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I’m calling on the Attorney General to investigate the finances of one Earl Jacques….  Something is not right… A bill that will open Charter Schools to the same scrutiny that every other user of taxpayer dollars must succumb, is being held-up in Earl Jacques committee, even after the entire committee voted to put it on the floor and the Earl’s vote was the only dissenting vote against it….


We know charter schools are thieves… In the news right now, we have a charter school that used $150,000 of state money for various interests… How much of that went to Jacques for protection money?

We know charter schools are thieves… In the news right now, we have 7…. get that…. 7 charter schools that have improprieties in their finances… (polite substitute for STEALING)…. How much of that money went to Jacques for protection?

We know that charter schools are bad for kids… Yet Earl Jacques has continuously supported them…. How much of their stolen money from public schools, went to pay for government protection?

It takes a thief to defend a thief…. and Earl Jacques is defending Charter Schools… There is no question that charter schools steal… There is no question that Earl Jacques is defending Charter Schools… Therefore if you defend  thieves…. you must be a __________ yourself…. (fill in the blank)…..

That is why we need an immediate investigation into the personal finances of one Earl Jacques…   something is not right…  There is no way a committee chair will hold a bill that has been voted to be released by a margin of 8 to 1 in order to keep it from being voted by the full House…  UNLESS he was paid to do so….

There is not any other reason… The status quo hurts kids.  The status quo hurts taxpayers.  The status quo hurts Delaware’s credibility to be a good corporate overseer… When one thief can hold back legislation for a tiny bit of blood money… then no honest corporation will be safe in Delaware…

Our entire state’s credibility, hewn across countless generations but mostly after the Honorable Pete DuPont’s governorship… is now about to evaporate into thin air because of one country bumpkin…… Earl jacques… who won’t release a bill that calls for charters to have audits done…

Get that…. A silly bill…. to have audits done on charters is scaring Earl Jacques so much, he is violating constitutional precedent and years of tradition…. by holding back a bill that needs quick action if it is to pass before the end of session.  Why is Earl Jacques so scared of audits being done on charters???   What does he know?  What does he fear?

Which is why, we need the Attorney General to investigate the personal finances of one Rep. Earl Jacques…..

WE should start with a Grand Jury Investigation….   And we need, at minimum, 10,000 of you to petition the Attorney General to open a grand jury investigation into the personal finances of a thief…. Take one quick minute and send an email demanding an investigation into Earl Jacques’ finances:  Attorney.General@State.DE.US

After all..  Only a thief…. protects other thieves… and we all know…. Charter Schools are Delaware’s second biggest thieves….

There was a lot of political flack when Deldot during the late months of the Minner administration finally discovered that the Indian River Bridge they had  contracted and was being built, was structurally unsafe and had to be demolished with one being built anew. (thanks JoAnne.)

The bridge would collapse.  It made no sense to continue building it. And it would certainly make no sense to let people drive across it… So they tore it down, and rebuilt the magnificent bridge that is there today…. then sued the engineers who cost us money.

Though there was plenty of blame being thrown back and forth as to whose fault it was, I don’t think I heard anyone argue for continuing the building of that bridge because we needed to handle more traffic getting across the inlet….


Contrast that with the Smarter Balanced today… The governor’s task force acknowledges the massive horrific deficiencies of the entire Smarter Balanced system, but argues for it, saying:… “We need testing to measure results…. ”


Contrast that with Earl Jacques caricature of representing the Educational Overseeing Committee of the Delaware House.  “Though these tests are extremely flawed and dangerous, we still need these tests to measure results…..”


Contrast this to the governor stating that even though these tests are “not the best”; have considerable “deficiencies”‘; are “doing the best they can”, they must be used because we wouldn’t have a measurement of our schools otherwise.


So what is entirely different between tearing down a failing bridge and supporting a failing test regime?  It is this:  no one they know is going to take that harmful test; everyone they know at some point has to drive over that bridge….

Imagine if we’d kept that bridge simply because we got rid of the old one first?   Well, that is exactly what is happening with this Smarter Balanced Assessment…. It is unsafe,  (100% child psychologists say do not let your child take this test) and supposedly because we don’t have another one, we are keeping it open so when it does collapse ….. it will because of our stupidity take a lot of people with it….


Here is where you can see your child’s questions…. (and answers, thank heavens)

And here is where you can go to experience the hieroglyphics needed to navigate the math pages, to fully understand the manual frustration which is a part of this test.

Now ask these questions:

Is this a genuine reflection upon what my child knows?

Is this material consequently even necessary for my child’s future knowledge?

Should my child have a low score permanently etched on his record for life over this one test?

Why should my child’s long adult life be decided by the results of this one test?  (Arne Duncun:  “We should know by grades one or two if a child will be going to college”.)

What would have happened to you, if you had been exposed to such as a student and held back because of your low score?  How would your life have been if the opportunities you had, had been withheld because you were deemed unworthy by a one day test you did in say, 3rd Grade?

Then contact your legislator

A good starter question for them would be….. have you even seen these tests?  A second good question would be… oh my… how low did you score?

Then call your school….

Hello, this is ________________  mother of ___________________ .  When is my child supposed to take the Smarter Balanced Assessments?… I want him opted out, and if you can’t do that, please let me know and we will just not have him show up for a medical condition on those days…  Yes. I’ll hold…..  ….. ….. ….. ….. …..  Oh, Hi, Ms Principal…. I’m the mother of ________________ and I don’t want this Smarter Balanced Test Score on his permanent  record…  What must I do to MAKE SURE THAT NEVER HAPPENS?  OK, April 22nd, and 23rd?   Ok,,, thank you, thank you… so very much…


Let’s get this done, people.  Let’s get this over.  Let’s move on to better things for ourselves and our children.

As the battle to opt-out heats up, we hear from the spokes-legislators of the DOE against it, but not so much from those on the side of parents… Granted the DSEA (teachers’ association) and the PTA both support opting out… and we have John Kowalko’s bill HB 50 removing all penalties to children whose parents opt them out,…. we really don’t have enough noise coming out of legislative hall regarding this single most important issue….

I think we need riots.

Hopefully they come later.  For now we need bills on the floor that limit the damage these tests will do to future children.

As I have said, there is nothing wrong with raising a bar if all understand that raising the bar is just another way to describe the status quo… Poverty for example will still exist and the knowledge retained in each poor students brain will be exactly the same by year’s end, no matter where the cut line for scores gets set…..

They know what they know whether 70% fail, or 70% pass…. It is simply a judgment call where the line will get set in order for politicians to make some hay….

The problem all contend, is that these bogus tests will have real consequences… Instead of rating a teacher on how well she/he teaches, she is rated on how many of her kids are “above” the cut line…. and how many are “below” the cut line. Forget whether they learned anything this year.. Forget that they passed all the in class tests showing they “got it” this year.  Forget that despite their tough inner city lives, they actually learned something and became better future citizens for it…  Because under this regime, absolutely none of that matters…

When an independent agency hired by the DOE to rate teachers to high standards came up that 99% of teachers were proficient, the head of the DOE said the agency was flawed.  When an independent agency hired by the DOE to certify whether our improving schools were improving gave two “A’s” to two of the priority schools, the head of the DOE said that agency also was flawed.. Even though it was the University of Delaware.

This DOE ignores all evidence contrary to its make-believe positions…

So here is what this little state can do…. (modeled off Florida’s recently passed test reform law)….

I   Cap the amount of out of class standard testing to 45 hours….. There are 180 days of 6 hrs each in a school year; 1080 hours leaving 1035 for subject instruction. This high number of test hours accomodates upper-classmates taking the SAT, PSAT, ACT, and AP exams.  It necessarily eliminate the Smarter Balanced for that grade level…

II.  Eliminates the state’s 11th grade exam in language arts.  This test is redundant after the 10th grade test, and makes room for all the other tests juniors must take.

III.  Reduce the weight of student performance on tests from 50 percent to 5 percent of teachers’ evaluations.  This is  what research  consistently tells us is a teachers’ impact versus poverty, lack of parents, early childhood abandonment, hunger, abuse, and self survival. Thus only if a teacher was marginal in all other capacities, would her test scores even matter in her evaluation.  This accomplishes the prime goal of letting teachers teach, and using the tests to gather information on what works and what doesn’t.  Teachers in poverty schools need not worry about a scores impact; they can continue teaching their hearts out.  Teachers in wealthy schools need not worry about a scores impact;  they too can teach their hearts out.

IV.  Require an independent panel (no educational corporation  or non-profit board members) to assess the validity of the new Smarter Balanced Assessment.

V.  Assess the validity over whether scores from this test can ever be used to determine school performance on the state’s signature A-F accountability system….

VI.  Require a uniform assessment calendar to be used by all schools, especially corrupt Charters intent on buying Mercedes  with non-refundable excess student transportation funds.

VII.   Allows districts flexibility in measuring student performance in subjects for which there is no state exam

VIII.  Bars schools from administering final exams in courses for which there are already standardized end-of-course tests


We need a bill like this to hit the desk this month… That is the legislature’s job,….is it not?

smarter balanced math

Mark Murphy’s Quote here:

“It is an academic checkup.  I think that’s incredibly important for our parents to remember is that at the end of the day we want to make sure as parents that our children are making adequate progress.  That progress that they need to make so that they are ready after high school to be successful.  And the Smarter Balanced Assessment that we will administer once a year provides an academic checkup for parents, for kids, for educators.   Is that child on track?  It’s nothing more than that.”

“But that aside, the information is powerful.  It provides all of us with an understanding about how our children are doing.  First and foremost, the kids themselves, but right on through us policy makers.  And if we do not have the ability to measure the progress our kids are making, then we do not have the ability to make great educational decisions, from the classrooms right through to the Legislature.”

“But let’s not overdo it here, cause some of this nonsensical test prep work that has gone on over recent decades does not help kids.  What we need to do is make sure that kids have great, real, authentic problems to solve in school and that they are demonstrating their knowledge in real life kind of ways”…

Just paging all scientists and engineers:  Does anyone out there use fractionated exponents?   This one never has…. There are far simpler ways to express the above problem…

x divided by the square root of x, (which obviously would be another square root of x since it is it’s own square root.

What the above question does is hand a child a rubiks cube…  with multiple sides requiring manipulation simultaneously on which any block gets misplaced, the entire question is marked wrong…

The concept or Common Core standard being herein expressed is:  does the child know that two similar square roots multiplied back together will give him the original number?

Yes. but even though the child knows that standard, this test will not allow him to express that since he will most likely make a mistake on one of this question’s seven complicated steps….

If the Smarter Balanced Assessment simply asked… what happens when you multiply two square roots of the same number together….. some of what Mark Murphy may have said would ring true….

But it is this test.  This test which does the opposite of what Mark Murphy, Jack Markell, Dave Sokola, Greg Lavelle, Penny Schwinn, Earl Jacques say it is supposed to do…

All this test does is hand your child a messed up rubiks cube and say “here: figure this out and if you don’t WE WILL FAIL YOU; FIRE YOUR TEACHER; AND CLOSE YOUR WHOLE SCHOOL”…….

This test and philosophy have got to go, and only you can eradicate it by exerting your God given will to control your child’s education….. You must opt out to save your child…..

(and this was the easiest question on the test….)

“A five-year old child watched helplessly as his younger brother drowned. In that same year, glaucoma began to darken his world, and his family was too poor to afford medical help that might have saved his sight. Both of his parents died during his teens. Eventually he was sent to a state institution for the blind. Because he was African-American, he was not permitted access to many activities, including music. Given the obstacles he faced, one could not have predicted that he would someday become a world-renowned musician. His name is Ray Charles.”

And so to make better musicians, we need to kill their siblings, poke out their eyes, withhold income from those children’s parents, prevent their parents from receiving medical care, put them in an orphanage, limit their activities, especially including limiting their access to music……

Ludicrous?  Most certainly.  Horrible too.

So why are we taking this exact same pathway with the Smarter Balance Assessments?  Where did this idea come from that to get children to learn we have to psychologically traumatize them, shock them with torture, to make them become better students?

Ray Charles rose above his conditions.  But to force his conditions on all potential musicians in order to make more Ray Charleses, is flat out idiotic.

Yet that is exactly what Mark Murphy and the Department of Education did when they approved the use of the Smarter Balanced Assessment… That is exactly what Greg Lavelle did when he switched his vote from nay to yay and this test became required for all students…..

There are potential risks and costs to grit. It may not always be productive to persevere in the face of challenge. For example, persevering to accomplish goals that are extrinsically motivated, unimportant to the student, or in some way inappropriate for the student can potentially induce stress, anxiety, and distraction, and have detrimental impacts on a student’s long-term retention, conceptual learning, or psychological well-being. Careful research is still necessary to help educators learn how to protect students and to gauge and fine-tune practices and interventions.

Careful research is exactly what was NOT done before Dave Sokola rolled this program out to our students… You now, as parents only have one alternative left to save your child’s education… OPT YOUR CHILD OUT…

Jacques Equals Joke In FrenchRepresentative Jacques:  French for “Joke”Stupid Town USA

If you live in anywhere on the western border in this state between the Canal and Pencader Industrial Park, you are part of the problem… YOU elected a real “doofus” for your representative…

One cannot blame the Markell administration for butting off John Kowalko and putting this doofus in his place on the House Education Committee… It makes perfect and very good sense to do so if you want to further an agenda that is extremely harmful to every single Delawarean man, woman, and child, and instead  push through your agenda which will make you extremely wealthy….

Those putting Doofus in power were not dumb… Those electing Doofus may not of have been dumb originally… Granted they are a lot smarter now…

If you live under a stone, you are probably wondering…. Gee, why is the great honorable kavips calling out this fellow human being of his to be a doofus…..

The answer is this statement….

“That one little test” in reference to the Smarter Balanced Assessment.   Here is his full statement…. “That one little test would not be a big deal added to what we would barely have.  I think (the opt out bill) is just a quick reaction to an issue that really, we’re not sure there is an issue.” -Delaware State Rep. Earl Jaques

Now here is the killer…. His particular use of phrasing, “that one little test” belies his complete understanding of how dangerous and deadly this test is to young children…  If he was truly ignorant as I pretended above, he would have called it out by name, as what every normal human being ever existing on this planet would have done. Something along these lines:   “The Smarter Balanced Assessment” or “This new test”  or  “This test foisted upon us by RTTT and Rodel and my buddy, ole pal, Jack Markell and his deputy, Mark Murphy”…. well….. you get the idea….

But the very fact that he dimunized it with the words…. “That one little test”… shows he is all too aware of the damage it will cause ….

Therefore instead of being a doofus, someone like this….

Hey Jacques Markell Speaking

We got someone who knows the harm he is doing and knows it very well… someone who also knows he has to lie through his teeth since what he is proposing is something so despicable that no one will ever let him accomplish what he wanted willingly.  Therefore he has no choice but use deceit….  Someone like this….

Moustache You A Question Rep Jacque

At 20 million people, the above still stands as the most horrid of human beings…  Today, there are up to 130,000 Delawarean children forced to take the Smarter Balanced Assessment who will lose their entire future if allowed to go forward.  That is a fair start upon the 20 million figure.

What we have here is a conniving, hateful, horrid, insecure, manipulative, disgruntled, runt of a human being who was used by his manipulators to push forward “their” agenda.  An agenda so horrid, so distasteful, so horrendous, even they could not,  even in their bad manipulative conscious, undergo it themselves…. They needed a puppet, and that is what these voters in the 27th have given up….

It is they who need to jerk the rug from under this person’s feet… He is sending all children to purgatory, or hell depending upon your beliefs with this Smarter Balanced Assessment… And only his neighbors showing at his door (which btw is:  82 Cann Rd, Newark DE 19702) with shotguns, AR 47’s, rifles, pistols, crossbows, and Gatling guns, in order to persuade him the folly of his position, can stop this train from jumping off its tracks and blowing up every school in this state….

When you confront the demon, be polite…. assume he doesn’t know…. Treat him as a Goober, and not a pathological Stalin….   You know the truth, he knows the truth, and if the Smarter Balanced Assessment is derailed as every Delawarean parent who has taken the test well knows and certainly wishes, we can move on.  But do show up with guns.  🙂  (It is why we all protect the 2nd Amendment so arduously, is it not?)

Turtle Eyes


This kind…

Doesn’t he have an election coming up soon?  If so, how can anyone expect to make a credible run for Attorney General IN THIS STATE, AFTER BEAU BIDEN’S TERM,  and be guilty of keeping a tiny little bill, which has no harm but opens all board meetings to being recorded and accessible on line?

Only Simon Barsinister could be against something so inane… Or…. Hmmmmm…. Somebody … With… Something…. To …. Hide….

Three lines of simple code: All boards of education of public school districts, vocational-technical high school districts, and all boards of directors of charter schools shall digitally record all of their public meetings and shall make the recordings available to the public on the districts’ or charter schools’ websites within seven (7) business days of each meeting.  These recordings are not official board minutes, but are a means to enhance communication to the public and to State legislators.…….

Hmmm.  Now… Why would the surprise future attorney general, be sooooo adamant, even to the point of losing an election over blocking legislation so inane, that all it does is open school boards of all things, open to the public as a service… Anyone can walk into a school board and hear exactly the same thing they’d hear on tape… But sometimes… a diaper needs changed.  But sometimes, a family meal needs prepared.   Sometimes extra work for the office must be done for deadline the next day…. Darn we say now….I guess we won’t get to know what happened…

So why?  Why is HB 23 being put on ice as my compatriot Kilroy is found of saying.  Who is soooooo scared someone will find out what is really going on in school board meetings?  Is it Charlie Copeland?   Is it Mark Murphy?  Is it… Darryl Scott?   Is it Pete Schwartzkoph?

Hmmm.  I wonder if it has any sponsors in the General Assembly right now?

HOLY MOLY!!!!!!  LOOK AT THIS!!!   Sponsors:  Hudson, Sen. Peterson, Reps. Dukes, D. Short, Miro, Peterman, Wilson, Baumbach, Bennett, Mitchell, K. Williams; Sens. Hocker, Lavelle, Simpson, Townsend….

Is Pete Schwartzkoph there?….. No…… Is Bryon Short there?  ….. No……  Is Melanie George Smith there?….. No……  Is Valarie Longhurst there?……. No…… Is Darryl Scott there?  … No….Is Earl Jacques there?…… No  Is Patty Blevins there? …… No……  Is Quentin Johnson there? …. No….   is John Viola there?…… No….  Is Ernie Lopez there?….. No?

Hmmmmmm…   What do those all have in common…… 🙂   Hmmmmmmmmmmmm….  Do they all drink their coconut milk imbibed with lime?  …. No…..   Do they all call each other up and wear the same color of underwear each daily session?…… No……  Ummm.   Do they all have the same Delaware extension tatoo’d to their buttocks?….. Ummmm…..M a y… b e…….

It is someone with a lot to hide; that is for sure…  And it is nobody from here:

Red Clay, Christina, Capital, Delmar, Brandywine and Colonial currently already voluntarily record their board meetings! As well as the Delaware State Board of Education records their meetings!

So why is this something that has to be kept secret, and never brought to pass?….. Because we are not talking about individuals  VOTING on a bill…They could vote YEA or NEA and it wouldn’t matter!  What concerns us and you, is the pure morality of  KEEPING A BILL FROM BEING VOTED FOR YOU BECAUSE IT WILL PASS….

So according to its sponsor, Deborah Hudson,  Matt Denn is sitting on this bill….  He is doing it to protect someone else, to whom perhaps he is loyal….  How seriously then, were a procedural crime to be committed requiring a judicial investigation, can he be trusted to dig and search for the truth instead of whitewashing the whole affair to protect this same someone, when he can’t even be trusted to get a vote for heaven’s sakes….on  a voice recording of  school board meetings,  out on to the floor for a vote?   Let that sink in for a second….  Really?

Put all else aside…..  Really?

IS that really the kind of attorney general we want after Beau Biden….  a crony?

Really?  He’s going to throw his whole career away …. on that?

Really?  Why would he do that?   But it is definite a campaign issue, like blocking the GW bridge, one that resonates and will stick, because EVERY parent has a child in school….Whether they would ever listen themselves or not, this concerns them now… They too will question:  why is Matt Denn, who is running for Attorney General, trying so hard to keep information regarding my kid and his friends, from ever being made public??? Hmmmmm….

Seriously, this blemishes his entire pro-family  image he developed while serving as our insurance commissioner.  This makes him one of the snakes…..  with those evil eyes…..

The new Charter School of Wilmington will be 2800 students.

Christina District currently sends out $3701 per every child it sends to charters.  That amount varies depending on district, but just to get an idea, let us use that figure.

The new school will take 2800 students….   Therefore 2800 students times that dollar amount equals $10,362,800…  This amount to paraphrase Ross Perot in the 1992 campaign, will act as a giant sucking sound siphoning off of all 4 districts created out of the desegregation debacle.  Christina, Red Clay, Colonial, and Brandywine….

Systemwide those 4 districts currently have 55,794 students….  Subtract the 2800 out of them, and systemwide there are now 55,294 students left…

The loss of $10,362,800 across those 4 districts of 55,294 boils down to an average loss of $196 per student.

Go to the state’s website, click on your district, click on your school… Your student population should appear on a graph. Hover on the top of the last dot on the graph, (that would be 2014) and the student population appears in a little white box. Take that number and times it by $196 to get the shocking revelation of what this Charter costs your school….

This represents the drain of resources this giant charter will cost this area… $196 per child…  The reality is that in some districts it will be much worse.  If by some slim chance all of the students came out of Red Clay for example, the real cost of this charter would be $566 per student and none of the other districts would be affected….  But in reality most likely it will be split, though not equally.  Best guess is Christina and Red Clay each pick up a third of the loss, Brandywine and Colonial split the remaining third as sharing two pieces of 1/6th……  If so, the losses to each district would run thusly:

Christina   933 students lost   $3,453,033     total students in district (16721)    adjusted district total (15,788)  loses $218 per student across entire district

Red Clay   934 students lost  $3,456,734       total students in district (18295)    adjusted district total (17,361)  loses $196 per student across entire district

Brandywine   467 students lost   $1,728,367     total students in district (10802)    adjusted district total (10335)  loses $167 per student across entire district

Colonial     466 students lost   $1,724,666    total students in district (9976)    adjusted district total (9510)  loses $181 per student across entire district

Just a guess… So now, go to your school and figure out its total loss per school, per grade, and per class….


Your child is losing this part of your tax dollars so those owning the new school get rich.  There is really no other honest explanation.. They can’t teach better.  They can’t discipline better.  In fact, if one takes the charter schools across the state, and isolates them by income, they all under-perform the public schools on the same economic level….   A public school with only 8% low income, does better than any charter school with 8% low income.  Likewise a public school with 95% low income, does better than a charter with 95% low income…

What this school does is pull out students from your schools to give them an inferior education, just so those owning the charter school make a profit (rent money) off of your property tax dollars… Property tax dollars that should be going to new and improved services in your districts schools…  

And this in that process, cuts down on the investment of your child… If your child goes to Brandywine in 2015, he will have $167 less spent on him than he will in 2014.  If your child goes to Red Clay, he will have $196 less spent on him in 2015, than he will have in 2014.  If your child goes to Colonial, he will have $181 less in 2015 than in 2014.  If he goes to Christina, he will have less $218 less spent in 2015, than in 2014….

Most likely a referendum will go out asking you to pay more … to cover that difference… And …That is a huge difference.. Figure a class of 23 kids? $5014 less per classroom!… That money will need to come from somewhere or class room performance will have no other choice but to go down…

You will ask… Why do I have to pay more?   The answer will be:  honestly?   … so those owning the Bank of America Building off Rodney Square in Wilmington, get paid….

That is the only reason and that is why you need to take action …. as soon as you finish reading this….

Do you know your Representative or Senator?   Click on those two links and you will soon.

Do you know how to contact them by email or phone?  Go to these email links for House and Senate and you will soon….

Simply express your dissatisfaction with your representative for allowing this to go forward… Right now, that should be enough… Make it explicitly clear you are against the Philadelphiazation of New Castle County’s 4 school districts… We are Delaware!  We are not Chicago. We are not Milwaukee. We are not Washington DC. We are not Philadelphia.   There is no reason except for the greed of a handful of well-connected men (no women), as to why we should trash our school systems as did happen in all those cities…….

Contact them today…..