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Really, It's the End

Mikhail Gorbachev, writing in The Washington Post on August 12, observed:

“What happened on the night of Aug. 7 is beyond comprehension. The Georgian military attacked the South Ossetian capital of Tskhinvali with multiple rocket launchers designed to devastate large areas. Russia had to respond. To accuse it of aggression against ‘small, defenseless Georgia’ is not just hypocritical but shows a lack of humanity. . . . The Georgian leadership could do this only with the perceived support and encouragement of a much more powerful force.”

So as Gorbachev implies, does this mean that Georgia’s invasion was a perhaps a “wag the dog” attempt to bolster the McCain campaign? Or was it solely a Georgian effort to embarrass Russia while Putin was at Beijing for the Olympic opening? Was it perhaps the “summer surprise” Karl Rove promised to a group of Dallas businessmen last winter?  Or was it the work of one of McCain’s chief campaign directors, who was previously a paid lobbyist for the nation of Georgia, responsible for planting the seed in Georgia’s president’s head, that the US would back Georgia in its attack against the country of Russia?…

Wouldn’t it be funny for any of the conspiracy theorists still floating around out there…. to put Karl Rove with Mikheil Saakashvili, Georgia’s President, near Georgia just before the invasion? That would be just way too rich…..

Holy smokes… he WAS there ..

So why would Karl Rove be meeting with Georgian President Mikhаil Saakashvili who just happens to launch an unprovoked rocket attack on a sleeping civilian city just hours after declaring a cease fire with the South Ossetian separatist movement? And all this on the opening day of the Olympic Games. Hmmm.

Oh, Karl was on vacation… How convenient….

Remember that scene in the movie The Patriot where Bloody Tarleton burns down the church in which the villagers are hiding, with Keith Ledger’s girlfriend being one of the victims? Vesti radio, a Moscow station is reporting that McCain’s friends, the Georgians, did exactly that to a group of South Ossetians in the town of Tanara

Remember that scene in the last Star War’s episode, as the Dark Lord takes power and one by one, the Jedi knights are assassinated by members of their own troops? That too took place.. Russian peacekeepers “were killed by their own [Georgian] partners in the peacekeeping forces. There is a Russian battalion, an Ossetian battalion, and a Georgian battalion… and all of a sudden the Georgians, Georgian peacekeepers, begin shooting dead their Russian colleagues.”

Those very hard questions are being asked among Georgians, right now… Why would their president do something bordering so close to the lines of lunacy?

The answer is, of course, that was confident he would be backed up by NATO, the European community, and the United States… But still, why on earth would he feel that we as a nation, bogged down in two wars already, would support his revenge war upon his province Ossetia, whom 99.99% of Americans had until he invaded, never heard of?

Because of the US, European, and believe it or not, Israel’s desire for the pipeline coming from the Caspian region of Central Asia, to connection traveling through Turkey, and not being diverted instead through the Russian conglomerate network… Obviously Putin prefers the latter.. Most of the sophisticated weapons used during the conflict, were supplied to the Georgians, by Israel…

Finally there is McCain’s foreign affairs adviser, whose partner received an $800,000 payment from the nation of Georgia just weeks ago… Obviously tied into the inner workings of Georgia’s president’s plans. McCain’s adviser, commonly known as “Mr I-Was-Always-Wrong- On- Iraq”  Randy Scheunemann, would be in a very credible position to have advanced knowledge of the Beijing Olympics attack, and to have coordinated McCain’s campaign with an event happening on the ground half a world away….

In a recent book, which just last week landed in the New Castle Library System, The Century of War, the case is made that if one of two opposing nuclear powers is able to first develop an credible, operational anti-missile defense, even primitive, that can dramatically weaken a potential counter-strike by the opposing side’s nuclear arsenal, the side with missile defense has “won” the nuclear war.

That is the strategy behind our placing of missiles in Poland… If you can remember well enough, Poland signed the missile deal immediately after Russia extended their reach into Georgia proper….Until then, they had always played coy and balked….

Hmmmm. So let’s see if we got this right….. We duped Georgia’s own neocon president, Mikhail Saakashvili, into launching a  surprise attack against an overwhelmingly powerful neighbor, in order to ultimately provided our nation a defense against whatever missiles the Russians could send our way, should we at some later date, choose to invade an area (Iran?) that was deemed by them to be in their strategic interests… And through out the whole process, we could help send McCain into the White House, by drumming up an imminent war against our old foe,  “The Communists”….  Bloggers over seventy, still high as a kite off their blood pressure medications,  could then get all wet and excited and swing the vote over to McCain-Palin 2008.

All joking aside, this new venture will by viewed by the Russians seriously.

Just as we would be highly concerned if say the Russians provide military support for the breakaway province of Sonora, Mexico… Whereas our influence in Georgia would block Russia’s strategic fist-grip over Caspian oil, the Russians in Sonora, would block our strategic access to undocumented workers…

Again all joking aside, this is no laughing matter… Because of the huge miscalculations being made across the board in this great mis-adventure, this international episode has Cheney’s handwriting all over it… It was poorly planned, poorly executed, and poorly argued…

Yep, it’s Cheney’s all right….

Here is the evidence…as compiled by Mike Whitney.

“The United States and Israel are both neck-deep in the “Great Game“; the ongoing war for vital petroleum and natural gas supplies in Central Asia and the Caspian Basin. So far, Putin appears to have the upper-hand because of his alliances with his regional allies–under the Commonwealth of Independent States—and because most of the natural gas from Eurasia is pumped through Russian pipelines.”

“As far as natural resources are concerned Russia’s hand is very strong: It holds 6.6 percent of the worlds proven oil reserves and 26 percent of the world’s gas reserves. In addition, it currently accounts for 12 percent of world oil and 21 of recent world gas production. In May 2007, Russia was the world’s largest oil and gas producer.”

Putin has proven to be as adept at geopolitics as he is at “deal-making”. He has 1) collaborated with the Austrian government on a huge natural gas depot in Austria which will facilitate the transport of gas to southern Europe. He has 2) joined forces with German industry to build an underwater pipeline through the Baltic to Germany (which could provide 80% of Germany’s gas requirements) He has 3) selected France’s Total to assist Gazprom in the development of the massive Shtokman gas field. And he is 4) setting up pipeline corridors to provide gas to Turkey and the Balkans.

“Putin has very deliberately spread Russia’s influence evenly throughout Europe with the intention of severing the Transatlantic Alliance and, eventually, loosening America’s vice-like grip on the continent. Putin’s overtures to Germany’s Merkel and France’s Sarkozy are calculated to weaken the resolve of Bush’s neocon allies in the EU and put them in Russia’s corner.”

Putin is also attracting considerable foreign investment to Russian markets and has adopted “a ‘new model of cooperation’ in the energy sector that would ‘allow foreign partners to share in the economic benefits of the project, share the management, and take on a share of the industrial, commercial and financial risks’”. (M K Bhadrakumar “Russia plays the Shtokman card”, Asia Times) All of these are intended to strengthen ties between Europe and Russia and make it harder for the Bush administration to isolate Moscow.

Putin has played his cards very wisely, which makes it look like the fighting in South Ossetia may be Washington’s way of trying to win through military force what they could not achieve via the free market.

Clearly, no one, especially Cheney, was expecting Russia to react as quickly or as forcefully as they did. In a matter of hours Russian tanks and armored vehicles were streaming over the border while warplanes bombed targets throughout the south. The Bush-Saakashvili strategy unraveled in a matter of hours.

Poor Cheney. This past week he tried to drum up support for WWIII.
Cheney’s week-long trip to the Caucasus was organized with two objectives in mind; to isolate Russia from its allies in Europe and speed up NATO membership for Georgia and Ukraine. He has failed on both counts.

Again Michael Whitney:

“The ashen-faced Veep flew from Baku to Kiev, from Kiev to Tiblisi, from Tiblisi to Cernobbio; rattling his saber and railing in typical Cold War style to anyone who would listen, but his efforts amounted to nothing. No one in Europe wants a confrontation with Russia or another decades-long year nuclear standoff. Besides, Putin has spent the last eight years building partnerships and creating an expansive energy network that provides vast amounts of oil and natural gas to European homes and industries. Europe depends on Russia now and wants to maintain friendly relations.”

Sometimes prose is pure poetry. Ashen-face….how perfectly done.

Here my Republican friends, is how it happened. Cheney got bogged down in Iraq; Putin got Europe to see Russia as a better business partner. My Republican friends read the papers but can’t connect the dots. While Cheney was in the Caucasus trying to drum up war… French President Nicolas Sarkozy was communicating to all parties and providing the solution.

The solution?   Keep stupid-ass, bumbling America out of the region entirely. This is the great Bush/Cheney/McCain legacy. The once powerful America, previously respected the world over during the Clinton era, has now been reduced to its mere shadow, a frenetic pool of celebrity struck gaga-girly-girls, chasing after any tidbit it can find involving a hot-looking 44 year old governor in a state with fewer people than Delaware…. That is the legacy of the Bush/Cheney/McCain administration.  Oh course my Republican friends can pretend like… it isn’t so.. Of course my Republican friends can still  pretend like their party still has some self respect… But, as they will eventually find out…..sometimes truth hurts,.. sometimes you look inside your checkbook and realize that hey,… you are flat broke…No amount of blame-throwing, pretension, or ignorance will change that fact…. It’s there .. It’s a fact… and it hurts…

It’s a fact that today no foreign power takes us seriously. Under the revolving leadership of French President Nicolas Sarkozy, the EU hammered out a deal with Russian President Dmitri Medvedev to replace Russian soldiers in South Ossetia with 200 EU observers who are scheduled to arrive by October 1. In exchange, Georgia agreed to Russia’s demands not to use force against the two breakaway republics, Abkahzia and South Ossetia.

This went on despite Cheney’s being in the area in an attempt to derail it… “Go home old man” the Caucasus region told him…. “Go home”… A once proud nation, the same nation that fought across two oceans.. the same nation that stood up against the seemingly unstoppable Soviet Union at Berlin, the same nation to which the whole world turned for guidance, and hope, and inspiration when the Soviet Union fell….has just been dismissed like a bitter, old fool, ranting and raving at a town meeting about a tiny crack in his stupid sidewalk…..

Russia has not only scored an important diplomatic victory; it has driven a wedge between Europe and the United States. And that wedge was not brilliantly orchestrated by an ex KGB officer who just happened to be elected President of Russia….. No,  it was undone by an American Vice President who picked himself for that position, and like Hitler before him, appointed himself to become his nation’s Messiah of foreign relations.. Respect for our nation  was undone by the Cheney/Bush/McCain war in Iraq… It was undone by a Cheney/Bush/McCain attempted war with Iran. It was undone by the Cheney/ Bush/McCain miscalculation over Georgia…. It was undone by Cheney/ Bush/ McCain disdainful treatment of all foreign governments.. it was undone by a total disregard for any nations interest other than our own….Because of Cheney/Bush/ McCain, the beloved world respect for this nation which we had under Bill Clinton, is now gone forever…. Because of Cheney/Bush/McCain’s malfeasance, this has become the manifestation of our new world order,.. one first declared by Putin in Munich two years ago, and just reiterated recently by Russia’s new president Dmitry Medvedev.

“The world must be multi-polar. Single polarity is unacceptable. Russia cannot accept a world order, in which any decisions will be made by a sole nation, even such a serious one as the United States. Such a world order will be unstable and fraught with conflicts.”

Because of Cheney/Bush/McCain…… today the rest of the big players in the global economy agree… The world must be multi-polar….

Because of our nations Republican philosophy’s lack of vision, the future of America will be darker than its past… We are in grave danger of being marginalized as was the once all=powerful Britain during the past century…

Again Michael Whitney:

Russia’s ties with Europe threaten to shatter the increasingly fragile Atlantic Alliance which is lashed together by G-7 banking cartel. If Europe sees a continuation of the same belligerent Bush unilateralism under the next US president, the popular backlash in Europe is likely to sever the Alliance once and for all plunging the United States into forced isolation. Reasonable people should want to avoid that possibility.

Back to Cheney. Cheney’s Caucasus gambit is a desperate attempt to stir up trouble while making a last ditch effort for the oil and natural gas of the resource-rich Caspian Basin. So far, he and his colleagues in Big Oil have nothing to show for their 20 years of labor in this region, except a few under-performing puppets in Ukraine and Georgia.

Cheney is more disliked in Central Asia than he is in the USA. In fact, when Cheney arrived in Azerbaijan, neither President Ilkham Aliyev nor Prime Minister, Artur Rasizade, even bothered to meet him at the airport. Politicians everywhere know that its is political suicide to even be seen with him.

Since most of you probably don’t pay attention to anything outside of Alaska these days, here is Cheney’s current track record, vis a vis the Soviet Union…..

A. Iran declared it opposes any underwater Caspian Sea pipeline for ecological reasons, thereby stopping the Central Asian bypass of Russian control.

B. Moscow has clinched a new pipeline that will carry natural gas from Turkmenistan to Russia and signed a contract that will give it virtual control over Turkmenistan’s gas exports.

C. Russia has also put out feelers for the establishment of a global gas cartel, an idea that it has discussed with Venezuela, and which is certain to put cartel members on a collision course with the White House.

D. Venezuela has also invited three prominent Russian companies to take over from their American counterparts, ExxonMobil and Conoco Philips.

E. Russia has agreed with Beijing on an energy initiative that would involve Russian oil and gas heading away from Europe toward Asia.

F. The Kommersant newspaper reports that Cheney was very annoyed by the results of the meeting with President Aliyev and even refused to attend a ceremonial supper in his own honor. Big Baby.

G The political progress the Bush administration felt they had made by fomenting the so called “Orange Revolution“, now hangs by a thread. Popular sentiment is increasingly supportive of Moscow over Washington.

H. A major setback for Cheney and his friends at the far-right Washington think tanks who believed they were well on their way to encircling Russia and achieving their territorial ambitions. Ukraine will not be joining Nato anytime soon.

G. The Bush administration’s aggressive lobbying hasn’t persuaded any of the main players in the EU to support punitive measures or sanctions against Russia. The EU prefers diplomacy over belligerence.

H. As for the EU, there’s simply no interest in provoking Russia and risking the cutting off cutting off vital resources to energy-dependent European countries. Common sense has prevailed over Bush’s “freedom agenda.

I. And finally to wrap up his trip in Italy, Cheney was forced to the conclusion that his dreams have failed miserably. His tactics have backfired. His anger all this time has been misdirected… It should have been aimed directly at himself… In his own words, he echos the criticism the world throws back in his face…

“They (Russia) cannot presume to gather up all the benefits of commerce, consultation and global prestige, while engaging in brute force, threats or other forms of intimidation against sovereign countries…No part of this continent should leave itself vulnerable to a single country’s efforts to corner supplies or control the distribution system”

Facts don’t lie… Sometimes the truth hurts….

It is understandable that Cheney would be upset over Moscow’s success in securing crucial hydrocarbons and pipeline corridors via the free market while the US has languished in Iraq and Afghanistan with nothing to show for its efforts except one million dead Iraqis, 4 million refugees, and a legacy of disgrace.

I’m sorry, I can’t remember… can someone please help me again…What was it we wasted over 4000 American solder’s lives for and are putting 140,000 American lives at risk for ….every day?

Americans will one day wake up and realize they have been duped by quite a few people, really…Republicans, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, Gannet News Services, New York Times, Washington Post, FOX News, Los Angeles Times, The awakening is inevitable…it has already started outside our sphere of influence… Eventually it has to happen here sometime… Facts are what they are… Eventually the sand hiding them blows away, and there they are….looking back right at us, plain as day.

The whole world watches us to see whether we wake up before the election,… or afterwards…

Meanwhile we are in the middle of our exotically spicy wet dream…. ummm Sarah…..

How come this country can’t come up with someone of Gorbachev’s stature when we most desperately need one?

If there was ever a time for a new direction based on expert advice and not on “a gut feeling”…. it is now.

There are less than 50 days left to save America…

McCain and Palin just won’t cut it… Times aren’t la-de-da fun and games anymore.. One man in control over all his minions, including the elected president of the United States of America, has collapsed in the cockpit, and forced this nation into a death spiral at full throttle… To save ourselves we have to first pull the body out of the seat, then pull back on the stick, and hope we do it before the ground races up to obliterate us…

It’s not fun and games this year.  We can’t sit back, wring our hands, and do nothing.  It is up to Biden and Obama to save us now… Americans, this time, have a duty to give us our version of a Gorbachev, a real hero….