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To be honest, I never thought I would live to see a Democrat take the fourth district… Never in my wildest dreams.   I hope my previous thoughts were wrong for I certainly do not want to die within 15 days….

Most of it has to do with the candidate, himself..  Dr. Michael Katz.  If one were to wave a magic wand and say that political parties no longer existed, and every man could represent himself if elected…. Dr. Katz would be a shoo in…  Here is why: He is better educated than his opponent, and he thinks before he acts, something Clatworthy is not prone to do. Clatworthy follows the other political tack, you know the one which was quite popular over the past 8 years, that of falling in step with the party and not straying out of bounds….  Both philosophies have their times and places…

But if one had no concern whether he was represented by a Democrat or Republican, then Dr. Katz would be the next representative of the Fourth Senatorial District….

I will show you why Dr. Katz is better for that district during the next term…..

Health Care… we will create a new way of doing health care in Dover sometime during the next term. That is a given, based on the current status of Health Care today.  Am I the only one who thinks bringing a doctor to the table would be a good idea?  Wouldn’t he be the better choice to explain to us, all that gobblygook those insurance reps like to throw our way?  Has the good doctor’s opponent ever had to work with today’s insurance companies to get paid?…..  ” your call is important to us….  Please hang on until the next operator is available….. You have been holding 39 minutes….. music

No doubt you too have seen those same insurance commercials, telling us that national health-care will drive our doctors overseas…. Instead of taking it hook, line, and sinker, should we not instead, ask the good Doctor?

What does his opponent bring to the health care table,….other than a bundle of beliefs?  And it is probably silly at this late point to remind you of just where that bundle of beliefs, which are not new but were spouted afresh during one presidential campaign a full 8 years ago…. winning George Bush the presidency…..  Just where has that bundle of beliefs led this country over the past 8 years….?

When Delaware looked into building a wind farm off Rehoboth’s coast, both sides spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on consultancy fees.   But when it comes to health care, citizens in the Fourth District currently have someone spending thousands of his own campaign money just to apply for that consultancy position… One of these two candidates will be deciding our health care issues for us. It actually makes sense to vote to the Doctor in.  Let’s tap in and get his expert advice for free….

The dead-horse republican platform still beaten by Clatworthy, that one of stressing no taxes, is a misnomer..  Everyone knows that if you grow your economy by funding your appetite on debt, you will soon be out of money…  Eventually, some day, you have to pay it back… Of course when you do, not only do you have to pay back the money that you borrowed, but you also pay back the interest on that deal as well.  In other words you have to pay interest ON TOP OF all the goods and services you currently use and are paying for as you go… Even if you wanted your state to keep its expenditures at current levels, repair roads, fix schools, etc, you would have to slash necessary goods and services,   Since no one can function without basic government services, roads, schools, etc., taxes inevitably will be raised… So just how seriously can we take his pledge to cut taxes?

Oh,…. but Republicans don’t cut taxes…Correct, they just defer taxes down the road, perhaps giving it to one’s children to make up the payments.   If you didn’t believe it before, you should by now based on what we have all witnessed done to our national debt over the last 8 years….

Citizens of the Fourth District need also to be concerned about the education of their children… Who would better understand what it takes to make a doctor out of one of Delaware’s children….?
Someone from a fundamentalist Christian school? Or a doctor? My vote for the education of my own children (if there were no such thing as a Democrat or Republican Party) would certainly go first to someone who was a physician in anesthesiology and is an assistant professor at the Jefferson Medical College of Thomas Jefferson University, as opposed to someone whose claim to fame was that he once sat at the feet of Pat Robertson… Unlike some I am not knocking Regent University. It is just a fact of life that sometimes you need experts to do what they were specialized in… You wouldn’t take your car to a dentist…. likewise vice versa trust your teeth to an engine mechanic…..

Putting political affiliation aside (it won’t mean much this election cycle anyhow) those living in District 4, the Chateau Country, whether wealthy or not, will need someone solid representing them come January for the next two years… Someone solid…

Of course you know Clatworthy’s dad…. But you also know that someone easily bamboozled once they enter lobby heaven, will do the Fourth District more harm then good.

Dr. Mike Katz is no stranger when it comes to dealing with lobbyists…..That is why when Aetna started refusing to cover the anesthesia necessary for colonoscopies, Mike refused to stay silent. Being intimately familiar with the pain and discomfort of colonoscopies experienced by many of his patients, Mike feared that without proper anesthesia, many individuals would simply opt-out of this critical cancer screening. Refusing to let big insurance bully Delawareans, Mike took a stand—and won.

Cancer doesn’t care if you are a Democrat or a Republican.. Let’s hope my fellow voters in the Fourth Senatorial District can be as open-minded.