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Tonight’s State of the Union, unfortunately not seen by many Americans, but don’t worry if you missed it; your grandchildren in the future will be able to tell you all about it…

Inequality or the 1% , is killing the human race.  That was the message from Pope Francis on the Sunday before Thanksgiving and from Obama last Wednesday.   Occupy Wall Street first brought this message to public consciousness in the Fall of  2011 and it has now in  just two years, risen to the top most important people in both the fields of government and religion.   Obama and Pope Francis.

This is huge.  The top of the pyramid is now aligned with the needs of the bottom of the pyramid….

But if you read or watch American media you would not know.  The American media tells you the pope wrote a paper and Obama gave a speech….

But what a paper and what a speech….

It pinpoints the biggest issue of our time…  Putting money over people…

The answer to this lesson can be found in business.  Those good businesses reinvest in themselves before they worry about profits.  Eventually there it nothing more they can invest and the profits come naturally, and keep coming forever.  Those that open to squeeze out every penny, soon close when the pennies run out…  Not good.

The easiest overall fix is to tax business more….  As soon as tax rates go up, it becomes cheaper for a business to not report income by investing it in itself,  than it does to record great profits and have it all go towards the tax increase….

There are great ways to hide money.  If you have a house, and put a new roof on it, should you sell your house will be worth more.  That new roof was not an expense; it was an investment….  It was just held in a non-cash form.

That is the same principal for a business.  When the business owner asks, should I give Mary a raise,  the answer is, “if I don’t, I’ll just have to pay it out in taxes”.  Mary gets her raise….

The beauty of using taxes to achieve good for society, is that it is so much simpler than using Marxism.  The result s are actually better with none of the problems attached…   The French tried a bloody revolution, so did the Soviets, and it messed them up for decades.  The US put in a high income tax, and we had the biggest growth and expansion in our history….

When you raise taxes, everyone does better….

That is the quickest way out of our mess.