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Depends on who is lobbying for it….  If it is a vote to fix a problem for “we, the people”,,, it gets killed… If it is a vote for the rich and famous,  it gets walked down the hall to get sufficient signatures… or one would think… by watching Earl Jacques, head of the House of Delegates’ Educational Committee in action….

Earl Jaques is the chairman of the Education Committee in the House… The former chairman was bumped off and this clown was subbed into his place…  When that bill HB 50, that passed 36-3 in the House, passed 14-7 in the Senate, and had previously breezed through this very same committee 8-1 (with the clown vote being the only dissenting one)…. was brought up…… looking over the empty chairs still waiting for reps coming in to fill them, Earl Jacques declared the bill dead….

The next item of business was a bill that benefited his buddies… “the charter school network”… where their motto is…. “Give us your cash today; with it tomorrow, we will play.”… The same empty chairs….

“Get someone to walk this bill down the hall to get the approvals, we don’t need a quorum here…”

And so… whereas chairman Earl Jacques is by state precedent, allowed to act like butt-orafice…because of it… a bill passed 36-3 in the House,  21-7 in the Senate, which should already be on the governors desk, but for two amendments added specifically to force it back into Jacques bailiwick, was laid on the sacrificial table, and the ceremonial knife was driven into its at-that-point, very alive tissue….

And now you know the real reason why John Kowalko was kicked off as chairman and a pig with lipstick was put in….. Opt Out Of Male Lipstick

Caption:  Give Me A Fat Kiss, Kendall….