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Delaware’s finest performing Full of Bees… The great…. Todd Chappelle

Coupled with Rick Jensen’s comment on 9 million new immigrants, we are in the middle of a beesy weekend of puns… I predict…..

Mine? The new state logo above in my Title… (You’re very welcome….. 🙂 )

Ok…. one more then….


You get up every morning
From the sound of your alarm clock’s warning
Then leave at 8:15 to go into the city…

You see sinage smilin’ down
Warnin’ bees swarmin” all around…
And marshmellow-like foam gumming up all the highways….

And if your lane’s lucky and on time
You can get to work by nine….
And start your slaving job to carry your own load…

But if you ever get annoyed
Just think of being self-employed
Cause us apiarist just dip up honey all day

(Till ‘they’ call…(ringtone) saying…. Hey! Do you know anything about…. bees?)

Then I’ll be
Takin’ care of beesness, every day
Takin’ care of beesness, in every way
I’ll been takin’ care of beesness, it’s all mine
Takin’ care of beesness while working overtime

(Work it out)

If it were easy being an apiary-ist
And your face could contort like a Drew Carey-ist
And you would squeal when stung, like a newborn colt

But if your windows are rolled down,
Warning. You’ll never make into town,
Unless you can sprint super fast like a Hussein Bolt.

But chances are that you’ll go far
With windows rolled tight up in your car….
But with traffic you might not make it into town…..

So if you’re stuck in traffic,
Don’t do anything that is graphic…
Just sit calmly and look at things from afar….

Tell your boss it’s not your fault….
95 is one big, huge car lot
If that if he fires you, Governor Markell with him will be annoyed…..

Cause you’ll been sittin’
Takin’ care of beesness, every day
Takin’ care of beesness, every way
You’ve been takin’ care of beesness, it’s all mine
Takin’ care of beesness, and working overtime
Take good care of beesness
When I’m away, every day whoo

Remember you get up every morning
From the sound of your alarm clock’s warning
Then leave at 8:15 to go into the city…

You see the sinage smilin’ down
With bees still swarmin’ ’round…
And marshmellow-like foam gumming up all the highways….

Frightened people pushin’, people shovin’
Performing their last rites and their last lovin’
Just praying they make it alive into the city…..

But, if you ever get annoyed
Consider me, I’m self-employed
Then respect what I have to do all day

*While you’re slavin’ ) I’ll be….
Takin’ care of beesness …every day
Takin’ care of beesness ….every way
I’ll bee taking care of beesness, …they’s all mine
Takin’ care of beesness and working overtime ….

Takin’ care of beesness
Takin’ care of beesness
Takin’ care of beesness
Takin’ care of beesness
Takin’ care of beesness

(Not as good as Todd’s but it is a try… nevertheless…. )

Hey, anybody got a buzz?

Image Courtesy of Newark High School.

In ELA... be able to identify with props the author and illustrator of the passage. (current Common Core ignores any mention of authors and instead focuses on the text.

In ELA,… be able to demonstrate legible printing skills.  (Common Core only uses keyboard skills. Does not think printing should be taught).

In ELA... be able to describe how an author uses reasons to support his statements in the text.  (Common core is not concerned with reason.  It focuses only on the text and assumes the reader will take the text verbatim with no questioning any of its points.)

In ELA... be able to demonstrate rudimentary cursive skills, both reading and writing. (Common Core dropped teaching cursive from its curriculum, preventing all students beginning school this year, from being able to read the Original documents of the Constitution and Declaration of Independence… Common Core is only interested in teaching keyboard)

IN ELA... be able to use accurately conversational, general academic, and domain specific words and phrases as found in grade appropriate texts, including those that signal spatial and temporal relationships.  (Common Core stressed using “grade appropriate words” (wtf) and this was change to specify words in a grade appropriate texts.)

In ELA… be able to demonstrate fluid reading at an understandable pace ( Common Core insisted every student perform an audio recording, and use visual displays).

In ELA… be able to demonstrate capitalization, punctuation, and spelling when writing. (Common Core was text oriented and ignored all this).

In Math… be able to read and write numbers from 0-20… (Common Core due to keyboard emphasis, completely ignored the writing of numbers.)

In Math… it is no longer necessary for students to read the word problems, They can have help in having the problems broken down in pieces and explained clearly before they attempt the  math part of the problem.  (Common Core was too wordy, and neither adults or children could understand what the test makers were asking.)

In Math… No longer required to decompose problems and show all multiple ways it could additionally be formulated.  No more will students be given a single number and have to show all the possible addends.  Such as with 8: (0+8)(1+7)(2+6)(3+5)(4+4). Substituted for this is to test the ability to find missing addends by using objects to determine unknown amounts. Students do not have to be able to read the word problems, They can have assistance.

In Math…to be able to measure the length of an object with another object.  (Common Core forgot that one.)

In Math… to be able to decompose 2 digit numbers in 2 ways, as with 64 = 5(tens) and 14(ones).

In Math…  to be able to understand a ruler and that it measures length.

In Math... to be able to identify and understand the values of money, and use it to introduce the concept of decimals.  (Common Core did not use money but very abstract principles to describe  decimals.)

In Math… to be able to describe how different measuring devices compare to each other, as in a ruler to a yardstick.

In Math… measuring in yards was added.  (Common Core ignored yardsticks thinking rulers would suffice if used three times.)

In Math,.. the original designated a student be able to determine am and pm.  But the computer test used analog clocks.  That was dropped.

In Math…  the ability to determine a missing component in an equation with 4 or more numbers.

In Math... Florida’s old calculus standards, were placed back in. (Common Core stops teaching all math at Algebra I: no geometry. no trig, no pre-calc.)

In Math… Add knowing theorems regarding parallelograms.. opposite sides are congruent, opposite angles are congruent, the diagonals of a parallelogram bisect each other, and conversely, rectangles are parallelograms with congruent diagonals.

In Math... Added triangle theorems.  And required they be used to solve problems.

In Math… Likewise, use theorems to solve problems with lines and angles (all previously left out like cursive writing as irrelevant)

In Math… Prove the addition and subtraction, half-angle, and double-angle formulas for sine, cosine, and tangent and use these formulas to solve problems. (Common Core had none of this; it was too focused on explaining methodology of how 2 + 2 = 4)

In Math… Understand radian measure of an angle as the length of the arc on the unit circle subtended by the angle; Convert between degrees and radians…. (Common Core children would learn none of this)

In Math… understanding how to change the base…. (Return of old standard back into testing.)


It appears when Florida ran the tests in front of parents and teachers, a lot of blanks opened up inside the Common Core Curriculum. So many that Florida, pulled out of their Consortium.  Florida has not yet pulled out of Common Core standards; politics are involved, but it is looking over a competition among existing corporate tests and will announce the winner in a month….

This could have profound signifigance on all of Common Core, for other states, such as neighboring Georgia, are looking to Florida to show guidance on navigating through the Common Core minefield.  Good chance the company that wins Florida, will win Georgia as well.  With better tests available than the Coleman obfuscated ones, chances are that many other states beseiged by parents and pressure groups, may jump out of Common Core as well…

I hope you read through the above changes that Florida was shocked were not in the original teaching curriculum..They are eye openers. Delaware in ignoring Florida’s wisdom, is going full speed down the Murphy-Mine shaft track, in the dark, sight unseen…..