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The language portion of the Smarter Balanced Assessment is designed to fail children in poverty, and elevate those from affluent suburban white families….

Here is the text from one of the tests….

Den, Fox staat fuh talk. E say to eself, a say, “Dish yuh Crow duh ooman, enty? Ef a kin suade um fuh talk, him haffuh op’n e mout, enty? En ef e op’n e mout, enty de meat fuh drop out?”
Fox call to de Crow: “Mawnin tittuh, ” e say. “Uh so glad you tief da meat fum de buckruh, cause him bin fuh trow-um-way pan de dog… E mek me bex fuh see man do shishuh ting lukkuh dat.”
Crow nebbuh crack a teet! All-time Fox duh talk, Crow mout shet tight pan de meat, en a yez cock fuh lissin.

Now answer:

What gender is the crow?

a) male b) female c) undisclosed d) not relevant

What was cocked to listen?

a) privates b) ears c) head from neck up d) buttocks

The correct answers were “b” and “b”; how did you do?  Since that was fun, let us do another one?

arachnids have eight

(Please click image to enlarge and read…. Then if extremely curious, respond with your best guess in the Comment section below…)

This text from the Smarter Balanced Assessment is pretty easy IF YOU ARE WHITE!!!!

But to an African American who has guardians who speak colloquially, as the first story describes, this is an impossible question to answer correctly…  It is a guess based on what sounds right.  None of the answers (a),*(b),*(c),*(d),* are incorrect.  Depending on ones parent’s cadence, each of them will sound the more correct to different test takers…

Those who have parents who speak in Common Core (ha,ha), will do fine.  To them the answer will be obvious.

But how do you teach this?  How can you tell someone who listens to colloquial English spoken with an accent, whose brain was formed its first year on the very rhythms above, whose world must first be translated into that language to be understood… which of the above true statements is the “most” correct?  Do YOU even know what the Common Core director arbitrarily deems from his mighty perch to be the “most” correct?

(leave your best guess below)

Would any of these suffice if spoken in the Bank of America building off Paper Mill Road? Of course.  No one would interrupt the speaker and say, “Ma’am, you didn’t say that in proper English.”

Would any of these suffice if spoken on the floor of our General Assembly?  Of course… (have you ever heard Sen Bonini?)  Not even Judus Lavelle would stand up and tell Colin his English was incorrect, because… it isn’t.

But because children of 6 schools close to the Mega Charter building could not pick the one exact answer David Colemen deemed to be the one true epitome of the English Language on this question and others, all their teachers are to be fired and only half rehired;  a principal of 3 months is demoted and a new $160,000 leader is brought in to scream, yell, disrupt, and cause chaos so broad, that only a multi-state mega-charter outfit is then deemed capable of fixing what was purposefully broken.

Because of one test question:… a test question designed to reflect what Mr. and Mrs. Common Core raised their child from birth to understand was the single most perfect of perfection of the English language…  Says who?


That is the whole point…  A very arbitrary question at which even adults have to guess, is what decides a person’s career, a school’s status, a child’s entire future…..


Are you beginning to see the madness driving this school priority takeover?  I’m sure it makes some sense in a world like Alice in Wonderland, which more and more, is appearing to be reflective of the Delaware’s DOE’s every day thinking….


As the saying goes:  “if you can’t beat ’em .. join ’em”, … so please join me in saying: “OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!!!! “

Education reform has been reduced to a sham.  Ideas that were once spouted, along the lines equivalent to…. Donald Sterling is not a racist…. are now laughed at…  We have new evidence and the old pat phrases don’t work on us anymore.

So how do you know when Jack Markell, the Chamber of Commerce, Chief of Change Mark Murphy, Bill Gates, Arne Duncun is lying through their teeth, to you about Common Core?

They use one of these stock phrases…. First belittling the opponents….

  • Mocking the Tea Party for being against Common Core…. check
  • Mocking *Unionized* teachers who are afraid to be measured by real results and are lefties because of it…. check
  • Conspiracy theorists who think Pearson is undermining our entire educational system with shoddy workmanship.,,, check
  • Conservatives who think the black Obama is rolling out Common Core to eliminate religion….. check.
  • It boils down to if you aren’t in favor of Common Core, you are either a union shill or a weirded-out crazy…. check

Next they frame the contest as one of crises…..

  • It is all about politics; not about the meat of Common Core itself….  check.
  • It is like the ACA, (a good program with bad press due to selfish people against it.)….. check.
  • It is too young to be killed, its a little baby; it is only in it’s planning stages still…. check…
  • The obligatory mention of their visit in a classroom… once…..  check…
  • Nominal admission that waves of tests won’t fix things, but…..  check.
  • Short feel-good statement of a long string of assumptions….  check….
  • This statement:  “But introducing a set of national standards is a first step toward widespread accountability, toward the clearly worthy goal of having a teacher in Alaska teach more or less the same thing as a teacher in Alabama.”  it’s in every op-ed piece…. check.
  • International panic ….. Chinese. Chinese. Chinese….. .check…..

Call for accountability…..

  • For teachers… but have no plan.
  • For principals…. but have no plan.
  • For school Districts…. but have no plan.
  • For students…. but have no plan.

Call for independence, for more lack of oversight, for more of no accountability, and above all, unlimited freedom to do what ever they want with your educational dollars.

  • Need for nothing impinging upon the governor…. check
  • Need for nothing impinging upon the Chiefs of Change…. check
  • Unlimited freedom to execute Rodel’s policies…. check
  • No accountability for Gate’s dollars, or tax dollars thrown at private consultants…. check
  • No accountability for Achieve, AIR, Pearson, Smart Balanced Assessments, College Board, all which need confidentiality agreements in order to carry out their mission… … check
  • No accountability for Charter Schools…. check

Feel good examples of things they have seen showing we are on the right track….

  • We honored a teacher of the year…. (golf clap)
  • We had Arne Duncun come to our state…. (golf clap)
  • We had art put on the walls of Gauger….. (golf clap)
  • We had one class of one school make robots…..(golf clap)
  • Two years ago our test scores rose a lot (omit last year when the went down in every Common Core pilot course)… (golf clap)
  • We need to spend 3 weeks studying Martin Luther King’s Letter From A Birmingham Jail ( to black audiences) (golf clap)
  • We need to spend 3 days studying Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg address  (to white audiences.)  (golf clap)
  • We need more Mandarin immersion classes (to audiences of high Asian percentages.)  (golf clap)

Then the call to arms; the demand to stare down the enemies; out fight them, out last them.  Hold the line….

  • Rigor….
  • Rigor….
  • Rigor….
  • Rigor….
  • Patronize poor children… “If the kids in Wilmington just had a little more “rigor”  they’d learn their place of just how poor and stupid they really are.”
  • Rigor….
  • Rigor….
  • Rigor….
  • We really need to kick some brown ass…
  • Rigor….
  • Rigor…
  • Rigor…

And then their staffers whisper in their ear and they say they are late for an engagement and that the question and answer session will get shucked… Then, they thank you for your time and get whisked out the door and down the hall….

When you become victim to all of the above, without fact checking…. you can now know you were brazenly lied too….


“But wait” you shout as I’m packing up and leaving too.. You say…“How will we know when someone is telling us the truth?”

Sigh…  … (guess I’ll be late….)

  • “They will tell you it can be fixed, rather easily, and will take a commitment which is not far from where we are today.  It will require an 11:1 student teacher ratio in all k-5 classrooms in schools with over 50% low income students.   Each teacher is accountable for moving her 11 children from one grade to the next. “
  • “They will tell you we need to tax the top 1% more to pay for it.  It is an investment that spends a little now, and saves bundles later on.”
  • They will tell you that the tests should be used for learning about the students and their weaknesses and not be used for firing teachers… It is immoral to fire a teacher because they have more low income people in their classrooms; which is all high stakes testing tells you.
  • And they will tell you that Charter Schools, if they are to ever be allowed since they cause more hurt than good, need to be independently funded by means other than stealing money away from the public school district in which they land.

“That is it.  There is a lot of stuff tied up in those 4 brief statements, but moving in that direction will move us forward. We have learned a lot about education in part from the fiasco that is Common Core.  We now know  through science that the brain learns best from someone with whom it has a positive emotional bond, who explains things to him or her….”

“I’ve really got to go now…”

“But wait… what about David Coleman’s curriculum?  What do we do with all that,?”

“I sincerely hope we haven’t yet thrown all the old previous curriculums out….. ”








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Really?  That is all you see life as? Pathetic? That isn’t how my world is.  Everyone I know seems damn well interested in what I have to say… And I am interested in what they have to say!..  And those few times in my world when I stop being the center of conversation, everyone is suddenly interested in what everyone else has to say. Even children are interested in what other people have to say… So much so, that if alone in a quiet house, they turn on the TV to have talk in their world, or radio, or MP3’s… We seem to be a society that is abounding with curiosity, and with social media on  today’s technology, we can quickly be overwhelmed with what everyone has to say.  Often we place far too much importance on what for example, celebrities have to say even though they are not experts on anything in particular.  But we are still very interested in what they have to say….

Because that is how we were taught… to seek, to explore, to wonder, to discover and tell.

Now to tell the truth, in my life I have occasionally come across a few people who are not interested in what I have to say… Like the gruff guard on the border of the old Soviet Union, or that old bastard of a boss who was soon replaced because he was unproductive, or an occasional blind date in a hot pick up bar….  We have a word for people like that in the English language:  a$$h0le.   Someone who doesn’t care about your concerns or interests, and is only concerned with how you fit into THEIR life, is among many other names, the proper definition of an a$$h0le…

Common Core is designed to make our children:  a$$h0les….  And I have a problem with that… The evidence can be found in their English language standards, particularly in regards to poetry.

By now you may have already heard the think tank which is against Common Core, based in Massachusetts, a state which for monetary reasons, HAD to accept Common Core, even though its state standards were far superior to the dinky national ones being force upon it.  Therefore one can trust this think tank.

Pioneer Institute for Public Policy Research recently published their study The Dying Light; How Common Core Damages Poetry Instruction….   it pretty well demolishes any notion of reading poetry to text.  And it then points us to discus whether or not we want to give up on reading poetry just as we gave up on writing cursive; because the one person in charge,  turly believes no one should care what we think, …or feel.   What a sad life he must live.

Yes. There are some people who flat out don’t get poetry.  I knew some in college.  They are just missing that gene. and get it, they never will…  Unfortunately by multiple  circumstances we got one of them as the architect of our English Language Arts Common Core  standards…

In words better than mine, here is what the Pioneer Institute has to say about this a$$h0le’s vision of future poetry instruction…..

“The Common Core English language arts
standards were intended to apply to all
students indiscriminately to ensure that they
would become efficient workers in a “global
economy.” In other words, the aim is precisely
the reverse of that to which the old proponents
of a humane education were committed.

Those proponents knew well that common
workers would have little opportunity from
day to day to encounter the great works
of human art and thought. They therefore
sought to give them what they could, when

they could – in school. The aim was to raise
and ennoble them, to give them some of what
their more fortunate neighbors would enjoy.
But the aim here is to depress and level, not
to ennoble. It is to make proletarians of us all.


The question I ask every parent…. is do you want your child depresssed and leveled?  Or do you want him ennobled… ?  Speaking for myself, I emphatically want mine ennobled.  Is that normal? It sure seems like it to me.  I’d much rather my children have the tools to soar if the opportunity ever comes their way, instead of being North Koreanized, and being culled and punished every time one doesn’t fit in with what the ruler thinks one should do.  Remember the 2nd-in-command of North Korea who was publicly tried and executed  for not showing enough enthusiasm when the supreme leader was making a speech?  Common Core should be the national religion of North Korea.

This is why parents are fighting Common Core.  One has to wonder what the underlying  sinister motives are of those who are now doubling down, to push it against a massive outbreak of resistance….   Because it is just too bizarre to assume all the pieces came together in this exact sinister fashion by accident.

A.  Let us look at some of the supporters of Common Core and see if we can see any motives as to why they would like our students to grow up subservient and obsequious, and chose never to stand up for their rights or any rights of others being harmed….

Exxon Mobile — yes

Wall Street — yes

Murdoch — yes

Bill Gates — yes

Eli Broad — yes

Walmart — yes

Rodel — yes

Jeb Bush  — yes

Jack Markell — yes

Mark Murphy — yes

Dave Sokola — yes

Pete Schwartzkoph — yes

Valerie Longhurst — yes

Darryl Scott — yes

Can anyone else see in a single glance how all “it’s my way or the highway” these personalities are?

B.  Now let us look at some names of those opposing this type of Common Core going forward…

John Kowalko

Charles Potter

Paul Baumbach

Ed Osienski

Kim Williams

Nicole Poore

John Young


Freeman Williams

And the school boards of the following (all 19)  Delaware School Districts

All of these are good people, and groups of good people, who feel the individual in the child is far, far more important than the cookie cutter cardboard cutouts that Common Core tries to create.   Common Core is to these who know their classic Greek history,  the Spartification of Athens.   Those being oppressed by  Common Core are the Athenians, the prosperous life-loving defenders of democracy. Those in favor of Common Core are the Spartans, whose authoritarian belief is to take all life and with rigor, forcefully mold it into their own image.  And so, today we are re-fighting the Peloponnesian War right here inside our children’s heads, teacher’s classrooms, the halls of the General Assembly, and here on these pages.

The Common Core standards owe their existence to one thing:  the appeal of a “simple master concept”: Everyone should be an employee.

But wait!  I don’t want my child to just be an employee.  I what them to not only  know enough to be their own boss, but have the confidence to go forward and do it… Therefore  I want them to experience the joys of dreaming, to allow thoughts to wander, to ponder new ideas and new concepts.  I want my child to be smart; not dumb, and Common Core is by design, there to make them dumb…(Do this task this way and no way else).  In its substance and its structure alike, Common Core does not educate students to be their own bosses, their own ideas’ festivals, or their own masters.

Instead, it teaches them that the purpose of all human effort is to define their place on some universal yardstick, and that only this universal yardstick is the legitimate, authoritative tool for determining ones place on the universal team.

Our children are better than that; your children are better than that; every child is better than that.

Common Core has got to go.

The easiest way to do so,is to introduce legislation keeping the old state tests intact for a couple years, until we can redo Common Core into an America Curriculum, not a David Coleman one. His is just too weird.

A world where no one cares what my child thinks?  What my child feels?  And he IS serious?….

What a horrible future.  What a terrible waste of a life on this planet.  This Common Core is nothing but teaching your children as they did to the Negro children being brought up in the old South:  Your a slave, you got no choice, so learn to love it….

Common Core Has Got To Go.




No more SAT essay!… This 10 year experiment is finally going to the grave it deserves.  How silly were those academics who thought awarding points for an essay sloppily drawn up on the fly, was indicative of anything about the abilities of the essay writer… As everyone who has ever written anything knows,  the sole power of a well written piece, lies in its editing…

If that first paragraph jolted you a little by its incongruity with the set-up of the head line,  then good.  Sadly that is the only good news of the SAT revisions… Do you remember what they were? Keep in mind, they are being instigated by the very person (David Coleman) who developed the Common Core curriculum that is being trounced and ridiculed across the entire nation of the United States of America…

Here are the changes…..

Big words and rich vocabulary are scrubbed… Instead the test is to determine ones ability to know corporate speak and decipher acronyms and corporate key words (jargon)..

The penalty for wrong answers is now removed.  Now guessing, whether encouraged or not, at least means there will no longer be those unanswered questions near the end at which one one used to get … Just before time gets called, rapidly filling all the bubbles left is now a no-brainer…It used to be a game of risk.  Who knows?  It could get you into MIT if you just happen to randomly hit the right ones!… (Is that not really the stupidest idea or what?  Whose the fvck that put this guy (David Coleman) in charge of the College Boards?)

No higher math;  Math will narrow to linear equations, functions, and proportions..

The test will have two sections;  Both verbal and written will  now be gone.  The replacement is “Evidenced Based Reading” which as mentioned above, will be accompanied by “Remedial Math”..

All will include snips of America’s Founding Documents.


Since you are reading this, it obviously means that you yourself are smart.  So what does this sound like to you?    Doesn’t it sound like a new teacher who doesn’t want to fail anyone, so the make the tests super easy so even the D- students can get a good grade…  Why yes, it does?

None of us would stand for that in a high school.  So why would we allow it for our country?  But alas, if you read the explanation that David Colman makes regarding watering down standards just to give everyone a gold star, you see that is exactly what he is doing.

“Awww… I’m sorry you don’t know by the 12th Grade that 2 + 2  =  4, so we’re getting rid of that question… and now all you have to do is just determine whether the symbol in front of you is a number… or a letter..” Taken from Coleman’s pamphlet….

“Access to Opportunity (“A2O”) pushes (“propels”) low-income, first-generation, underrepresented students to college....  That translates to “forcing unprepared students into to getting loans to sit in computerized college classes being taught from afar by a purple dinosaur… along the lines of :  That Sounds Like An Opposite To Me…”.

(Even the announcement of the changes is dumbed down, spiced up with helpful icons to get across hard conceptual ideas, … like “documents”– )

Perhaps some of you reading are here of the first time… You might be naive about the detrimental impact lurking behind the key words  “college and career ready standards.” Fear not, we were once naive too.  When we first  heard “college and career ” we too thought it meant that we were going to hold our children to higher standards so they would be ready for college and careers… That was the promise.

We got the opposite.  We got a ceiling set very low of what college and career standards would now be.  It was as if at a track meet, the rules for a high jump were changed by a secret committee from seeing which team members could jump the highest, over to see how many of each team’s members could make it over a 3 foot bar.  The emphasis is strictly on the quantity of people getting points, and not on any value being placed on the points themselves…  Obviously from a casual glance at the new standards as with the high jump analogy, it is obvious that very few if any will ever attempt to push themselves to see how high they can jump.  (What’s the point?).  They will make sure they can get over the 3 foot bar and then move on to something else…  Again, who’s the fvck that put this guy (Gary Coleman) in charge of the College Boards?)

Students who go through schools that follow the Common Core Standards will be ill-prepared for the rigors of college. That is, unless something can be done on the other end to ensure that colleges lower their standards. Then everything will be well……


it gets worse.

If Common Core was a baseline for schools, then really no harm.. Things could continue as they are now, and America, despite what the liars of sponsored testing try to sell us, would continue to have the best educated public of any nation.

Alas, but Common Core has become the end game of our  entire educational process for two reasons.

First, it uses up all of the time in a K-12 curriculum..

Second, by the Common Core statute, students who graduate from high school with a Common Core education and admitted to public colleges and universities, will automatically be entered into “credit-bearing courses.”

Aye.  and there’s the rub.  For in those classes, what sweeps and dodges must take place, to make that wish become a reality, must give us pause;  and make us rather bear the ills we have, than flee to others that we know not of…

College standards will have to drop down to those weak levels of Common Core.  They simply have to.  So even if a high school could offer classes in advance of the minimal level where Common Core cuts off, … why should they?  That’s what colleges are for now… Especially in todays cash strapped environment?

As put very well by Peter Wood,  the SAT changes are a life preserver for the flailing Common Core movement in that by lowering the SAT standards, by dumbing them down, they make getting into college easy even if all you know,…  is Common Core…   For old timers, it is as if our masters arbitrarily said,  “all one needs to get into college now is to learn a secret code, we’ll make it pig latin, and if all learn pig latin from  k-12 years, we can get a lot of people into college…….

But for what?  Itway isway otnay ikelay ouyay eednay otay owknay anythingway
inway ollegecay anywaysway…..  Owhay isway ethay fvckay atthay utpay isthay uygay (Avidday
Olemancay) inway argechay ofway ethay Ollegecay Oardsbay?))