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There are a lot of reports out there;  if you look you will see the Sanders campaign accusing Hillary of misusing campaign contributions to allow her campaign unlimited funding, and you will see Hillary and her supporters accusing Sanders of falling off the log, calling the his accusations baseless and desperate.

Of course, I wanted to know which it was.

In August of 2015 at the Democratic convention in Minneapolis, 32 state parties (Delaware was not one of them) and the DNC made a deal with the Hillary for Victory fund which allows her large donors to bypass the $2,700 election-limit per candidate…  by running the maximum $10,000 to each of those state parties which in turn, would funnel that money back to the DNC and the Hillary Victory Fund.

Thanks to our conservative Supreme Court, this is legal after McCutcheon v. FEC decision which says NO LIMITS on aggregate limits, can be put on a billionaire’s campaign donations.

Now most billionaires in giving would like to think they were buying influence with the presumptive president, and not having their money spent on lowly contests far down the ladder in some far and distant state which is what would happen if you gave $33,400 to the DNC outright.  So a mechanism had to be firmly in place to entice (wink, wink) those big donors to open their fat wallets and stuffed pocketbooks by guaranteeing that all their money would go to Hillary.

Now remember.  This was back in August 2015… Last summer!  We hadn’t begun to decide who the candidate would be.  We STILL haven’t decided who the candidate will be… Which means, by solidifying this deal, the DNC firmly took sides and supported Hillary over anyone else.

No mistake. There is no neutrality. There is a solid, not tenuous, financial connection between the DNC and the Hillary Victory Fund.

The way it works is that one can donate $10,000 to each of the 32 state democratic parties who signed the agreement, up to $33,400 to the DNC, and $2,700 to the Hillary Victory Fund…. 

“The first $2,700/$5,000 from an individual/multicandidate committee (“PAC”) will be allocated to Hillary for America, designated for the primary election. The next $33,400/$15,000 from an individual/PAC will be allocated to the Democratic National Committee. Additional amounts from an individual/PAC will be split equally among the Democratic state parties from these states up to $10,000/$5,000 per state party: AK, AR, CO, FL, GA, ID, IN, KY, LA, ME, MA, MI, MN, MS, MO, MT, NV, NH, NC, OH, OK, OR, PA, RI, SC, TN, TX, UT, VA, WV, WI, and WY.”

Yay. No Delaware!

So the maximum by this arrangement would be a total $320,000 to cover all the colluding states, plus $33,400 to the DNC, plus $2700 to Hillary Victory Fund.  The total of the three comes to $356,100. Where have we seen a number like that before?

Ahhh, George Clooney? $353,000.

Clooney told Chuck Todd that most of the money goes to down state ballots.

“The overwhelming amount of money that we’re raising, and it is a lot, but the overwhelming amount of the money that we’re raising is not going to Hillary to run for president, it’s going to the down-ticket.”  George Clooney

But, we now know that it stays there for one hour, then gets flipped to the DNC.. And it probably did take the high profiles in contributing in San Fran to focus everyone’s attention on what had been done completely in the open back in August 2015.

Tracing the trail of money.

The Democratic Party of Wisconsin on January 4th, 2016 received a generous gift from the Hillary Victory Fund totaling $207,278.19.  On the same day they made a disbursement to the DNC for $207,000… They got paid $278.19 for washing money.

At this juncture no one had any idea of who the nominee would be.  But the DNC and state parties signed on to Hillary, saying, we’re with her.  Forget about Bernie Sanders.  There is no neutrality; no longer any doubt.  The DNC is just another money arm of Hillary Clinton whose usefulness is a way to bypass caps on individual donations.

Perhaps you are now seeing why state chairs are so adamantly pro-Hillary?

If done each separate year, 2015 and 2016, wealthy individuals can give a total of $712,000 to the election and if married and their spouse also gives separately both years, they can stretch their Hillary contribution to  $1.424,000….  all when the law says only $10,000 per person per year….

It has a name:  money laundering.

One of the stipulations made by the Hillary camp is that the super-delegates of all these 32 state parties, would by this arrangement, be prematurely pledged to Hillary.  “Look we’re not going to pass any of this big money though to your party, if you don’t sing our song for us when we ask you to..”

Were you the least bit curious as to why all the Superdelegates were unwaivering for Hillary long before the  voting began and still refuse to change their votes despite Bernie Sanders smashing their client in caucus after caucus,  and election after election?

The Alaska Democratic party in its year end FEC filing, said it received $43,500 dollars from the Hillary Victory Fund.  It the same day turned around and sent $43,500 to the DNC…. obliterating the limits individuals can give to one candidate.

The leadership of a very broke Montana Democratic Party decided in August of 2015 that this was a seductive deal they were willing to make. And by the end of that year scores of 10,000 donations came in from out of state. Montana’s list of out of state donors to the state campaign reads like a Who’s Who of the Democratic financial elites. The names vary little from the list of high donors to the other 32 states that signed on to the Hillary Victory Fund.

Likewise in Maine, in October and November two transfers totaling $39,000 from the Hillary Victory Fund to the Maine Democratic party sat for less than 48 hours before the same amounts were transferred to the DNC in Washington.

By November 2015, 22 of the state parties linked to the Hillary Victory Fund have received $938,500 from the fund and sent the same amount back to the DNC. There is no limit to amounts of money transferred between state and national parties and PACS or Funds.

And it is all legal.  Bernie could do the same too; but he wouldn’t be Bernie…

Which is why he needs your vote.  Only someone outside this mess can close it down, can change the process. Someone who mines it very lucratively for herself, will not be able to bring herself to shut down the mine….

But the true tragedy is that it is the democratic process which takes the hit.  In all the states whose citizens have voted overwhelmingly for Bernie, because of the superdelegates pledged thorough this money laundering scheme, most of their delegates are forsworn to Hillary.

Our state party leadership signed a deal with a woman who out here, on our turf, possibly wouldn’t last a week. They signed away our unobstructed right to choose which Democratic candidate we supported for President. Given that we have 15 pledged delegates and seven superdelegates, we have lost our absolute right to have superdelegate endorsements proportional to the wishes of the primary voters

For what? Sixty four thousand and one hundred dollars? Which we had to give back? That’s a pretty poor excuse for selling out our right to our own choice.==  Margot Kidder