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“For some reason, the parties running the Delaware DOE this year, have decided to ignore 14-17 years of legislation and DOE precedent, and change the rules to force more money to flow to charters.”

“Desperate”, I believe is the word we’re looking for… “Desperate” as in the last days of the Third Reich, as in the last 2 minutes of a NFL playoff game, as in the final day before election day.

They know their time is up!  They are using these last four months of this lame duck session to make permanent changes they hope will benefit them later when they get kicked up into the private sector… If they don’t act now, it will be too late… someone else will be controlling the money…..

In case you don’t know what happened, here is a refresher…

The DOE surprised every public school by changing the formula on how charters were to be paid… Pay them more was their decree..  What they are proposing is unconstitutional… For when you ask the taxpayers for taxes, and they first say no, and so you tell them exactly what it gets spent on, and they acquiesce and say….”ok this time, here, but spend it only on those items”.…  and THEN you do NOT spend it on those items which are part of the contract,…. you have an illegal use of tax money that cannot stand up in court...

Example: when Brandywine School District passed a referendum to put turf on their field, you can’t send all that money to charters and leave the field in its original condition… Yet that is exactly what rogue elements in the DOE conspired to do…and frankly, almost got away with.

After giving them the benefit of the doubt up to now, today we found out the trickery involved is not accidental…

Today we found that they held onto all notice of the changes affecting public districts right up to the deadline, then sent them bills telling them that they must pay more but refusing to give any reasons as to why.  You’d expect that in Communist Russia. Isn’t it odd for somewhere here in the USA?

Today we found that they had meetings with a few select Superintendents, not all, and specifically told them:  DO NOT TELL YOUR boards or business managers.  You’d expect that in Communist Russia.  Isn’t it odd for somewhere in the USA?

Today we found they sent over-inflated charter bills to the districts, threatening they immediately be paid in full.  You’d expect that in Communist Russia.  Isn’t it odd for somewhere in the USA?

Today (although we suspicioned it) it was proven that certain Charters are really trying to gut all public education in this state and they don’t care about your children.  The idea that they just want more money, does not back up the precise use of hurtful tactics used to achieve it.  The standard methods to get more money work well enough. Trying purposefully to destroy public education, is the ONLY explanation that can explain their timeline. And the reason they picked on Christina?  Because it is full of black people … White people vote.. but kicking blacks again and again has become acceptable to the Delaware Way because Blacks don’t go to the polls in high enough numbers…. This was designed specifically to implode Delaware’s poorest public schools by stealing large amounts of money from them…Again, You’d expect that in Communist Russia.  Odd for somewhere in the USA.

“All that stuff you committed to the voters” they told all the school districts…. “Pfffft… voters are just scum.  We’re not going to pay attention to any of that crap… That money is not sacrosanct. Pay the extra $3 million to Newark Charter, NOW!!!!! “

An injunction forbidding any payments from Christina or other districts to Charters until this can be sorted out… would be the proper course of action… 

Violating public trust to enrich ones own pockets puts people in jail…. Or at least gives them a big fine to pay…. Pursuing this should be step two.

This proposed action by the DOE, if carried out, will hurt 15,000 children… It will help none… Not even the 2000+ students at Newark Charter School!  None of the funds stolen from the basic necessities required to teach 15,000 students, will go to assist any of the kids at Newark Charter… All this money, and I mean ALL of it, is to pay for their two new buildings that they royally screwed up and are on the hook for their financing …….


All of Delaware was on their seats… the normally passive auditor’s office was on fire…. Investigating charter schools up and down the state, finding malfeasance here, corruption there, criminal activity everywhere….  and just like a close basketball game between two top Delaware female school’s teams, down to the wire at the last second, a 3 pointer gets lofted and the ball arcs through the air and all eyes turn to the basket and watch, … watch… wait for it… watching… huh?   No ball?  Their eyes try to follow its intended arc back to the now famous player who shot it…. and no one is there!

That properly describes the charter school audit that was underway in the state of Delaware performed by the Auditor’s office of the State of Delaware….

The State Auditor is an elected official.  His job is to audit the state of Delaware to make sure all is kosher.  But, there appears to be another part of his job… which is to protect those who don’t want a prying eye to close to what they are doing…

An audit was underway.  Wilmington Charter was investigated. Everyone was very curious what was to be announced….

Then nothing. Nothing.  Finally when traced back to the auditor’s office, the audit “was stopped” by the elected auditor, Tom Wagner, and the chief investigator was put on disciplinary leave.  As determined in the post below, that cause for the leave, was exposed as one “being too good at their job”….

We hear this stuff happens all the time… “Stop the investigation immediately because it is my friend you are investigating” is something all auditors hear… In fact, since such is so prevalent in business society, it is the “why” behind why Delaware (originally a Dupont subsidiary) elected to have an auditor RESPONSIBLE TO THE PEOPLE, be in charge….

Does anyone here remember Tom Wagner? Before the last election, Tom was laughably known for doing nothing for 4 years, then just before election, publishing one or two audits showing some malfeasance in the state, and getting elected to another term… It worked. He is the longest continuous termed elected state officer around today.  However, since the last election we have seen much more relevant investigations.  The Charter School ones particularly put an end to the myth that Charter Schools were better than Public Schools… They showed with receipts for a Mercedes Benz and other lavish purchases, that YES, charter schools were better than Public Schools, IF YOUR GOAL WAS TO LIVE HIGH ON THE HOG… As for the students… no benefit, just untraceable harm.

But the last election scared Tom, and we thought he was finally rising to the call his office demanded…..

Till now.


Did you get that?  He “stopped” it…   Just pulled the plug. Made it disappear like that basketball shot from beyond the 3 point line… and… the star player too, disappeared…

But can you believe that?  Imagine if you were jumped in a parking lot, and fighting off three thugs and the police arrive, and you hung on till they got there and they just look at you and the three thugs and say,  carry on, don’t mind us?

Imagine if you are a battered housewife, beaten by your husband to an inch of your life, and in your fog, you hear police arrive and in that far away echo chamber hear your husband say he’s helping you digest, and have them walk away?

Imagine if you are a child being predatorized in a Lewes’ psychiatrist’s office and the cops walk in, see what is going on, and turn and walk out, doing nothing?

That is what this is like… To be honest, it is truly unbelievable to accept that this happens in Delaware… Sure, New Jersey. Sure, New York. Sure, Los Vegas.  But Dover???  In Delaware???…. What we see here, right before us, in the Delaware’s State Auditor’s office,is nothing different from crooked cops being paid hush money to look the other way…  This is really sick.

This IS really sick… and this time YOU, I think, really have to get mad and take action…. There are sicknesses and there are symptoms.  Sometimes we deal with the symptoms because we don’t have time to deal with the sickness… Then, something happens and we have no choice but take the drastic action required to get healed….  Like chemo.

There is a tumor in the state of Delaware. One that has festered and we’ve fought the symptoms for too long… No matter how much it hurts, we have finally come to the point, where we need to take the necessary actions to excise it….

Can you believe it?  He PULLED the audit……


Just putting it out there.  Because we are all thinking it…..

We can’t change the past.  Our focus needs to be on why Howard is receiving “special” protection as these bits and pieces of reality slip past their ability to control all aspects of their information dissemination…

In plain language, why are the police, city, and state administrations proceeding in rather odd peculiar ways to each of these developments?

Our schools are not safe.

We don’t care if the rich have to pay more taxes.. We need it done… They can lose a teeny tiny bit of their future income so that real human beings don’t have to lose a son or daughter they send off one day to a public school…..