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If one listens to media (seriously, why would they) or looks at opinion pieces on the Democratic contest for the Presidency, one sees a lot of people talking about the race… yet no one expressing any vision of what the landscape would look like if either of them won.

So in plain language, here it is…

If you think the rich have too much and the poor have too little, nothing will change unless  enough of you vote for Bernie Sanders in the primaries on June 7th.

If you think there is something inherently wrong with 1/10th of one percent owning more than the bottom 90% (you), recognize nothing will ever change unless enough of you vote for Bernie Sanders in the primaries on June 7th.

If you think there is something wrong with 58% of all new income generated going to the top 1%, (they get raises; you don’t) then you must realize nothing will change unless enough of you vote for Bernie Sanders in the primaries on June 7th.

If you think there is something wrong with America having the highest child poverty rate (32.2%) of any developed nation, and we continue to cut back on programs designed to alleviate poverty just so billionaires can keep more of their money, then you must realize nothing will change unless enough of you  vote for Bernie in the primaries of June 7th.

If you think that the wealthy and large corporation should at least pay the same rate as you and even more on their inordinately high incomes, then you must realize nothing will change unless enough of you vote for Bernie in the primaries of June 7th.

If you think that no one who works 40+ hours a week should live in poverty and that by 2020 minimum wages across America should be at $15 an hour, then you must realize nothing will change unless enough of you get up, go out, and vote for Bernie in the primaries of June 7th.

If you believe we should put Obama’s original idea of investing 1 Trillion towards rebuilding our infrastructure and create 13 million jobs for those in our inner cities, then you must realize nothing will change unless enough of you vote for Bernie in the primaries of June 7th…

If you believe we should make tuition free at public colleges and universities across the US, then you must realize nothing will change unless enough of you vote for Bernie in those primaries taking place on June 7th.

If you think we should expand the social security cap above $250,000, so those billionaires and large corporations earning most of America’s new income, continue to pay the same rate as you and your employer, helping to keep Social Security solvent far into the future, then you must realize that nothing positive will happen, unless enough of you vote for Bernie in Tuesday’s primaries.

If you think it is time for the US to join the rest of the civilized world and make healthcare a right, guaranteeing every American the right to a Medicare-for-ALL single plan health care, then you must realize it can never happen, unless enough of you vote for Bernie in Tuesday’s primaries….

If you think that all human beings are important enough that employers should pay up to 12 weeks of family or medical leave, should have 2 weeks of vacation, and 7 sick days a year, please realize this will never happen, unless enough of you vote for it by choosing Bernie Sanders on June 7th….

If you think we should have a universal childcare and early childhood healthcare program for all children ages 0-3, then you must realize this will never happen unless enough of you vote for it by choosing Bernie Sanders on June 7th….

If you think we should have more unions instead of less, to increase our clout when bargaining for a share of the new profits being made hand over fist by our record productive work, then you need to realize only one person is capable of changing the status quo and making that happening, and he is on the ballot in the Democratic Primaries on June 7th..

If you think Big Banks who call themselves “Too Big To Fail” and count on Federal Taxpayers bailing out their bad investments, should be broken up into a lot of smaller banks which then can be allowed to fail, putting the financial responsibility on their investors, then you must realize the candidate who did not receive hundreds of thousands of dollars in speaking fees from these banks, is the only one who is able to make this happening, and he needs your vote on June 7th to prove to America that most of us want positive change…..

If you feel any of these are important, and even if you dream of how much better your life could be “if only” these things were in effect instead of the corporate driven economy we find ourselves…. then you must realize that no matter what anyone else besides you says… whether on TV, magazines, opinion pages, or blogs, that your job or even duty to your children, is to vote for the America you want to see happen in your lifetime….

It is revealing that in the week leading up to California and New Jersey and other final states, that Hillary and Trump are calling each other names and attacking personalities while Bernie is still running on his (and your) dream…

Here is the kicker.  Even if Bernie doesn’t ultimately win the nomination, if enough of you still vote for him in this final push, it is very likely that the winner will have to bow to popular appeal and incorporate his platform as part of her plan…That is what has happened in many of the past 58 presidential elections in our history. Your stronger than expected showing on June 7th is not just an affirmation for the courage and vision of the man you love and trust, it is an affirmative vote, a big YES for all the policies he has proposed, which we as a nation can easily afford, just haven’t because we’ve all been too scared of the blustering rich guys…

Well the rich guys are Donald Trump.  We see how they act and don’t have to be scared of them anymore.

When they come after the nominee and say:  you can’t implement Bernie’s Plan on us, she can point to your votes for Sanders and say, “that is not what large numbers of the American People say” and you have given her the cover to stand up to the oligarchs.

America is a nation of ideas.  We worship a document, not a charismatic founder… Our basis of government is little ink scrawls on parchment or more importantly, the ideas those little cursive letters express.  Although our media has done its best to put faces in front of us (often in contorted poses), most of us accept the reality that those faces are interchangeable; it is the ideas being expressed by those faces that are important… Another face putting forth the same ideas will be just as effective implementing them if voted in office, as the face running right now…

This is Bernie’s revolution, a return to the dominance of ideas. And his is being fueled differently than the other two campaigns, both of which for lack of a better word, are personality cults:.. “I” will build a wall and “I” will make Mexico pay for it/  “I” am the most experienced executive of all the candidates”  Against which Bernie is saying:  “We” need this now; “We” need that now; and with your votes,  “We” can really do this now/ now is the time….

And that is why every vote for Bernie on June 7th is an affirmation for the ideas he has personified.  That is why if you want real change, you will still need to vote for the ideas that appeal to you and not be swayed by political noise which primarily I believe, is aimed at you to confuse you and distract you from following your agenda….

Voting for people supported by the status quo and bankrolled by interests opposite of yours, will do nothing to change your predicament, no matter how much you love them… By them I’m sure you will be offered new programs, but those offerings really  benefit the investors who are providing them, not help those needing help.  But if you are in the camp who thinks that all it takes for America to be great again is to get a little more income into your pocket, to not worry about affording college, to not worry over having medical bills, not worrying about what happens to you when you retire, to actually be able to make more money when your companies profits rise solely because of your collective hard work, then there is only one candidate worthy of your vote, for real.

The last great hope in anyones lifetime like this was JFK (by November 2008 most of us knew Obama’s campaign agenda would be bogged down by the economy). We’ve been waiting 56 years for this new breath of fresh air. If you don’t show this guy your support, based on how things work, it becomes very hard for those ideas to ever become reality… The rich will say:  “See?  Even poorest of the masses don’t want his dreams passed into law….”

It’s your vote;  making it collectively,  your call.  Same way it has always has been in America for 58 presidential elections and despite multiple ups and downs, by miracles and close votes we will have survived 240 years from our conception this upcoming July 4th.

Forget all noises in your ear (including this one). Vote for the America YOU want to see. Don’t throw your one great opportunity away…..







Vergara Ruling Overturned by State Appeals Court….

A California appeals court, reversing a trial court’s ruling in the landmark Vergara case, has found that California’s job-protection laws for teachers do not in fact violate the state constitution’s equal protection guarantee.


The appeals court ruled April 14 that the plaintiffs in the Vergara case had failed to prove sufficiently that the state’s teacher-employment laws, including tenure and termination provisions, “inevitably cause a certain group of students to receive an education inferior to the education received by other students.”


Exactly what those of us who read the transcripts all said… We called it a kangeroo court because it decided it decision based on shots called down to it, and not on the evidence put before the court.  There was no way the evidence pointed to that decision.


This is good news.   In the national test-case for unions, Unions have been declared legal and can stand stronger now……

A similar case to Vergara was  just filed in Minnesotaand this decision may put a knife in it early up there.

Those following the educational debate in Delaware by this point in the sentence, know exactly where this is going… But for the rest of you…

In Delaware there are two camps.  One led by Jack Markell, is for the implementation of Common Core.  The other which is people driven, has their most outspoken person in the form of Christina’s school board member John Young….. His blog is here.

Common Core is federally mandated; everyone knows it, everyone sees it, everyone understands it…. even those who are proposing it, who know very well they can not admit it because doing so would make their position untenable and possibly illegal. (By its own charter the Federal Department of Education is forbidden to interfere with local schools…)

So on one hand you have a carefully scripted talking point in the form of Jack Markell, saying Common Core is “state led”; and you have the other side, sitting on school boards themselves, calling out the bull sh/t….


Well, events have a way of clearing up the air... If you go to Common Core’s website, here plainly is the talking point for all to see…

“Fact: The Common Core is a state‐led effort that is not part of No Child Left Behind or any other federal initiative. … State adoption of the standards is in no way mandatory. …This work is being driven by the needs of the states, not the federal government. [Emphasis added.]”

Now…. here is the reality…..

Arne Duncan Revokes Washington State’s NCLB Waiver  Washington state loses $40 million in Federal funding over not tying teachers evaluations solely to test scores.

Duncan Threatens California With Loss of Funds if Testing is Suspended    because California would not use the scores obtained this year – whether from the old testing system or the new – in the high-stakes decisions like teacher tenure and school rankings.

U.S. Dept. Of Education: Indiana At Risk Of Losing Its NCLB Waiver  despite the fact that Indiana’s own state standards were rated higher than that of the national Common Core.


So it is really a play on words… It is like the bully holding you down on the ground commanding:  “Say Uncle or I’ll ram my fist right through your face…”   You do officially have the choice as the bully proclaims of using your free will to say “uncle” and live, or to adamantly refuse, and die….

But that is not much of a choice is it?  99.9% of the rest of us, would agree you were coerced into saying “Uncle”…That you were not doing it willingly and  not of your own free accord…..


Seriously.  But we all knew this!  But now seeing it take place beyond the vagueness of hidden subtle threats, makes it clear to even those still mouthing the obviously false statements, that this IS a federally mandated curriculum designed to place “federally mandated” values in our children, and take all control away from parents, taxpayers, and those who exercise their right to vote in what once was, this great nation known as the United States of America…..