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We are opting out of state mandated tests.

We are served up a spectacle of Presidential debaters living in bubbles saying nothing of substance.

Our media ignores the one person who is mouthing things of substance; basically the problems 99% of us face in balancing our paycheck against our expenses…. One is too low, the other is too high… They should be reversed.

Our Arctic Ice Cap is dangerously low, our entire global climate is reeling.

A seven billion person planet  freaks out and cannot handle a meager 1 million refugees from just 0.3% of its land mass.

The globe has never been richer…. EVER…. yet 99% of its people live in poverty.

Our own children are pawns in a grand scheme to eliminate public education and fix it so investors get rich off it.

Our corporate media simply doesn’t tell the truth anymore.  One has to turn to comedians to get real information.

A raspy brash loudmouth Jew with crazy hair calls out an Evangelist University of higher learning for not following the very laws laid down by Jesus Christ. An act very similar to that of another Jew a little under 2000 years ago who also challenged the religious authorities of HIS time.


That was today.  Meanwhile almost 50 million of our country lives in poverty, often while working too jobs… and everyone shrugs and thinks that’s ok.  The only thing worth discussing is Planned Parenthood and punishing Iran.

Is this really America then?  Are we no longer the land of opportunity emblazoned on the Statue of Liberty’s bottom?

Something has got to give, right?

It starts with you…. when you get mad enough to do something… that’s when it changes… 

You can… if you think about it…. start by going to Dover … 12:30 pm…. to protest the Smarter Balanced Assessment.   Because it is all connected… it is all about big money doing what it wants over your objections… It’s all about getting you out of their way….

If anyone looked for their mail on Memorial Day, they may have found an illegal flier…… (no one is allowed to put anything in ones mailbox other then the US Postal Service….)  urging all to vote “no” in the referendum….

It sounded scary… “If you vote for this referendum your taxes will go up $60,000 a year and your water will be shut off. Electricity will be stopped until you pay the back taxes.  This is a very bad tax bill and it must be voted down…”

Scrawled in ink (not typed) was the admonition that renters in the future will be paying $15,000 more per year if this referendum passes….


We sent out a posse and quickly discovered the culprits, and then secretly watched to see to whom they returned to…

Our guess was correct… The slum lord who owns at least 20 properties in almost every neighborhood, was in his black-tint windowed Mercedes, paying out $100 bills to those returning with few or no unused flyers….

And I thought… so that is who is always behind voting down referendums…. it makes sense now…

To be honest I had always blamed seniors and those on fixed income who rightfully might have reason to vote down something that would increase their property value by at least $30,000.  Because it would cost them and they wouldn’t live to see a benefit; though their heirs would.. But it really didn’t make sense for seniors with families to leave a devalued investment for their children, if their was any way possible to pay those few pennies the assessment would levy…. They would be paying pennies, and getting hundred dollar bills in return……..

But slum lords…. they have a real case….  they buy property as cheap as they can, and raise the rent as high as they can, and try to increase the gap between the two to as high as is possible….  This referendum does cost them money…..

Let us say you are a senior….. Your assessment is probably $45,000 based on the last time anyone cared to look….   For $45,000 each year you would be assessed an additional 37 cents… on every $100 dollars of value…  That is like buying a lawn mower on sale at Lowes and choosing between two models, one on sale at $99.99 and the other at $99.62….. Gee ….. which one will you get?  The gas efficient power one that keeps your lawn looking nice but at the higher price?  Or that push mower you will have to burn calories to get it to do anything… .  (Heaven help you if you miss a week).

On $45,000 that is (45 X 10 X 0.37) $166. 00…..  Although that sounds like a lot, it is spread out over a year and is included in your bank payment which will jump $13 dollars a month… which if budgeted correctly as most senior do, rounds down to $3 dollars a week….

To save $3 dollars a week, Seniors are willing to lose $30,000 of value on their home, when their neighborhood becomes too difficult to resell houses because the schools have become like Philadelphia’s…   But for that $3 assessed and paid, one gets to continue living in one of the best districts in the country…

BUT IF YOU ARE A SLUM LORD ON THE OTHER HAND…………………………………………………………..

and at a minimum, you own 1000 properties scattered across the Christina district…. and you don’t care one iota about kids, schools, education, jobs, tests, …. then this referendum has the potential to hit you each month, with an additional cost of  $130,000……  WHOA…. The slum lord is going to lose $130,000 a month………. on a thousand houses…  shock of all shocks…  that is $1.5 million a year!!!

No wonder they are handing out $100 dollar bills to try to overturn the forces of good and kill this levy…..

Which brings us to pig-face Vince D’Anna.  (Nancy has pictures, go see for yourself…)  This was the same prostitute who hired himself out to the TDC to whip up public opinion to allow it to sprinkle carcinogens and toxic particles on top of Main Street, completely covering the University of Delaware, and even dumping waste on top of Christianstead, home of mayor Polly Sierer.  And now again we see, he has hired himself out to slum lords to do exactly the same thing… Whip up hysteria, (as prostitutes-for-hire are well known to do),  to allow big money to keep more of what it should have given up long ago……

Now before you feel too much empathy for those slumlords….  let us see how much they do make each month, and then see what percentage this will cost them?   At 1000 properties each renting close to $1500 a month….. the monthly accumulation of pure profit, is….. $1,500,000…….  Per year, it totals  $18 million……..

Instead of earning $1.5 million each month…. they will earn $1.37 million each month with the difference going to schools…..   Is there anyone out there who thinks earning $1.37 million each month is too little money?  (this is all profit, mind you.)….

So the battle is such that in order to protect the wealth of this 1,000 homed slum lord…. Vince D’Anna is hired to try and scuttle the referendum by writing emotional op-ed pieces based on fabrications.  And to be completely honest, if that were me with 1000 houses, I would probably do the same thing, thinking about myself as selfishly as possible…. So we can’t blame that guy for trying…..

But the rest of us have to face the facts, and we have to do our part and make sure OUR best interests take precedent over the interests of slum-lords both for our children and for our homes’ resale value….  If you live in the Christina School district and are not a slum lord,……. there is only one way to vote to better your community…..

And that is to vote yes to increase your taxes by $3 dollars a week… That is a medium bag of Skittles……. which you really don’t need and which are not very good for you, (though it is hard to pass up when they have tropical flavors though……….)

Now if you are completely neutral, and you really don’t care one way or the other about $3 ….. then help a sister out, and vote yes just to stick Vince D’Anna in the eye with a pointed stick…. So that loser gets two losses on his belt for selling-out Newarks’ finest, …. good and beneficial citizens to the highest bidder for a price…

A.  It prevents 95% of students from taking the test, meaning all test results  for those who got stuck taking it, are void and null.

B,  It prevents a GIANT blemish on your child’s permanent record; one that should have never been there.

C. It prevents your schools’ takeover based on faulty data.

D. It prevents your good teacher from losing her job, based on faulty data.

E.  It prevents your child from being bussed away from his closed school to another one across town, based off of faulty data.

F.  The tests are set for grades 2 levels above what is being tested.

G. The tests do not show what your child has or has not learned.

H. The tests psychologically profile children into groups who aren’t and who are prone to be favorably cultivated for later sexual abuse.

I.  Your child’s information is advertised for sale on pedophile Internet chat rooms.

J.  Your child is labeled as a FAILURE, despite grades, good homework skills, and a ample knowledge base.

K. Your family’s political affiliation, your religion, and police record are listed on your child’s profile to be looked up by anyone who pays enough for the privilege.

L.  You are never allowed to ever see the test… Maybe your child answered correctly but was given a random score.  No teacher, no principal, no school official, no parent, EVER sees the graded test….  You simply have to trust the most untrustable people we have ever seen in our lifetimes, when told your child’s alleged score.

M. These scores are used by big business, investors, and bribed elected officials (Sokola, Scott, Jacques)  to close schools, pay people less, and fire people for faults not of their own…. They do nothing for your child.

N.  Universities have said they will not use these scores in evaluating students matriculating into their classes… Meaning that there is absolutely no value in your child taking this test simply to get secret information on your family which can then be sold to anyone willing to pay $79.99 for unlimited number of reports for one year.

O.  Your child feels dejected, broken, stupid, and a failure… The joke is if this test never existed, he would see himself as being a good student.

P.  Your child will be ruled out of entering certain careers based on results in 1st and 2nd grade….  Imagine you being ruled out of your current profession because of what you did in  first grade?

Q.  All know that if everyone tells you that college is not in your future, you will never apply hard to make college become part of your future.  This test completely segregates blacks and Hispanics out of all good jobs starting in 2023…

R.   These test questions are illegible to adults… (have you taken the test?)  Adults can’t even figure out what is being asked.  Kids just guess.  And live by those guesses for the entire rest of their life….

S.  Once taken, these test scores can never be erased… except by a mandate ordered by each state’s General Assemblies.  However once information has been “leaked out”… it is out there forever…..

T.  Killing this test; kills Common Core… Common Core is a whitewash and dulling down of education so all students do poorly in life afterward…  Common Core is like a fake religion… All hoopla and promises, but with no God underlying it who can enforce its edits… Common Core is very dangerous to your child.

T.  The Smarter Balances Assessment was put in place without parental involvement or concern for children.  It is as Communist as anything ever found in Soviet Russia.   Children are the wards of the state;  parents are simply studs and mares.

U. Common Core and these tests violate parent’s First and Fourth Amendments of the Constitution.  It never would have happened if parents had been part of its creation, and not an object to be run around in the dark.

V. Common Core is about getting rid of local control and instilling Federal control over your schools’ curriculum.

W. These tests destroy your child’s future….


Opting out is now a parent’s only option… The Federal Government failed them.  The State Government failed them. The local school boards failed them.  The Charter School Network failed them. The corporate structure of America, failed them…  It is open season on your child…

You can stop it by not letting him take this test… If you don’t opt out, and if you do let them go through with the Smarter Balanced Assessment, your child is now a second class student, behind all those who DID opt out…..

Opting out is supported by all teachers.

Opting out is supported by all principals.

Opting out is supported by all school boards.

Opting out is supported by all childhood psychologists.

Opting out is supported by a majority of our legislators.

Opting out is supported by members of both political parties.

There are bills in every legislature regarding opting out.

Opting out is necessary…

You need to opt out your child if you have not already.

This spring, tests developed by the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium will be administered to well over 10 million students in 17 states to determine their proficiency on the Common Core Standards for Mathematics (CCSSM). This in-depth analysis of sample mathematics test questions posted online by Smarter Balanced reveals that, question after question, the tests (1) violate the standards they are supposed to assess, (2) cannot be adequately answered by students with the technology they are required to use, (3) use confusing and hard-to-use interfaces, or (4) are to be graded in such a way that incorrect answers are identified as correct and correct answers as incorrect. No tests that are so unfair should be given to anyone. Certainly, with stakes so high for students and their teachers, these Smarter Balanced tests should not be administered. The boycotts of these tests by parents and some school districts are justified. In fact, responsible government bodies should withdraw the tests from use before they do damage.

Some notable quotes from the report:

“why  offer  a  keypad  that  builds  numbers  from  left  to  right?  Students are  taught  to  solve  whole-­‐number  addition  by  working  right  to  left—just  like  you probably  do!  Every  school  calculator  builds  numbers  right  to  left  for  a  reason.  With  an  input  device  that  is  harder  to  use  than  correctly  adding  the  two  numbers,  what  will  we  learn  about  a  student  who  gets  this  question  wrong?”  4th Grade Math SBA.

“A  simple  sketch  is  the  most  appropriate  way  to  show  one’s  work.  However,  there’s just  one  major  issue:  There  is  no  way  to  draw  or  submit  a  drawing  using  the  problem’s “technology-­enhanced”  interface!  So  a  student  working  on  this  problem  is  left  with  a problem  more  vexing  than  the  mathematical  task  at  hand—“How  do  I  show  my picture  by  typing  words  on  a  keyboard?” 10th Grade Math SBA.

“So  the  problem  is  not  just  that  the  number  line  behavior  needs  fixing;  it’s  that  a number  line  is  the  wrong  tool  for  answering  Question  1.  Asking  students  to  display the  exact  results  of  division  with  fractions  on  a  tiny  number  line  marked  only  in whole  units  —whether  it  “snaps”  or  not—is  like  asking  students  to  eat  soup  with  a fork  to  determine  whether  they  know  how  to  eat.”

“At  some  point  between  April  16,  2012,  and  now,  a  simple,  well-­‐specified  interface idea  turned  into  a  nightmarish  implementation.  Smarter  Balanced  quality  control failed.”

“The  graphic  on  this question  was  obviously  not  created  using  mathematical  software.  The  graph  is
inaccurate  and  misleading.”

” why were  there so  many  buttons  on  it  and  what  do they  do?.  The five  arrow  buttons  above  the  numbers—three  leftward  and  two  rightward  pointing arrows—look  so  similar  that  their  actions  can  only  be  deciphered  through  trial  and error.  (I’ll  list  their  functions  here  to  save  you  the  effort  of  experimenting:  move
cursor  left,  move  cursor  right,  undo  last  action,  redo  last  undone  action,  and  delete digit  to  the  left  of  the  cursor.)  Only  the  last  of  these  buttons—Delete—is  needed.”

“the  last  key  on  the  keypad  a  subtraction  key  or  a  key  for  inputting  a negative  number,  or  can  it  be  used  for  both  purposes?  It  acts  a  lot  like  a  subtraction key—you  can  enter  “65–1”  for  instance—but  you  can  press  it  repeatedly  and  display many  subtraction  signs—like  a  negative  key.  I  wondered  whether  “65–1”  would  be evaluated  by  the  parser  as  64.  Unfortunately,  it’s  impossible  to  figure  out  what  this key  actually  does  mathematically.  That’s  why  I  call  it  “inscrutable.””

“Calculators  typically  don’t  allow  more  than one  decimal  point  in  a  number—precisely  to  prevent  silly  typing  mistakes.  There  is no  benefit  to  this  question  in  allowing  typing  mistakes.

” the  design  that  CTB  implemented  for  Smarter  Balanced penalizes  struggling  students.  Students  at  ease  with  the  mathematics  and  familiar with  computer  input  interfaces  will  breeze  through  Question  4—they  need  only correctly  type  “64.”  But  a  student  who  struggles  with  the  math,  makes  a  mistake  or
two,  and  tries  to  correct  his  mistakes  may  get  mired  in  the  ridiculous  interface, especially  if  he  is  tempted  to  input  his  answer  with  the  graphical  keypad.  It  reminds me  of  the  saying,  “The  rich  get  richer….”

Ironically,  while  poor  results  on  the  Common  Core  tests  will  be  a  blow  to  policy makers,  parents,  educators,  and  students,  they  will  be  a  boon  to  those  in  education for  a  profit.  I’ve  been  in  the  business  for decades  as  an  educational  publisher.  For many  companies,  including  the  large  ones,  there  is  no  business  like  the  “failure business.”  Failure  precipitates  crises  on  a  large  scale.  National  politicians, governors,  and  state  legislatures  demand  immediate  action  to  address  crises.  In desperation,  school  officials  look  for  quick  solutions.  They  loosen  purse  strings  in states  and  districts.  And  the  quick-­‐solution  vendors  spring  into  action,  throw together  products,  and  make  a  quick  buck  from  their  “solutions.”

The  same  testing  companies  that  delivered  these  failed  tests  will  win  lucrative  new
contracts  to  deliver  “better”  tests  to  states  forced  to  abandon  the  current  ones. 


So why are we subjecting our children to this?  Oh yes, Greg Lavelle.

Why is this test currently just inserted without General Assembly approval, to be used for the next 5 years?  Oh, yes, Dave Sokola.

Why do you not know how bad this test is and the express harm it will cause your child?  Oh, yes. Earl Jacques

Various members of our General Assembly’s Individual actions often bordering intentional deceit, by these individual people, have almost derailed the entire public educational system.

So, how can we stop this entire process from destroying our children?

Don’t let them take the test… Period…

Exceptional Delaware has a fuller version… Jump over and read it… I tend to believe more in the power of terse statements but people are different and different types appeal to different people.


Dear  Sir/Madam ____________________________________:

Please accept this letter as record of my decision to refuse for my child (name)____________ to participate in the Smarter Balanced Assessment at (school)_____________ during the 2014-2015 school year.

Respectfully yours,


(You are under no obligation to explain why.  You are the parent and your child is your responsibility. They must answer to you.  Not you to them.  It’s a former elementary gym teacher for heaven’s sake. )

But just in case you feel better, here are a few legal precedents.

Culled from the decision by the 2000 Supreme Court — Troxel v. Granville

“In subsequent cases also, we have recognized the fundamental right of parents to make decisions concerning the care, custody, and control of their children. See, e.g., Stanley v. Illinois, 405 U.S. 645, 651, 92 S.Ct. 1208, 31 L.Ed.2d 551 (1972) (“It is plain that the interest of a parent in the companionship, care, custody, and management of his or her children ‘come[s] to this Court with a momentum for respect lacking when appeal is made to liberties which derive merely from shifting economic arrangements'” (citation omitted)); Wisconsin v. Yoder, 406 U.S. 205, 232, 92 S.Ct. 1526, 32 L.Ed.2d 15 (1972) (“The history and culture of Western civilization reflect a strong tradition of parental concern for the nurture and upbringing of their children. This primary role of the parents in the upbringing of their children is now established beyond debate as an enduring American tradition”); Quilloin v. Walcott, 434 U.S. 246, 255, 98 S.Ct. 549, 54 L.Ed.2d 511 (1978) (“We have recognized on numerous occasions that the relationship between parent and child is constitutionally protected”); Parham v. J. R., 442 U.S. 584, 602, 99 S.Ct. 2493, 61 L.Ed.2d 101 (1979) ( “Our jurisprudence historically has reflected Western civilization concepts of the family as a unit with broad parental authority over minor children. Our cases have consistently followed that course”); Santosky v. Kramer, 455 U.S. 745, 753, 102 S.Ct. 1388, 71 L.Ed.2d 599 (1982) (discussing “[t]he fundamental liberty interest of natural parents in the care, custody, and management of their child”); Glucksberg, supra, at 720, 117 S.Ct. 2258 (“In a long line of cases, we have held that, in addition to the specific freedoms protected by the Bill of Rights, the ‘liberty’ specially protected by the Due Process Clause includes the righ … to direct the education and upbringing of one’s children” (citing Meyer and Pierce)). In light of this extensive precedent, it cannot now be doubted that the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment protects the fundamental right of parents to make decisions concerning the care, custody, and control of their children.”


You have the right to prevent your child from being abused.  Nearly 100% of child psychologists have called these tests as a subtle form of child abuse.  To date, I have seen zero child psychologists defend either of these two Common Core tests.  There were defenders of all previous tests however… That is indication of just how bad these tests actually are.  Btw.  Have you taken your child’s test?  You should before you decide… (Little personal hint:  if you can’t answer the questions… it’s not that you’re dumb… it’s the test.  It’s a  r-e-a-l-l-y  stupid test.)

Trust Me

What we do know.

  • A video was allegedly taken, … “but can’t be seen… Trust us on what we say is on it…”    ????
  • The accusation of racism was alleged….. But after being publicly mentioned to taint the individual, due to lack of evidence was then subsequently removed from consideration by the board.????
  • Complaints of this type are routinely taken under district review… So why was a meeting hastily called? … Simply to cast disparagement????
  • Two “selected” members were allowed to view the video; yet it could not be seen by the others. ????
  • The confrontation (allegedly) involves a rogue bus driver who consistently puts children in danger, being confronted through the door of the bus by a concerned citizen, who just ironically happens to be the person who spanked the governors and Rodel’s SuperPAC’s hand picked candidate in a very expensive election (for them) two years ago.
  • And before you now…. there is no evidence to support it… Well …. allegedly there supposedly is evidence… But have you seen it… uhh, well no… but I was told by someone, I forget who, that it was there……


Imagine this scenario….

A parent of children in Christina schools decides to take the next step and run for school board elections, especially after seeing how bad the RTTT, Rodel, and Common Core are for Children… After seeing A+ children crying because they could ony muster 30% on a state test, she decided parents need to control their children, not the wags on Wall Street…..

She puts her name up.  A top secret SuperPAC of hidden donors under Rodel’s umbrella, put up their candidate:… Mr. Suk Der Dick.

And with the help of all these people… 

  • John Viola
  • Bill Oberle
  • Vince Lofink
  • Harrie Eleen Minnehan
  • Lisa Diller
  • Denny Schwartz
  • The whole Downes PTA
  • My Teachers at Downes
  • The greater Newark Area
  • John Kowalko
  • Connie Merlet
  • MCvey School and PTA
  • My Teachers at McVey
  • Maclary and their whole Staff and family
  • Glasgow High Parents and Students who I love us much.
  • The teachers and the union who voted for me
  • Steve my husband of 22 years for coming to meetings and concerts
  • My wonderful children Justin and Ashley who are the reason I fight for EVERY
  • child everywhere.
  • My Mom and sister
  • and all my friends
  • to my secret friends who really helped you know who you are..



A bus driver is performing a dangerous act in her neighborhood… (probably trying to maintain a too tight schedule) … As a parent, and ask any school bus driver how often these conversations take place through the open door, she holds him accountable…  As any employee, he defends himself by blaming his boss.  Obviously that is not acceptable to any parent.  A dead, squished child can not be remade exactly the same… They are one of a kind.

And obviously…. someone employed as a Credit and Collections Manager is not by nature, going to back down at the first sign of smart-talk and push-back from a bus driver on hand…. Especially when children’s lives are in danger…. Obviously someone who has held financial positions with such companies as Hercules, Pepsi and Avon, and whose active community service began when she served on the Member Services Staff at the YMCA on Kirkwood Highway in Newark, is not going to give up, be nice, and let children die…


If anything… Both sides have equal guilt.  Either one could have shut up, turned away, and if this driver is still driving, this is again obviously nothing more than a political set up. Any competent supervisor would remove the driver until an investigation was complete.  People who do bad things, need to be held accountable.  That includes bus drivers.   A driver who loses his cool through the open door to parents, should not remain a proper example of an adult role model in front of children.

Apparently a give-and-take argument did take place in front of children!…  This practice is so not good for quarreling parents undergoing divorce; it is certainly so not good for a concerned parent and a rogue school bus driver whose action put children in danger.

Some child complains to mom and dad; that complaint gets forwarded to the office, and a review of the tape is made. Upon finding the parent on the tape is “also” a school board member, a light bulb goes off…  Perhaps we can have this person removed if we make this altercation into a scandal?

Yeah, that’s the ticket…. Just one problem…

What is that?

It doesn’t show that on the tape… 

Oh, yeah, that could be a problem… Oh well, it was a great idea for 30 seconds….

Yeah, for 30 seconds…

Hey, wait…


Here listen to this…. What if…. we never showed the tape?   just said she abused the driver, and we can make him agree since he was on the receiving end, abuse is a relative term, right?  And call a board meeting to censure her, never show the tape, just allege how horrendous it is, and vote to censure her for it…

If we never show the tape, then no one will know it was really nothing, and everyone will have to take our word for it, right? Brilliant… How can anyone not vote to censure someone who did something awful… Even if you don’t know for sure, you will be afraid to vote against it, because what if it does turn out to embarrass you later when it does surface and turn out it is really bad… Brilliant.  

But we have to be careful in how we write it…  Use general words like abuse… Hey fellow, your hair is messy,  Ha, ha, ha,  I abused you.  Ha ha ha ha….

Ha, ha, ha… funny one there sir… 

Ok… call the meeting….

Yes, sir.







Hello, is this Ms. ________?   Hi, I’m with the local school association and I need to talk to you about your daughter, currently a student at ___ _ ______ elementary school,  may I proceed?

Beep, click. tone:  Thank you for giving me this time, Ms _______.  I know with your blogging duties and dealings with the board of education, that you don’t have much time, so I’ll be brief…

Your daughter appears to fall into our requirements of being tested for Cerebral Palsy, according to our diagnosis, and we would like to just go over our information with you to verify whether that is or isn’t true?

We have you down as having an household income somewhere between $100 and $150 thousand, and we have you as having a former BlueCross health plan, which is now being maintained by Highmark.   Under this plan, 80% of the test cost will be covered by your insurance and we have plans that allow the balance to be paid across a 3 year time frame….

We have openings next Tues and Wednesday afternoon?  Which would be best for you?  Something like this should not tarry.

If that is too soon, perhaps a month from today would be good for you?  Cerebral Palsy is very dangerous for children you know?

Oh the cost to you?  Well as I mentioned the cost is 80% already covered by your insurance, since it IS a Highmark plan, and the tests will be done of course at a MedExpress clinic…. The remainder can be spread across the following 3 years… Can I sign her up for an appointment next Tuesday afternoon?

What?  I had trouble hearing you over the phone.  As you know Cerebral Palsy is a disease that must be caught early if it is to be treated…

What?  How many people diagnosed are tested positive?  Well, we are fortunate here that only a few of those we diagnose ever show signs of having the disease,  But one can never know unless one undergoes a preliminary test to determine the possibility.   Shall next Tuesday at our closest Med Express to your location, that would be the one off Kirkwood Highway, right? Or is our Concord Pike location closer to you?

What? Why was your daughter picked?  Well, your daughter’s school records DO show you have Highmark which pays 80% of this qualified treatment, and your family income is between $100 and $150 thousand dollars per year, so you would certainly be able to afford our monthly payments stretched across 3 whole years of your daughters life….  That make you eligible for this call.

No, on that you are wrong ma’am.  Thanks to legislation proposed by  Jack Markell, and pushed through your Delaware legislature by Dave Sokola, we have every right to contact you off of your daughter’s school records.. We paid good money for that information…

Please, just put that aside.  Your daughter could go undiagnosed for years if you don’t take advantage of this lifetime opportunity to get her evaluation done early while we are filling in these time slots, and while there would be time to take corrective action.  Was it Tuesday?  Or next Wednesday you wished to visit our Kirkwood Highway office?

No ma’am… As I said, you should not worry about the cost… 80% is covered by Highmark if performed in the MedExpress location we previously mentioned, AND, the remainder can be spread over the next 3 years… How could anyone not pass up an opportunity like that, especially if it could save one’s daughter from cerebral palsy?  Her records show you are eligible for this opportunity because you have an income between $100 to $150 thousand….

No, ma’am.  We are not concerned about money. We are concerned about your daughter’s health… Cerebral Palsy is an affliction that costs much less if caught early… Visiting us next Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon COULD save you tremendous amounts of money.  No ma’am, …  I wouldn’t worry about the cost…. Highmark pays 80% of the cost, and the balance can be paid off across 36 months or 3 years.  Can I put you down for Tuesday at 4:00pm?

The Cost, ma’am?  That is covered after the evaluation…

Ma’am don’t hang up..  The entire proceedure is only $25,000, of which Highmark pays $20,000 or 80% if the exam is performed at its MedExpress location closest to you, and that leaves the balance paid by you to only be $138 dollars a month when stretched across our 36 month plan..

I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you…. Was that Tuesday?  or Wednesday?


You think you have problems now?  Wait till the State of Delaware sells your information to inBloom which can then sell your children’s information to everyone who seeks it, even on the flimsiest of excuses….

This, ladies and gentlemen.  Is Common Core.

Common Core is Child Abuse… I’ve never put it that way before, but have been gradually working my way up to accepting that it is…

Sort of like a parent putting two and two together upon the first time they hear one of those entrusted with the care of his children, has been arrested ….. i’m getting sick now, we let this go on so long.