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The top 0.1% (consisting of 160,000 families worth $73m on average) hold 22% of America’s wealth, just shy of the 1929 peak—and almost the same share as the bottom 90% of the population.

A tidbit upon which historians will agree, was ultimately why the Democrats were not able to capitalize on the phenomenal results of today’s thriving booming American economy.

Republican policies created this imbalance.  But it is Obama who as CEO, gets the blame for its residual effects.

How to fix it?  A marginally accurate 73% tax on incomes over $73 million would turn the tables nicely with no residual effect to the other 99.9% of the population…..

The election was lost by Dem’s.  Elections don’t mean anything to them anymore.  It was fun to push in the first black president.  And when he started getting mocked, well, it was fun showing Karl Rove’s crowd up, making him meltdown on national TV… but what good is a vote anyway…. a term is four years right?  We can skip a mid-term, what the heck. Tired of those commercials anyways…

Looking over all the data, in areas where Dems voted, they won. NH, California, and Oregon. Where they didn’t, they lost.  It is like the defensive team never came out of the locker room after halftime….

Lesson learned is that this is us, and will always be us.  It will be repeated every four years; every midterm. Their side always votes full out regardless. We have to focus not so much on ourselves being vague, kind and benign to Republicans so their side will choose to stay home (they never do) but instead, figure out how to get our people excited enough to wait in line 5 hours if they have to, just to say they voted in an off year….

That is how you do it. And primarily in an effort to keep the Southern Blue Dog Democrats still in their seats, we did not do that…..

Lesson learned.

Is the fact that Delaware’s most qualified candidate got 186 votes.  It goes to show the ineffectiveness of running on a third party ticket against an incumbent and the challenger from the previous election before.

It was a noble effort and had an unbelievable amazing amount of support from those outside his district who unfortunately were not able to vote for that candidate.  I think it does point out the prejudice many people have to third parties here in America.  “If you truly were a good candidate, you’d be on the ballot of one of the major parties, so therefore you can’t be that good, especially if I’ve never heard of you.” … I think that line best sums up the thought-process of most average Americans when they go into a booth and decide which button to push…..

It also does show that although voting (for us who love politics) is a never ending passion, it is an enthusiasm that many of our neighbors do not share… When we espouse the absolutely necessity of certain events taking, because they lead to other events to follow which will better their lives, their eyes glaze and they give it as much worth as if the Titans had to beat the Jaguars for your fantasy team to excel….

And it may be for the best.  Our blogging world as lagged without Steve’s daily input. Fights that should have seen the light of day, have languished without the right set of eyes to pull them out from their hiding holes… Perhaps it is better that the brilliance and wisdom of Steve be not confined to the floor of our General Assembly where a coalition could effectively bottle it up and silence it, but be strewn again to the winds of cyberspace where unlimited possibilities lie for it to land and become fertile. An active activist can not be an activist unless he remains active (or something like that).

He will surprisingly find that very few of his acquaintance will ever know the outcome… If they ask, just say you fell short and leave it at that.  That is all they want to know anyway, is if their Steve is back…  The rest of the world goes on, and if you quickly forget, so will they….. (That will be your biggest surprise; how quickly you fit right back into old and people don’t even seem to know you’ve been away.)

Through Steve’s and Catherine’s endeavor to try to launch through a third party, I have received insight….  Money.  One needs a sponsor, a patron with a pocket book, to first build a party; one needs mailers comparable to the other two parties arriving on doorsteps and mailboxes first outlining the need for a third party; and to arrive in off- times long before the election, when one does not automatically throw every lit drop piece in the trash, and is so grateful for a piece of mail, they will actually read it….  Build the idea of a third party first, and see if they will come…

As for a name, from watching this cycle I now lean more to the Greens than either Independents or Libertarians as a name to head the third party… However to counter the notion that Greens are a flaky liberal party of unrealistic aspirations, I would change the name to the Green Money party… (how can anyone not like green money) and a platform as this:  we are for the growth of small businesses, people’s prosperity, which are done in ways to enhance the environment, not destroy it.

Something along those lines…  Could we launch a third party in time for 2016?  We’d need 40,000 people and then in Delaware we could no longer be ignored.  Though not capable of winning on our own, we would by playing off one party against the other, make them both forced to listen to us.  One would think, at least.

Understanding what happened can clearly be seen in Delaware’s vote totals across three election cycles… 2010, 2012, 2014….

We will use John Carney.

2010  John Carney received 173,543 votes over the Republican (Urquhart) : 125,442

2012  John Carney received 249,933 votes over the Republican (Kovach) : 129757

2014  John Carney received 137,245 votes over the Republican (Izzo) : 85142

But from these little glimpse, it appears that there are between 125,000 and 130,000 of Delawareans who consistently come out and vote Republican, no matter what year the election…

Democrats however have fluctuations between 112,688 and 76,390 depending on whether the election is on or off season.

Rose Isso is a hard case to compare anything too, especially when Priscilla Rakestraw admits even she voted for John  Carney… But one can see that in an off election, the Republican’s best 129,757 (Kovach) is only 7488 away from the Democrat’s worst take over these past three elections.

If Republicans can find a candidate as qualified as their state treasurer this year capable of stealing votes away from Democrats as did Simpler, and have several third party candidates siphon off the Progressive protest vote, they could possibly win Congress in 2018… But not 2016… Too many Democrats vote that year….

As post mortem analysis starts to heat up, let us cut to the chase.  The Dem’s received a surprise wave of national majority in 2012 and 2008, because their sleep-walker base was excited to vote. They woke up because they had something on the line…  It would be safe to say that across this nation since before 2000, we naturally tend to go Republican in off years (whereas Delaware becomes evenly balanced) unless  Democratic voters get excited, wake up, and feel they have something on-the-line to vote for; then it becomes overwhelmingly Democratic.

By now it should start to sink in that Democrats had success in 2006, 2008, 2012 because of Obama.  2010 and 2014 will simply prove it, that when you don’t use Obama, you lose big in huge population centers which predominantly now determine each state’s winner. (Example: Virginia is 65-35 Red everywhere except Richmond, Norfolk, and Fairfax County (DC) which since 2008 have been enough to turn VA blue)…

That is the lesson.  Republicans have consistently been excited ever since “dat, der Kenyian took office”…  Democrats need to find the same level of enthusiasm … because they already have the registered votes.  They just can’t get them to vote.

The problem is not GOTV for dems.. They had the best-run machine ever.  It’s the internal excitement, that element of patriotism missing inside every non-Republican voter…

I would be talking about auditor Tom Wagner.  I’m sure Dem’s and Brenda are scratching their heads wondering:  “what happened….”  I’ll tell  you.

I’ll direct your attention here.

election totals

If you click on the above link in another tab, you can see that some parallels occur between the Simpler race and Mayrack one.

What is interesting is that Sussex County gave 41,215 votes for Simpler and 40,156 for Wagner… Meaning that for the most part those voting for Simpler voted for Wagner too. In Kent County, Simpler had 23,190 while Wagner had more, 24,597 (those voting for Green treasurer Chandler then voted  for Wagner). In New Castle County  the spread was tighter.. 55,400 versus 55,332.

Wilmington proper gave the Dem’s their biggest push… Barney got 6,600 and Brenda got 7,500 over their respective Republican opponents.

Now compare these numbers to  the county totals of  Kevin Wade:….. Sussex = 34,067, Kent = 19,527;  Rural New Castle = 43,310; and Wilmington = 1915.

In Sussex 7,000 more voted for Simpler than Wade.  In Kent, that number was 2,800 more. In Rural New Castle County it stood at 12,000.  In Wilmington 1,300.  Statewide, 23,100 votes did not vote for “Mr. Border Ebola” or Mrs. Izzo, but did vote for Simpler, and carried Wagner along for the ride as well….

Brenda lost to Wagner by 10,000 in Kent County, and 21, 000 in Sussex.  She picked up 12,000 extra in the North, shorting her still by about 19.000 in the end.

Statewide, only 6 votes separated the vote totals of Wagner from Simpler, whereas Mayrack picked up 3,700 more votes over Barney.

Despite Mayrack’s dominating performance in the WDEL debate that caused everyone who listened to it to vote for her, downstate too few people heard it to make a difference.

Although we tend to call Delaware a blue state because of our congressional delegation as well as our blue state offices and blue controlled chamber of our General Assembly, it would be best to keep in mind that there are parts of Delaware that aren’t blue at all…

Had not Simpler been such a strong candidate, Wagner wouldn’t have ridden in on his coat tails, thereby making him the luckiest man alive….

Country Appears Headed In the Wrong Direction Polls say……

*The Conference Board said Tuesday that its confidence index climbed to 94.5, the strongest reading since October 2007 before the start of the Great Republican Depression….

*The National Retail Federation said this morning that it expects holiday retail sales to grow 4.1% to $617 billion. That would mark a substantial increase in the rate of growth over both the 3.1% growth seen in 2013 and the 2.9% ten year average.

*Gasoline is averaging $3.01 a gallon nationally—down 8.2 percent from an average $3.28 a year ago, according to AAA figures. Lowest levels in 5 years….(2009)

* Retail sales among private companies with less than $5 million (small businesses)  in annual revenue have seen 4.5 percent growth in annual sales through September of this year. That’s up 5.5 percent from the same period a year ago.

*Today, more Americans have health insurance than ever! before.

* 10 million people who would have previously had to pay full price for any health treatment can now afford an annual checkup, eye glasses, or birth control pills.

*In the (Democratic) states that embraced the ACA’s planned expansion of Medicaid, the government health care program for the poor, the number of uninsured fell by nearly 40%.

*Unemployment hits a six-year low (2008) at 5.9 percent.

*The US economy added 248,000 jobs in September and in an unexpectedly strong report.

* The GDP report was broadly constructive, with the gains broadly based and pointing to positive underlying momentum in the U.S. economy going into the last stretch of 2014.


Since polls are made up, created, and have little bearing in reality as do real things, jobs, salary, hours worked, balance sheets, no out of pocket medical bills, …. one must assume, as would any person possessing their reasonable facilities, that these polls are were either blatantly lying, or were deceptively created through cherry picking the prospects, in order to create the illusion its authors “wanted” to create……..

If someone tells you the sky is green outside, do you stay in your cubicle and say “oh wow” … or do you take a break and go outside to see …. it’s as blue as it ever was?


We finally got hard working America back on its feet after the last Republican Congress and Republican president gave us the largest economic Depression since the Great Depression of 1929:  Properly known as “The Republican Depression of 2008”! …..  Are you truly going to put them back in power to do it all over again?

If you don’t vote…. then you just did…  It all comes down to that… If every single one of you votes, then the real results like these will continue “AS FAR AS THE EYE CAN SEE”….

No matter what the “lying” polls say…..

Verrrry  Interesssttiiinnnggggg.....

Courtesy of Arte Johnson

As the Republicans have said, one party rule has gone on long enough… At least here in Delaware…This makes sense… If there are two parties and one is evil…. by comparison… the other appears good… That happened to the Republican Party in 2008 when it was run by the same person who is running it now….

Back then, giving any vote to evil, meant you were hamstringing good.

That is no longer the case… Those in the Democratic Party, due to there being no elected Republicans to suck up large donations, have themselves taken on that undesirable activity. We have Democrats just as bad as Republicans who were kicked out in 2008.

It seems like partisan means nothing anymore… Education is one example, Environment is another, curtailing the police is a third, and in Wilmington, improving the police is a fourth…

The big things are almost done. Gay marriage is firmly in place. FOIA is prevalent throughout our state government. Marijuana is almost legal.

Left to do are a registration process for our guns, higher taxes on the one percent and corporations, and re-engaging the pursuit of an offshore Windfarm miles off Bethany Beach, and especially the elimination of Common Core as a curriculum and the abolishment of the litany of stupidized standard tests.

These things have protractors and detractors in both parties. David Sokola is tied with Greg Lavelle as being the worst human catastrophe for the educational system in our state… One is a Democrat, the other Republican. Both should go.

We have a former office phone answerer running for State Treasurer who is a Democrat, versus an experienced hedge fund manager who is a Republican… In this case, voting for the Democrat is a disservice to this state.

We have a long-term Republican auditor who has done nothing… And one of the top minds in the state who will do much, if given the opportunity… This one needs to go Democratic.

In the 22nd representative district, Pike Creekish area, we have one of the best minds in the state, Steve Newton, running as neither a Republican or a Democrat.. but a Libertarian… This is one non-major party person that we need to get in; for both your sanity and mine…

In Sussex we have extreme conservatives who have split from the Republican party and are running on Ipod… If you are any bit of a Conservative at all, they REALLY need your vote to carry your ideas forward. From this far out, it looks like next year there will be zero conservative representation period (RINO’s don’t count), that is if Sussex Countians don’t leave the Republican Party in droves and vote for these Independents… These guys need to be voted in by Conservatives otherwise Conservatism in Delaware is DEAD.

I’ve been struggling to find a big picture to all of this and the best one I can find, is that if your candidate is a patsy for BIG MONEY, regardless of party, he needs to be replaced by the better candidate… that candidate who fears you and will listen to you, more than Jack Markell…

We can see it in education. Where the big money lines up the center, and instead of legislators being there to express your views and concerns, they act more like bureaucrats and figure how they can finagle things through a vote so you neither know or care what happens.

Big money which ruined Washington, is now ruining Delaware. Some incumbents are good. Bryan Townsend, John Kowalko, Ernie Lopez, Cathy Cloutier, come to mind. Some Democrats, some Republicans. All these fight to take on the issues that are endorsed by the Governor, because that is what their constituents want…

But other candidates have been bought. Greg Lavelle, Senate 4th, condemned your child to the Smarter Balanced Assessments for a guest appearance our governor got for him on Politico with Chuck Todd. Many in General Assembly (represented by both parties) are in cahoots with banks, insurance houses, and charter school organizations. All pursuing cash dollars and not your interests…

What I’m saying is that (and some Democrats will freak) that it does not matter who controls the House or Senate this term by party… What does matter is that you put in the best person you can… A person who wants to run to represent you, and not someone having his bills paid by someone so he can represent them…

How can you tell? There is one vote that gives it away… Those voting for the Smarter Balanced Assessment, a test that will hurt and destroy your child, care only about the money… Those voting against, again, represented by both parties, care deeply about family values and children in general…

YOU can check out the House vote here... and the Senate vote here… This litmus test, of who is bought and who is not, can help you make the right choice when you go into the booth and push some buttons to make little lights light up…

Time to lighten up all of Delaware by getting rid of the junk just taking up weight…. If you see a Y… it is safe to remove them, no matter what party they call home….

This election needs to be decided by a district to district vote. Not a statewide partisan one. Each citizen needs to do some ground work and learn about their two candidates and then vote their conscious… Forget about affiliation… Party loyality is just an arbitrary designation designed to establish clarity… Right now, clarity actually shows us that those who were bought out, need to be replaced by those who cannot be….

Democratic. Republican. Independent. Libertarian… This time parties don’t matter. Please look hard and vote for the best person because they will listen to you, and please ignore the bought-out governor and his masters.