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When it comes to the debate over Governor Markell’s and Mark Murphy’s educational reform…… Salon echoes what the Christina, the Capitol, and Red Clay School Districts have been saying all along ( as have myriads far too numerous to mention here)….

“For instance, you can make the claim, “this tastes great” because that can’t be proven one way or the other. But when you claim, “your kids will love how this tastes,” and parents say, “my kids think it tastes like crap,” you’re pretty much toast. And you make matters all the worse if you respond, “Well, if you were a good parent you’d tell your kid to eat it anyway.”


That is Common Core.  That is Charter Schools,  That is everything but putting 11:1 teacher/student ratios in schools k-5 with reduced levels over 50%……

We know what works… that is building personal and mentoring relationships between students and teachers so the students want to succeed….

Anything taking us in any other direction, is not helping education… It is digging a deeper hole we will one day have to refill….

It only takes Common Sense to put away Common Core… Obviously that is something on which the editorial board of the News Journal, the Delaware Chamber of Commerce, the Rodel Foundation, the US Department of Education, the Delaware Department of Education, Dave Sokola, Darryl Scott and the governor of this state could use a Common Core course:   How To Apply Common Sense…..