

Murphy’s law takes another hit.

With passage, (but there is a good chance that Markell will veto this bill since his track record on educational reform other than his own is dismal), students can opt out of the test because of severe mental disabilities…..

It is time to stop the public sanctioned torture of these young human beings, for no apparent viable reason than it is viewed as a sport to watch within the DOE.,….

Nicole’s Bill goes a long way to fix that….

Ask them….

How can you support a program that is so flawed?

Put them on the defensive….

  • Senator Sokola…. How can you support a program so fully, that is so flawed?
  • Darryl Scott…….   How can you support a program so fully, that is so flawed?
  • Pete Schwartzkoph…. How can you support a program so fully, that is so flawed?
  • Greg Lavelle…. How can you support a program so fully, that is so flawed?
  • Deborah Hudson… How can you support a program so fully, that is so flawed?
  • Frederica Jenner…. How can you support a program so fully, that is so flawed?
  • Terri Hodges……. . How can you support a program so fully, that is so flawed?
  • Mark Murphy, Secretary of Education…. How can you support a program so fully, that is so flawed?
  • Ruth Adkins….. How can you support a program so fully, that is so flawed?
  • Lisa Alexander….. How can you support a program so fully, that is so flawed?
  • Christopher Ruszkowski…. How can you support a program so fully, that is so flawed?
  • David Blowman….. How can you support a program so fully, that is so flawed?