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A fellow blog (DelawarePolitics.Net) put up a piece decrying why no outrage developed over Takei’s remarks, yet Duck Dynasty and Chick-Fil-A each got pummeled for their remarks.

I thought it a good question.

It boils down to what was said by Clarence Thomas on the Supreme Court…

“Slaves did not lose their dignity (any more than they lost their humanity) because the government allowed them to be enslaved. Those held in internment camps did not lose their dignity because the government confined them.”


Did a black man just say that?

One loses their dignity just being locked up in jail for one night.. Otherwise our jails would be full every night because no one would care.  Plus we see Guantanamo photos.  We see propaganda showing prisoners of  ISIS.  Being locked up even briefly is very damaging to ones dignity. So how is it that one can not lose their dignity or humanity over being locked up for their whole life?

Really, did a black man just say that?

To this date from Clarence Thomas there has been no clarification over this remark.  It stands naked in all its glory just as you read it.

But one has to wonder…. seriously…  What non-human sits on our supreme court?   His statement makes as much sense as if someone said the sun never gave off radiation.

To this Takei replied:

“Justice Thomas was a clown in black face and a disgrace to America who does not belong on the Court.”

So… is there any question that Thomas is a clown?  After that remark by him, there isn’t… Thomas is a clown just like Duck Dynasty was a clown (and still is (has he shaved yet?)) … Chick Fil A owner wasn’t a clown as his actions later proved.  He was simply misinformed prior to his speaking from the heart… Upon being correctly informed he promptly changed his entire attitude to the question in hand…..

So Takei got the clown part right….

Is Clarence Thomas’s face black… In all the photos I’ve seen it is…  He is rather dark even by most African standards

So the remark comes across as true by most people’s standards… We have a clown… with a black face … (most clowns have faces painted white)…

Therefore:  there should be no outrage against Takei (there isn’t) because everything he said was true, quite unlike what was uttered by Chick Fil A’s CEO and Duck Dynasty’s errant head of household….

Case dismissed.