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Blah, blah, blah… clips of 50 individual House Republicans each blathering about how terrible Obamacare is…

Not one, mentions that as of January 1st:

  • You cannot lose your house or business anymore. (unless where you live is worth less than  $6000.)
  • There is a limit on how much they can take out of you.
  • No matter how cheap is your employer, you can afford to get screened for almost all killer diseases before they KILL you.
  • You can afford birth control.

Instead they all talk about how bad a website is…  Isn’t that dumb?

Yes, it the dumbest thing that has been talked ad nauseum in a year noted for dumb things talked about ad nauseum…..

(Compare that to the NSA or Common Core, (2 true Constitutional crises)  about which  you have heard very little since October 1st!)

But….. With the Affordable Care Act rolling out this year, there is a tremendous opportunity for radio broadcasters to develop and uncover new and evolving revenue streams from this legislation.

This is the reason you are hearing so much about Obamacare right now… Remember only 17% of America will ever bother with the exchanges… (3% will disappear; 80% already have employer sponsored coverage)

 Some 500 broadcasters recently sold out a Radio Advertising Bureau webinar on harvesting Affordable Care Act-related advertising.

AP estimates that $684 million will be spent on the initial activation period; and veteran broadcaster Dave Burke who spent the last year immersed in studying ObamaCare’s impact on various stakeholders reckons that 2014-2015 and beyond will be even bigger than 2013-2014: “I believe that this category, all-in, could be the biggest category on your stations.”

We’re already hearing (and seeing on TV) ads for “The ObamaCare Survival Guide,” and help-us-repeal-it fund raising spots hosted by Senator Ted Cruz. But Burke says that’s nothin’ compared to what’s down the road.  Expect Help Wanted ads for call centers and other process-related job recruitment…..

“Because people can change their coverage every year during Open Enrollment, “There are going to be years of sign-up spots.” This is not a “one-and-done” opportunity.”

So, don’t beat up too hard on those controlling your programing.  They do have a fiduciary responsibility to perform, and  like everyone, they too have people demanding more money out of them…   The more they create concern in you, the more they can charge those whose incomes depend on having the ability to reach the “most” of you….