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It can be explained quite simply……  Here is their district’s 10 year voting history…..


May 27, 2015………………..Total Votes Cast……….11,042;  FOR……….5074;   AGAINST………5968

February 24, 2015…………Total Votes Cast…………8195;   FOR……….2119;   AGAINST………6076

May 25, 2010………………..Total Votes Cast…………6072;    FOR………3049;    AGAINST……..3023

November 6, 2007……….. Total Votes Cast………..9208:    FOR……….6600;   AGAINST……..2608  (bond issue)

January 26, 2006………….. Total Votes Cast………..7626:    FOR……….2242;   AGAINST……..5384


As one can see around 6000 people have consistently voted against raising taxes…. (during the recession of 2010 it looks like there was too little money to fund the usual vote drive against taxation, so 3000 votes did not show up)…..

But with the pro-referendum advocacy this month….. 3000 new voters did show up…. and all of them voted yes for the referendum……

It just wasn’t enough…. but Christina is on the right track…  But as these figures show, unlike Red Clay, or Capitol… this district has been very harsh against passing referendums….  One might equate that passing a referendum in Christina District, is the equivalent of getting a ward to carry Obama when it is registered 75% Republican…. yet that is almost what Christina District was able to do……

Pretty amazing, really…..

Bottom line is now we know… and I wish I had seen this prior for it gives a the solid line we need to measure our efforts… for it is obvious that the anti-referendum-nuts, are capped out at 6000…. We just need to organize and get pro-referenders up over and above that number…..

Which can easily be done by one piece of paper handed out to every parent when they register their child for kindergarten, explaining how every good parent must vote “yes” on every referendum and why only that choice can give their child the best education possible over the next 12 years….. Staying at home on voting day is not an option; it hurts ones child…..

There are roughly 1250 new children entering the system every year… Engage those parents…….  (the 6000 should be dying off any day now)…..


If anyone looked for their mail on Memorial Day, they may have found an illegal flier…… (no one is allowed to put anything in ones mailbox other then the US Postal Service….)  urging all to vote “no” in the referendum….

It sounded scary… “If you vote for this referendum your taxes will go up $60,000 a year and your water will be shut off. Electricity will be stopped until you pay the back taxes.  This is a very bad tax bill and it must be voted down…”

Scrawled in ink (not typed) was the admonition that renters in the future will be paying $15,000 more per year if this referendum passes….


We sent out a posse and quickly discovered the culprits, and then secretly watched to see to whom they returned to…

Our guess was correct… The slum lord who owns at least 20 properties in almost every neighborhood, was in his black-tint windowed Mercedes, paying out $100 bills to those returning with few or no unused flyers….

And I thought… so that is who is always behind voting down referendums…. it makes sense now…

To be honest I had always blamed seniors and those on fixed income who rightfully might have reason to vote down something that would increase their property value by at least $30,000.  Because it would cost them and they wouldn’t live to see a benefit; though their heirs would.. But it really didn’t make sense for seniors with families to leave a devalued investment for their children, if their was any way possible to pay those few pennies the assessment would levy…. They would be paying pennies, and getting hundred dollar bills in return……..

But slum lords…. they have a real case….  they buy property as cheap as they can, and raise the rent as high as they can, and try to increase the gap between the two to as high as is possible….  This referendum does cost them money…..

Let us say you are a senior….. Your assessment is probably $45,000 based on the last time anyone cared to look….   For $45,000 each year you would be assessed an additional 37 cents… on every $100 dollars of value…  That is like buying a lawn mower on sale at Lowes and choosing between two models, one on sale at $99.99 and the other at $99.62….. Gee ….. which one will you get?  The gas efficient power one that keeps your lawn looking nice but at the higher price?  Or that push mower you will have to burn calories to get it to do anything… .  (Heaven help you if you miss a week).

On $45,000 that is (45 X 10 X 0.37) $166. 00…..  Although that sounds like a lot, it is spread out over a year and is included in your bank payment which will jump $13 dollars a month… which if budgeted correctly as most senior do, rounds down to $3 dollars a week….

To save $3 dollars a week, Seniors are willing to lose $30,000 of value on their home, when their neighborhood becomes too difficult to resell houses because the schools have become like Philadelphia’s…   But for that $3 assessed and paid, one gets to continue living in one of the best districts in the country…

BUT IF YOU ARE A SLUM LORD ON THE OTHER HAND…………………………………………………………..

and at a minimum, you own 1000 properties scattered across the Christina district…. and you don’t care one iota about kids, schools, education, jobs, tests, …. then this referendum has the potential to hit you each month, with an additional cost of  $130,000……  WHOA…. The slum lord is going to lose $130,000 a month………. on a thousand houses…  shock of all shocks…  that is $1.5 million a year!!!

No wonder they are handing out $100 dollar bills to try to overturn the forces of good and kill this levy…..

Which brings us to pig-face Vince D’Anna.  (Nancy has pictures, go see for yourself…)  This was the same prostitute who hired himself out to the TDC to whip up public opinion to allow it to sprinkle carcinogens and toxic particles on top of Main Street, completely covering the University of Delaware, and even dumping waste on top of Christianstead, home of mayor Polly Sierer.  And now again we see, he has hired himself out to slum lords to do exactly the same thing… Whip up hysteria, (as prostitutes-for-hire are well known to do),  to allow big money to keep more of what it should have given up long ago……

Now before you feel too much empathy for those slumlords….  let us see how much they do make each month, and then see what percentage this will cost them?   At 1000 properties each renting close to $1500 a month….. the monthly accumulation of pure profit, is….. $1,500,000…….  Per year, it totals  $18 million……..

Instead of earning $1.5 million each month…. they will earn $1.37 million each month with the difference going to schools…..   Is there anyone out there who thinks earning $1.37 million each month is too little money?  (this is all profit, mind you.)….

So the battle is such that in order to protect the wealth of this 1,000 homed slum lord…. Vince D’Anna is hired to try and scuttle the referendum by writing emotional op-ed pieces based on fabrications.  And to be completely honest, if that were me with 1000 houses, I would probably do the same thing, thinking about myself as selfishly as possible…. So we can’t blame that guy for trying…..

But the rest of us have to face the facts, and we have to do our part and make sure OUR best interests take precedent over the interests of slum-lords both for our children and for our homes’ resale value….  If you live in the Christina School district and are not a slum lord,……. there is only one way to vote to better your community…..

And that is to vote yes to increase your taxes by $3 dollars a week… That is a medium bag of Skittles……. which you really don’t need and which are not very good for you, (though it is hard to pass up when they have tropical flavors though……….)

Now if you are completely neutral, and you really don’t care one way or the other about $3 ….. then help a sister out, and vote yes just to stick Vince D’Anna in the eye with a pointed stick…. So that loser gets two losses on his belt for selling-out Newarks’ finest, …. good and beneficial citizens to the highest bidder for a price…

They are like a computer virus. They take over a district, and use it to spread themselves to the next host….

“…It’s a fairly rudimentary exercise to be frank with you…Revenue follows the student to charter schools. Fixed costs do not follow the student proportionately. So therefore, the more revenue loss you get, the fixed cost base stays the same. There’s erosion. So it’s a pretty simple model…” –Independent Auditor discussing the Metro Nashville Public Schools audit…

This is exactly why if we wish to open charter schools, they need to be independent of all revenue which follows the students.  As charter schools grow (and they do not educate the majority, only a very tiny minority of people,) the majority of students get shafted.

At 20% Charter School attendance, for every child a charter school helps, it hurts four public school children… There is no exception to this under today’s funding structure… Every charter school hurts public schools more than those public schools are already hurting right now.

Jack Markell said so himself when campaigning in 2008…. There is no way Penny Schwinn can twist this truism… It is a a fact.  There is no way Rodel can twist this truism,  It is a fact. There is no way Earl Jacques, Charter School Sower Extrodinaire, can twist this truism… Facts are facts…

4 people get hurt for every child that goes to a charter school!

Immediately we need a bill that dislocates charter school funding from public schools, and pays for them as we currently do vocational schools… LINE  ITEMS  IN  STATE  BUDGET!

This Tennessee story is interesting… The Charter Group fully thought the study would vindicate their cause and allow open season for charters to spawn… The audit showed they couldn’t have been more wrong… Since they approved the audit, they now have to live with the egg on their face….

Meaning the figures are not even close… Charter schools are the death of a public school system…  With overwhelming evidence in Nashville, Memphis, Washington DC, Chicago, Milwaukee, Cleveland, and next door in Philadelphia.,  it is a wonder that anyone in Delaware can ever support more charter schools…

They must love hurting 4 little children for every one they privatize ….. 

Imagine if we had privatized women’s suffrage and let corporations handle it.  it would be botched for sure. Imagine if we had privatized Negro Civil Rights in the 60’s and let corporations handle it.  Yeah, you know where that would lead us.  Imagine if we turned the Clean Water Act or the Clean Air act over to corporations… Yeah, you know how that would turn out…  How is the privatization of Indiana’s turnpike coming?  About as bad as our privatization of public schools.

Some things simply can’t be privatized … Public education is one…  Everyone who supports Charters is like Will Smith; an enemy of the state…. 

Filing a civil rights complaint is one way parents who refuse to have their children participate in high stakes standardized testing can defend the children, against the following actions taken by school site or district administrators and officials….

To do that, one of these things have to occur.

  • Administrator failure to adhere to parent’s decision to refuse student participation in testing
  • Forced grade retention when proficiency has been demonstrated via other methods
  • Course credit denial when proficiency has been demonstrated via other methods
  • Forced remediation  such as summer school or remediation classes in lieu of elective classes when there is clear evidence the child does not need remediation
  • Unwarranted and punitive penalties such as detentions, inability to participate in extra-curricular activities and team sports, inability to participate in field trips, inability to continue in magnet or academy programs, or inability to be placed in advanced or gifted academic programs

Your child has the constitutional right and as a parent so do you, to not have them take this test…  Since obviously your child will not be treated in an educational system that goes so far overboard protecting corporate interests over those of children… as a regular citizen of this nation you have the right and ability to take this matter to the highest court in the land, if necessary…

A third party has a better chance of seeing your side, as opposed to the guilty party.  No business interest, no matter how well entrenched with local government, has the right to victimized young children for their own profit.

You can click here for the form.  

Typically, complaints are filed at the school site first; however, in the case where an administrator is identified as the violator, it is best to file at the Civil Rights Compliance Office (CRC) or similar office in a specific district.

We are in Region 3.

Here is where we file…

Region 3 – Philadelphia (Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia)
Barbara Holland, Regional Manager
Office for Civil Rights
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
150 S. Independence Mall West
Suite 372, Public Ledger Building
Philadelphia, PA 19106-9111
Main Line (800) 368-1019
FAX (215) 861-4431
TDD (800) 537-7697

Fill out the above form with specific prompts.    Describe each person who allegedly discriminated, retaliated and/or harassed you, please describe in detail, what occurred and specifically describe the exact event or action which you believe was discriminatory, retaliatory and/or harassing.

Here is an example:

Public schools are required to teach all children regardless of all impediments.  The Smarter Balanced Assessment which guarantees a 70% failure is deemed to be an impediment to my child’s learning.   When I opted out of my child taking the test, an action that is both legal and non-binding, I was punished for it in these following ways.

When citing this as the reason I am refusing to allow my child to test, District Superintendent____________ and  Principal _________,  and Counselor ______________  subsequently, via verbal face-to-face communication , on September __, 2016 and via written communication received on September __, 2016; denied my child the opportunity to continue to participate in _________  program in which she was thriving.

High stakes testing as documented by numerous of studies over decades, “has had the effect of segregating” children according to social class and racial differences.  Were I to go forward with this test I, the parent, would be willingly and obligingly forcing my child to be stereotyped as a failure across his/her future, despite all other classroom evidence pointing to the contrary.

I obviously refused to do this, and for this, my child was singled out to be punished by the officers representing this school. This is a violation of my child’s civil right to receive the best public education which can be given.  Were she treated the same due to the color of her skin, her religion, her gender, her sexual preference, or her philosophy, she would have behind her, the full support of the law.  

As parent, we are given and have the legal obligation of making all choices in how to raise our child.  One worthy example: if we feel vaccinations are harmful, we can opt out our child.  Laws allow that.  Against something that is far more dangerous to our child than a rare virus, something that could affect and ruin a child for life like this Smarter Balanced Assessment, we obviously have the same parental right. The law does not allow a parent’s right to be trumped by any governmental agency, especially if trumping that right can be proved to harm the child.

There is considerable evidence that the Smarter Balanced Assessment will cause children to suffer severe stress and emotional abuse, causing longterm educational damage. Against this claim the Department of Education has brought no evidence to the contrary.   What we DO hear, is almost every child psychologist across America unified in saying that this test is very harmful to children’s development.

Things to remember when filing:

  • Clearly identify your reason(s) for test refusal (political, disability, medical, religious, age, etc.).
  • Clearly identify what violation has occurred (forced remediation, inability to participate in an extracurricular activity, etc.).
  • Identify by full name and position all those that participated in the violation.
  • Keep narratives short and fact focused.
  • Attach all pertinent paper work (letters home, emails, letters to school, forms, etc.).
  • Show up for all scheduled meetings for mediation that are meant to forego a hearing.
  • Show up for all scheduled hearings.

Now call your principal and ask him when your child is scheduled to take the test.  Say you want to remove him from school on those days, and you don’t want him to take the test… Tell him you are in contact with the Civil Rights office in Philadelphia and you have the right to opt out your child from the test and furthermore that he cannot be punished in any way for having parents who know the damage this test will cause and decided to prevent it from affecting their child.


South Korea, where more than 70 percent of high school graduates enter university, education is a national obsession that the government worries is actually damaging society.  Education accounted for nearly 12 percent of consumer spending last year, and parents spent the equivalent of 1.5 percent of G.D.P. on cram schools for their children.  There are now more cram school instructors in South Korea than regular schoolteachers, and the exams are so difficult that even college professors admit they could not pass them.

The paradox is these ridiculous tests don’t necessarily lead to demanding college classes. In Japan, where almost all college students graduate, it’s quite common for students to be asked only to parrot back lecture notes. Rigorous thinking, reading and writing too often is simply not expected.


Courtesy of Creative by Nature

When I asked a class (South Korea) if they were happy in this environment, one girl hesitantly raised her hand to tell me that she would only be happy if her mother was gone because all her mother knew was how to nag about her academic performance.  The world may look to South Korea as a model for education — its students rank among the best on international education tests — but the system’s dark side casts a long shadow.  Dominated by Tiger Moms, cram schools and highly authoritarian teachers, South Korean education produces ranks of overachieving students who pay a stiff price in health and happiness. The entire program amounts to child abuse. It should be reformed and restructured without delay.

Not surprisingly, South Korea’s position in the international education hierarchy is flipped when it comes to youth happiness, with only 60 percent of the country’s students confessing to being content in school, compared with an average of 80 percent, in 2012, among the world’s wealthy nations.

As parents we are at that exact point where we must ask ourselves what society we want for our children.  One where they will probably fail but if not, they might get a job in which they are always miserable in?  Or a life worth living?

To be a South Korean child ultimately is not about freedom, personal choice or happiness; it is about production, performance and obedience.  Is this what we want for America?  Is this what we want for our children?

Obedience to authority is enforced both at home and school. I remember the time I disagreed with my homeroom teacher in middle school by writing him a letter about one of his rules. The letter led to my being summoned to the teacher’s office, where I was berated for an hour and a half, not about the substance of my words but the fact that I had expressed my view at all. He had a class to teach but he did not bother to leave our meeting because he was so enraged that someone had questioned his authority. I knew then that trying to be rational or outspoken in school was pointless.  This is how East Side Charter school is run today.  It also was Pencader. Is this how Amercans are supposed to act?

Korean Teachers and Education Workers Union and Korea Youth Counseling Institute’s surveys have shown that 43% to 48% of students had the suicide ideation.  Comparatively the US has a rate of 8% for men and 13% for women.

But to effect any meaningful change in South Korea’s education, a culture that treats its children as a commodity to be used in the service of the family or the national economy must be radically altered.

Now the point…

This is not the America we need in order to compete with other nations in our future.  What we did in our past, has worked just fine, in fact, all nations send their best to our schools.  Trying to be like South Korea can only benefit one segment …. Those on the receiving end of South Korea’s 1.5% GDP spent on cram schools.  That is the only people who benefit from the suffering of ALL our children…

Time for decision is quickly approaching… The tests begin next week… 

In your hand, and only in your hand, is the lever that stops the selling off of American’s children to the highest bidder…

If your child takes the test, then the test’s legitimacy to determine your child’s future becomes set in stone… You can’t take the the test this year, and opt out next year…  For instead you WILL have to show your child improved and it WILL come at great expense to you (and your child).

But if you don’t take the test…. if you say a flat “no thank you kindly sir”,……. then the Smarter Balanced Assessment joins the rank of products like the New Coke…… the Edsel…… Hydrogen Airships……..  Ocean Liners that are completely unsinkable……..  America does not fall apart.  It just moves on to safer alternatives.

But you have to not take the test….  Taking the test is the equivalent  of buying a passage for your child on the Hindenberg or Titanic….   Those who did, regretted it…

There is zero penalty for not taking the test… Period... There is a terrible penalty for taking it…  Please choose wisely.  Time is running out….

Today there is a referendum to increase funding for all schools in the two priority districts that have been hit by Markell’s cuts. It is just  for 16 cents. It is necessary to keep schools open, so go vote. You have till 8:00, when polls close… You just go to a Christina or Red Clay school nearby with your ID… and they will look you up, certify you, (and make sure you didn’t vote elsewhere already) and then vote yes for both options…

It is way too cold to go through all that effort just to vote “no” which changes nothing.  So if you are not inclined to vote “yes”, just stay at home.

With the curt closure of any other option than turn the priority schools into charters,  the DOE threw down the gauntlet to all of Delaware’s parents.

They moved.  Now it is our turn.   Here are our options as parents of our children…

  • We can accept it.
  • We can fight it.
  • What we can’t do … is accept it and fight it at the same time… That is laughingly impossible.

As parents, we now need to decide.

  • Is this what we want (turning public schools into charters)?
  • What can we do about it?

Some things are out of our control.  We can now accept that the DOE is not remotely interested in responding to parents’ needs, and therefore what goes on inside of there is for all intents and purposes, out of our control.  Since we can’t impact anything that goes on inside there through influence or any other option,  wasting any effort on them is futile, pointless and diverts effort from what is really important….

Let us look at what we do control.

  • We control board members by our vote.  But we just saw they have no power; what good is that?
  • Money?  No, most of it is automatically shifted over without any direct control from us.  If we wanted to stop payment, most of us couldn’t…
  • We control whether our kids take or don’t take the test….

Would our kids not taking the test have an impact?

Yes. it would:

  • Show the world that this administration is going down this path without the backing of the American people.
  • Show the world that parents don’t have to follow orders from a 30 year old ex gym teacher put into power as a chief for change… (who has never had kids in school)
  • Show the world that our government was intended “for the people, of the people, and by the people”, and we don’t have to follow our government when it goes awry, forgetting that very tenant of its existence.
  • Plus, it would show the world whether or not, we really care for our kids…  Most of us say we do automatically (like how could one not).  But our lives rarely put us on the spot to ever test our courage and stand for something that protects them from harm… (WE do live very sheltered lives for the most part compared to a huge section of the world’s population)

For if we don’t have the guts to stand up for our kids, as did Washington DC, Philadelphia, Milwaukee, Cleveland, New York, and Chicago parents all lack the guts when their time came to stand up and be counted, then I guess it is ok for charterization to go forward to the detriment of all but those raking in cash…   After all, under the tenants of “freedom”, one is responsible for achieving everything they are capable if their actions do not harm others in the process of their execution…

For there to be “harm”, someone has to stand up and point it out… If no one does, or if no one listens to the one who does, then really, from the both the legal and practical side of things there was no harm done, and the action should probably go forward to the ultimate betterment of society at large…..

Although charterization is described in its selling as being beneficial to education, there is plenty of evidence now showing that is a lie.  In fact, all evidence points to the exact opposite.  Charterization lowers the total average ability of all students to succeed in our future world….  What that last sentence means, is that you may be able to cull out the best students and put them in an environment where they can do well. What such an action does, is doom all others to do worse…  So you have more students doing poorly, just a few doing better, and the average drops like rocks into a very deep lake.

Those who say (Dave Sokola) such action at least saves a few children from failure, can be put in their place by this analogy.  It is like saying that people should be allowed to celebrate by firing guns up into the air… After all, the bullets are aimed up in the air, not at people, so why shouldn’t free people be allowed to express their exuberance in such a fashion?.. The obvious reason is that those bullets must come down… And when they do, real people ARE hurt… WE now know that is exactly what happens to all those students who cannot get into charter schools, whenever and every single time charters are allowed to open up next to public schools… Those remaining in public schools must continue in what was once considered a failing school, but now is a failing school with even fewer resources at their disposal…   Bottom line:  it doesn’t end up good even for those in charters… Because charters don’t teach as well as do public schools.  So the best are not as bright as they would have been had they remained in public school;  all others are not as bright as they would have been had they remained in a fully funded public school… With the advent of charters, everyone loses…. Just look at Washington DC, Philadelphia, Milwaukee, Cleveland, New York, and Chicago as proof…  Without Charter Schools, everyone wins… Washington State which opened it’s first charter school (now failed) this very year, is near the top of the NAEP mathmatics testing scale….

naep wash state

A whole state without charters… near the top of the national average….

Delaware is going the wrong way by putting more, not fewer charters into play.


Bottom line:  is how can you fight back against those with a ring in their nose tied to a chain of mighty corporate sponsors?…

Withhold your child from taking the test….

If enough Delawareans do that (in just weeks it begins)…. the entire nightmare all goes away…   Think of  it as the equivalent of your ancestors grabbing their rifles to go out and fight the British marching up their road….  It is called…. “doing what you must to give your child a better future”.

When everyone else runs away from those with unchallenged power, he runs straight at them.

Support him.  Join him.  We, The People, need more like him.

I borrowed them from a song… I once saw Martin Luther King walking down the street singing it….  Jump to the 4th verse……

We are not afraid
We are not afraid
We are not afraid some day


We are not alone
We are not alone
We are not alone some day


The whole wide world around
The whole wide world around
The whole wide world around some day


We shall overcome
We shall overcome
We shall overcome some day

Nuff said.