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When General Grant was first given command of the Northern Army, he rushed into battle at the Battle of the Wilderness… After three days of hard fighting with great numbers of casualties, the two armies separated. The Northern troops, used to their previous commander, began to bivouac to regroup and lick their wounds…  Allegedly  two men were digging embankments and the General rode up on them, asked them what they were doing.  “Setting up camp” they told him.  “We’re not camping” he said, “Tell the men to prepare to move out. Johnny Reb is wounded; time to chase him down for the kill…”

The life and energy that rippled though those troops is now legendary.  Such is the duty and obligation of a leader….

Today, when the internet surprised me with the completely unexpected news that my commander in chief had decided the most hated of entities, Comcast and Verizon, were now going to be under government control, I understood the awe and appreciation that those men in a muddy Virginia swamp must have felt… Instead of licking wounds from Tuesday, this man says: what are you doing?  We got to fight.  We got work to do.  We got to turn this thing around… and if we rest, we lose. We aren’t resting…

Let’s take on these broadband providers, you know? These guys who keep you waiting 45 minutes on the phone to talk to someone whose thick Indian accent you can’t understand… you know? Just so you never get what you wasted 45 minutes for…..

And while we are at it Mr. President, can we please have our Justice Department use our courts to smash both major Telecoms into pieces, break them up like we did Ma Bell which made telephone so much more competitive and cheaper and led to what it is today?

So instead of feeling helpless, beat up, forlorn, defeated… our president instead says the equivalent of: “Let’s hunt some Orc….. ”

Instantly rejuvenated,  we answer:  YEAH!!!!!!   The Internet shall always belong to ‘We, The People’, first….. That is worth spilling blood …..