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Under severe pressure led by US Corporate interest, the British Government has revoked embassy privileges of Ecuador, thereby allowing British police to enter and snatch Julian Assange, who is wanted by the Swedish government on a rape charge made by an accomplice in a consensual relationship gone wrong.

A brief history. Sweden under diplomatic pressure from the United States, prosecuted Assange on charges no other Swede would ever have to face. There is considerable evidence that the person bringing the charge is doing so, only to avoid prosecution and future incarceration themselves. So, if this is valid we have a trumped up charge being made by Sweden.

They have asked Britain to extradite him. How many rapists has the US asked to be extradited back here? None? Britain complied, and Assange took refuge in the Ecuador Embassy and requested asylum. Ecuador yesterday said they would grant it, then, their president said he hadn’t decided yet, after the new feeds were buzzing with the news.

Britain, then revoked Ecuador’s embassy privilege and amassed police in front of the building. Word got out and protesters quickly lined up protecting the building.

At stake is the sanctity of law. Can laws be arbitrarily enforced or not whenever authority feels like it? Obviously yes, if the power to do so is greater than the forces arrayed to stop it. But, the proper question should be…. Can laws be arbitrarily enforced and still maintain their sanctity as law? No, that’s the rub. Having a law that affects one party, but not another, is exactly the same as not having laws at all. If your authority violates a standard law that says diplomats and diplomatic residences have immunity and are treated as foreign soil. then you have no authority to stand behind the Magna Carta. For all will wonder, when will you change your mind about that one too?

There is no difference between the British revoking embassy privileges and taking someone hostage inside, than Iran students doing the same in 78. Britain’s actions just justified Islamic takeovers of every embassy on Muslim soil. We actually went through a Cold War, where we had known spies working out of embassy, and we never, never removed that embassy’s status and moved in taking prisoners. It would be an act of war….

If the Brits move forward, then war needs to begin anew upon corporate America. Yes, don’t get misled by the surrogates who exacerbate the problem, like Crabbe, Goyle and Malfoy. The Voldermort is American Corporate power.

Assange is not a criminal; any more than the New York Times is a criminal for publishing the Pentagon Papers….. He was a publisher, not the person leaking the story. Somehow the British Government by now arbitrarily making up rules like the Ministry of Magic under Cornelius Fudge, shows a Voldermortish dark streak running through it.

That dark streak is the Corporate headlock on American politics, who then use American muscle to pressure Britain into doing something no one really wants to do. Sweden doesn’t want him. Britain doesn’t want him. Ecuador doesn’t really want him. The only people who want him, and they want him hung,… are corporate America.

They are the problem. Not the Dumbledore…. who is made into looking like the bad guy…..