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it is legend that during the Revolutionary War after a truly defeatist year was in its last week buoyed by two significant victories at Trenton and Princeton, that this occurred.

Washington’s army was to disband at year’s end.  Their enlistment time had expired and they would soon be free to go home.

This was not a well equipped army we are talking about.  Many had no shoes to speak of. It was cold, it was snowy, they lived in huts heated only by fires, and most had been away from their farms and families for over 2 years.  They couldn’t wait to get back.

Washington near the very last day of December, called them all out on their last review… He lined them up. A motley crew they were too… With his sword  he walked down the column of men digging a line in the dirt just feet away from their toes…

He then got on his horse, said a few words, thanked them for their service, and then said he would like to ask all to re-volunteer for another term of service, if they didn’t they’d be free to go….

He waited.  of course no one stepped across!… He waited again… No one stepped… He waited some more…..

Allegedly after about 20 minutes, finally one person, we know not whom, said the 18th Century version of “aw fvck it” and stepped across the line… A murmur ran up and down the line… “what is he, fvckin’ crazy?” or whatever the equivalent was back in that day and time.

Ten minutes passed and another, then another, and another all stepped across the line. By an hour, only a few standouts who really had hoped to be on their way soon, still had not crossed over… Realizing how they would be viewed by history, they too crossed and Washington then thanked them for all stepping up to come to the aid of their country, saying their family and friends would be eternally grateful…

I’ve always wondered what would have happened if that one person would never have started the process?  Would anyone else have stepped up? … Would that have been the end of the USA right then and there?  What arguments went on in that one persons head?  What singular thought pushed him to decide to carry on and by his single action, avoid the disbandment of the Continental Army of 1777 and enable it to carry through 1778 on into 1783?

We hold Washington to be a hero, “Father of Our Country” we used to call him.  However the real hero was that one single man, unnamed, who first stepped across that line and then all those heroes who joined him….. All we see around us today, comes from that.


The parallel is pretty obvious if you’ve been paying attention to what is going on….  The middle class is being manipulated into becoming a servant class… Instead of the middle class leading, we are following… Instead of the middle class picking and choosing our destiny, we are picking and choosing among the insignificant crumbs left after the power brokers have had their food. The destruction of the middle class is being done by purpose and by design, little by little with every New Deal piece of legislation that gets overturned…. in order to make things easier for “business” to prosper and thrive.

When you control who can vote and who cannot, you don’t really have a democracy. When you control who can get their message out and who cannot, you don’t have a democracy.  When you control all aspects of employees lives, you don’t have privacy and without privacy, you can’t have a real democracy….

Much damage to democracy itself has taken place since 2000. This 2014 election is the last time to stop it before the events we have seen begun, begin to take over.  As all know, it is easier to keep something still standing than it is to tear it down and rebuild it back again… once it gets torn down, it will take a terrible  event similar to the Great Depression to motivate people to attempt the difficult task and rebuild it back…

If Republicans win, and we are being told that certainly looks probable because very few Democrats will go out to vote, then what has taken place over these past four Tea Party years will continue for at least the next 30…  Expect government shut downs for the slightest provocation.  Repeal of insurance for millions.  More money and power and citizen’s rights flowing to our bosses and less to ourselves.  Banishment for minorities at the polls and more acts of brutality to “keep them in their place.”  It has happened across history, in very many civilizations and if we go that way, we certainly won’t be the first.

It is sad and very likely to take place…  just like it was quite predictable before the end of 1777 that the Continental army would disband and this fledging nation give up its ghost. The only thing that can possibly stop it is… for all registered Democrats to actually get up and vote…  I know it is a hardship.  I know it takes time to stand in line. I know all that… But I also know what will happen if you don’t. If any Democrat doesn’t…  It’s basically over for anyone not making millions this very moment.  There will be no hope for a better future… It only gets worse.  There will be no help coming in the form of Hillary Clinton, or whomever.  They too, like Obama, will have to deal with a Republican Senate and House…. one who’s majority cares very little for anyone making less than 10 million a year.

This time, is it… This is the one election, ….after losing the battle of 2010, after winning a little back in 2012, it is this election that will either keep or break the back of the middle class…. We know what has to be done… Keep our Health Care Affordable…Reverse Citizens United… Eliminate big money from deciding all policy. Get rid of ID voting. Do something constructive with antiquated drug laws.  Do something sensible about immigration. Do something beneficial to women… Pay people more… while keeping our costs down… And strengthen Social Security and Medicare so it will be there when we need it…

When one party is only concerned with giving the top one percent a tax cut, no matter what that action will befall the rest of the nation,  it is time to do the one single thing you can do that is something constructive…

Vote this Tuesday.

Question is:  will you?

(and Independents (including Libertarians))

There are hundreds of reasons.  The major one history…. This one is a small, insignificant one, but added to the heap of others it provides amazing clarity…

“Democrats are seen an more willing to work with the other party, by a margin of 52% to 27%.

Take ten random people and line them up….  5 of those now see Democrats as the more willing to work with the other party.  3 of those see Republicans as willing to work.  2 others are on the sidelines waiting to see what happens…..

Add those 2 to the Democrats 5, and you have a super majority that can pass legislation without worrying how it helps or hurts the other party.   But add those 2 to the Republican side, you at best, will get stalemate, at 5 vrs. 5…….

Meaning that there is only one way to go. Swear not to vote for a Republican, ever, and if you are a Conservative, go out and find a Conservative democrat.  Trust me, they are out there.  As one looks across the Democrat party today, one sees much complaining that Democrats from conservative districts, are too conservative….  

Voting for a Democrat will never hurt you or the nation.  Voting for a Republican does, every time they win an office….  Don’t feel sad; they brought it upon themselves…. 

(This is not some political spew; it is a thoughtful rendition of the reality faced by America today. If the roles were reversed, I’d be championing the other party.)